Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches @ The Gardens Mall (Mid Valley)

Return of Nava K to Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches. For the third time. The previous two took place in Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches SeaPark, this time, in their Mid Valley branch, which promisingly has already taken a bold spot amongst our Malaysian foodgram for the last one year. Of course. Why not? After all, I am the number one hard core babi lover. I love oink-oink to every bit and every rip, even the spare parts are not spared. What? This Indian lady and her undivided babi love? Sounds really corny and weird right? I know. Honestly, to tell you the truth, I myself can’t comprehend how babi love got to me. Maybe because I mix around with the Chinese instead of my own kind who can’t stand my guts? Maybe yes, maybe no, whatever or whichever, confirmed, I am a babi lingo Indian. Obviously my babi story, off I left to Mid Valley on this particular Friday. One and a hours’ drive from Shah Alam, subsequently, another at least 20 minutes of “ding, dong, bell, pussy in the well” for locating Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches. Well, what do you expect? I have long given up on being a “mall rounding inspector”, not at all now in my 50’s when I have other valuable activities compared to time wailing in shopping malls. In fact, I can’t even recall the last time I was in Mid Valley.

Nevertheless, I made it. I asked around, this good Samaritan young Malay lady nailed it precisely where is the “Garden” mall, prior to me akin time bomb walking and making my way into Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches. Admirable ambiance. Really. Modern, trendy, cosy, classy and spacious, rock and roll music playing on the background got me grooving too, and greeted in, in the most pleasant manner by the staff and TC, the owner. TC by the way has not aged at all, and when he in return commented that I am still looking good, as much as I tried, I couldn’t help but groove further.  Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches, according to TC, is perceived as a Western eatery. In actual reality, it is all about Asian Malaysian Babi hunger throne sensation. I was also told that the new dishes we will be sampling later are the latest additions, which most probably you will spot on their menu by the time you read this piece of Nava K’s oink-oink pitching.

At this juncture, once all relevant parties got comfortable, while I was still at taking tiny sips of the slushy, not overly sweet, invigorating soothing, and attractively presented “Lemongrass On Lime”, “Lazy Bones Curry Rice” popped up on our table. Lard rice, boneless local rib curry, crispy lard, sunny side egg, sambal and cucumber. Supremely recognized as our Malaysian wholesome filling meal, rice, fried lard and herbs infused curry did conquer my tummy happiness. All is well and good, except that, actually not even a major food let down, a spicy queen like me would have appreciated a spicier sambal.   

The “Lazy Bones Noodle” I tucked into thereafter somehow, for whatever reason it may have been, seemingly dashed ahead of “Lazy Bones Curry Rice”. It did. It dashed by making an exemplary justice on my food deliciousness. Stir fried over high flame, al-dente noodles and pork pieces elevated in pork lard, spicy tangy Asian style Bolognese sauce. Mightily captivating, I brimmed satisfyingly upon tucking in. You gotta to try this “Lazy Bones Noodle” please. Believe me you. 
Next was the moment I have been patiently waiting. None other, no other dish, but “Flaming Giant Ribs”. Darn dang! Take note pork ribs lovers. Get your roller blades ready for skating towards this giant ribs. Flamed right in front of you by slowly streaming in a shot of premium Whiskey. Oh-my! Whiskey and Nava? We are still best of friends. Yes, you bet, we are. So, whiskey Nava literally flamed high as well.

Charred on the outside and soft tender ripping apart meat once you knife or fork through, mildly sweet and spicy ribs utterly did it all for me. Apart from daintily chewing the meat, I, till the last end, wouldn’t let go of the fats. Flaming Ribs, for me, is a winner on all counts. Filling  me up, I also tucked into the accompanied salad, thereafter I decided that I had enough of food.
Then again, such a waste it will be if I didn’t sample the “Hoi Lam Ting’ sandwich and “Pandi Pandai’ sandwich. First thing first please everyone. I must speak about Pandi because I can’t get over and done with the name. Pandi-Pandi! Translated in Tamil, literally for ringing the babi bell on all Indians. Including this Indian of course. Interesting name right? Sure. Curried minced pork spread in toast and tuck alongside cheese, accompanied by goody good crunchy fried chips.
My pandi love did splash over the subtle spicy pork, but bread? I can’t shallow. It just won’t go down my throat even if you push it down my throat with a big stick. For a typical Malaysian like me especially, I will only openly hug rice and noodles. That's how it is with me. Nonetheless, “Hoi Lam Ting” sandwich adequately made me happy. Let me repeat myself again, not the toast though, it’s actually the fried pork and the vinaigrette tangy sweet sauce over it. Lovely burst of tanginess. 
Just when we agreed that we have already been well fed, and before I  made my move out, frozen sweet coconut milk/santan and a bundle of black glutinous rice/pulut hitam atop came cruising. What more can I say or rather, what more Malaysians like us will say? Luscious, super smooth and super appreciated Malaysian dessert, which has been uplifted by a new lease of creativity. So much so that, I wouldn't have mind another round of this Malaysia Boleh sweet pleasure, I could have actually asked if I wanted to. But because greedy pig is not my middle name, I left it as it is, prior to us departing as one cheerful oink-oink clan. Indeed.
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  1. Awesome sharing, dear! Lemongrass drink is so refreshing! xoxo

  2. I think that bread looks pretty awesome..golden and crunchy.

  3. Nava!! How do you keep so fit!! with all the amazing food that you cook and eat and review!!

  4. Oh the food looks super yummy
    This is a great place

  5. The food in this post made me drool.. not a big fan of ribs or have tasted much bt all the other dishes made me salivate.. yumm

  6. Food looks delicious and I love your hairstyle


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