Monday, November 20, 2017

Vintry Jaya 33 - Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya

Social Media friendship and all that? Blow hot air as high as you like, none of my business. Of course, undeniably, I agree that social media friendship is a fantastic pass time, at the same time, for silently and slyly observing what your friends are up to. No doubt. Nevertheless, I am curious, really I am, if you don’t mind, to find out if any of you personally know, at least half of your social media friends? Met them? Friendship bounded? Think about it. I think you are best at your own answers, I definitely can't speak on behalf of any single one of you. I can't, I won't and I don't want to anyway. Instead, I rather speak from my ground on my own social media friendship. I do have, mind you, a couple of great social media friends, but most of them are kept at the thickest line, below the social media friendship boundary. Rare is the occasion I go out with any of them, neither, mind you, I have initiated. Basically, I am not at all interested. Except maybe, those smallest number of friends who became social media friends thereafter. Remember, I told you before? Restoran Lucky Loke? Sorry guys, I can't seemingly link Restoran Lucky Loke. Damn. Blogger and the latest Chrome presumably  are not best friends yet. Lets just leave it at it is. Lemme just speak about my boozy outing with this another friend of mine. 

We don’t know each other in real friendship, but we clicked from day one once we social media connected. Friendship went on for more than 5 years, we did also initiate on meeting up. Nothing materialized. Not because of me. Friend kept stalling it for his, supposedly valid reasons. Finally, three weeks back, akin plans danced instantly immediately, we met. A rather early meet and all that since we wanted to avoid being traffic jam sandwiched, we started off hip-hop-popply by boozing. Booze! Oh-heaven for me after so long. Booze only initially, who knows, once alcohol triggers hunger, potentially, food may be called in Vintry Jaya 33 (Non Halal). Honestly, point blank said, brand me as a city alien woman if you want, I didn’t even know Vintry Jaya 33 existed. You can’t blame me either. I hardly do clubbing these days, regardless of the fact that I still can't give up boozing. On a slow pace though since I have I think already covered my alcohol quota many-many moons back then down memory lane. Friend actually suggested we do wine, sure, I was tempted, but because wine can rush my heart, we agreed over beer in Vintry Jaya's romantic, attractive and spacious set up where you can sit at the bar or opt between the leaning back soft comfy sofas or tall chairs.  
Chilled tiger "roar" beer did mountain dew wonders on our throat as we caught up with each other by literally pouring our hearts out. Interesting, exciting and trilling till heaven and hell stories. 
Beer eventually did kick in hunger, but because dinner had already been bookmarked elsewhere later, we opted for Roasted Pork from the wide selection of items listed on the menu. Arriving in a jiffy, I nibbled a piece of the roasted pork, at once I knew that its the heated up prior to serving pork. Crispy skin atop the meat wrestled in my mouth. I actually had a hard time chewing and swallowing it. Nevertheless, I loved the salty burst of the soft meat, I also loved the fatty fats. Any pork lover for the matter, I believe will love the fats. Sinful, but who cares right? I know. 
However, I won't rate this roasted pork as the best among the rest. It can't definitely trend any close to those I tuck into every now and then at Chinese coffee shop stalls. Still, we nibbled off each piece after a stroke of touch over the chilli sauce while simultaneously sipping the beer. By the next hour, we settled the bill prior to heading to Makhan By Kitchen Mafia. Vintry Jaya 33 on the whole must be recognised for its romantic ambiance, pleasant attentive customer service, and also for drawing decent crowd. Will I return to Vintry Jaya 33 again? Maybe.   

Trend alongside "nava-k", possibly on every other social media please. Your support is my pride and joy. Thank you everyone. 

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  1. Good that you finally got to meet your online friend :-) At least beer is good :-)

  2. nice to know had a good time with your friend

  3. That's great, you had a good time with your friend :) This place sounds good, nice read!!


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