Friday, December 8, 2017

Makhan By Kitchen Mafia - (Jalan 13/6), Petaling Jaya

Makhan By Kitchen Mafia. Sure. Massively mafia eating and massively mafia boozing. What a scene when we arrived before 7.30pm. Rocking and rolling. Big groups tucking into food, some waiting to be served, whereas the bar area, inside and outside, spilling over with customers drinking to glory. I could also hear music blasting from the first floor once we secured a table at the far end dining area. Oh-my! Happening. Akin all mafias are in Makhan, indeed a "Muhibbah Malaysia Boleh" crowd. Believe me. A sight I truly admired. Malaysians of all walks of life coming together for pleasuring into food and of course booze, compared to the deceiving web of Whatsapp where Malaysians debate on racial disparities, additionally, voice out their sense and insensibility on which political leader they are trying their level best to boot out. Colorful Malaysia, isn't it? I know. But in Makhan By Kitchen Mafia, Malaysians fearlessly blend in as “One/Satu Malaysia”. Fantastic. 

Owned by the "celebrity chef" I meet and shook hands with, I somehow couldn't help but open my big fat mouth to tell him that he look more handsome in person than on tv. He of course gleamed and within seconds he immediately bolted like a thunder. Tsk-tsk!! There went my chance of picturing with him. Ambiance-wise, Makhan By Kitchen Mafia is a cozy, lightly dimmed and spacious set up. Nevertheless, this space thingy all depends on the number of customers. Expect less privacy breather if you happen to be in Makhan By Kitchen Mafia when its all fun full house. Even the outside standing area is not spared. Then again, this crowding outside might be due to smoking puff daddies and mommies, or maybe its just our Malaysian standing boozing culture. Some people I know, just won't sit even if there's seats available. I better not speak too soon. Notably, I can be amongst those who actually prefer to stand once alcohol gets "all that funky and jazzy" on my motion and emotion. Beer by itself is akin an ethic cleansing, opps no, actually kidney cleansing. Said it all why I dashed to  the toilet the moment we arrived. Nice! What is nice? Toilet. Admirable conducive comfy leak zone. Different compared to the cramped and smelly ones in elsewhere watering holes.    
Beer indeed started us off. In fact, remember I told you beer kicked jump started us off in Vintry Jaya 33? That's right (Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant) While at sipping it, we had already nailed on what to order. Sausage in Trouble, Saag Palak and Chicken Tikka Tossed, between the ample selection of Asian Fusion dishes, mind you, it took me by surprising that such a trendy and upbeat eatery does actually feature a good number of  Indian dishes. Sausage in Trouble came cruising within the next 5 minutes. Sliced sausage stir fried alongside onion, pepper, chilly powder and curry leaves and that lime squeezed atop, Sausage in Trouble didn't trouble us at all. Nope it didn't. It actually landed us in the spicy land for doing a major justice on our Indian snake tongue, of course unquestionably, one of the best for beer tipsiness.    

Sausage done and cleared within a jiffy, anyway its not a big portion, next we tackled the other two dishes. Soft paneer pieces soaking in a mushy thick spinach gravy, this whole composite of Saag Palak clicked clinched like head and hair, or if you prefer, I'll say nail and toe. We nailed it. We hailed its subtle delicious diviners.   
Chicken Tikka Tossed Pulao on the other hand, a wholesome filling dish, cooked in spices sun colored rice and chicken, as vibrant and attractive it was perceived to be, unfortunately, lacked the bold appealing tastes. For me especially, but my friend seemingly loved it. I suppose to each its own, or maybe we have to accept that different taste buds echos towards different tune and rhythm. Having said that, I will still award Chicken Tikka Tossed Pulao a fair bit of likes instead of overdoing it just for the sake of forcefully impressing any of you. 
Despite trying our level best to finish up these two dishes, we really couldn't. The balance packed in microwave containers, we then adjourned to the outside open space. Merry making continued for the next half an hour until I  realize that its time for me to hit the road back to Shah Alam before my Indian prince charming would have sent the rescue and search scout team. Indian husbands? What do you expect? Maybe out of love, or concern or worried I will be swept off my feet by another Indian prince charming? Anyway, like an angel, Nava K was home before the clock struck 12.00. Otherwise, my 10 dollars slippers would have turned to glass shoes. 

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  1. That looks like a very comfy place to have some homey foods!

  2. Looks like a nice place to hangout with friends

  3. Always love reading your reviews.. good to know you enjoyed..

  4. Ha ha, Indian husbands are damn 'caring'! :P Loved you enjoyed the place and could meet the chef :)Nice read <3


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