Monday, November 27, 2017

Roti Xpress @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

What I expected and what it turned out to be was totally across the board. I, honest to goodness, while making my way to the third floor, was imagining I should be walking into a cafĂ©. Not the case though. Roti Xpress Malaysia is actually an open space eatery. No, no, please don’t get me wrong. I am in no way shooting down Roti Xpress's concept. Just that because our mind, okay-okay, maybe better for me to speak for myself instead of assuming that great minds like mine (oppsiee!) think alike, assumption is a major “F” up I know as well, I guess because my brain processor, seemingly, has been programmed towards familiarity, I sometimes fail to understand there are creative people who can come up with a new totality food dining experience. Food Xpress infinitely is one of it. So as to say in my own words, let me put it as “meal on the go” dining. No dispute whatsoever, or perhaps, if you are keen, we shall later start disputing once I am done with speaking my great mind.
Roti Xpress Malaysia for me, is indeed an appreciative-admirable foodie concept. All captured wholeheartedly within the open dining area where you should potentially begin by sitting on the tall chairs. However, if you find it hard to sit still because you are someone like me who can’t sit put due to fidgety or restless hormones, stand. It’s really fine. Don’t worry. Nobody can do anything. Priority by the way is not sitting or standing or running around aimlessly like the kids who were with their parents. Its actually more of deciding what to order in Roti Xpress Malaysia.  
I, mind you, couldn’t immediately decide. Lemme again blame it on my fifties non-raging hormones, or perhaps it's another trademark of Nava-K who sometimes like to confuse herself for no apparent reason. Still, one thing is absolutely crystal clear certain. I am not Roti Nava, neither have I thought of wearing the roti crown. Unless of course if I am thrown into the starvation world, I may tuck into roti out of staying alive and believe me when I say that I am actually married to this Indian man who love roti its core. Everyday can be a roti day for him. In fact, I tried my level best in coxing him to follow me to Roti Xpress Malaysia. Then again, I guess so much only we women can do. No qualms. I did fine on my own in Roti Xpress Malaysia, where all you roti lovers will rejoice. Ting! Ting! Ring your own food bell for opting between the white bread or whole meal bread, simultaneously between the savory and/or sweet varieties. Interesting inventive choices. Roti/toast heightened to a whole new different level. I bet you won’t mind the “Nasi Lemak Toast” too. Perfect. Perfect fit for those who prefer roti instead of nasi/rice, every essential element of our forever loved, anytime is a splendid moment for Nasi Lemak, neatly and precisely assembled on toast. 

The other option of course is attacking the Nasi Lemak In A Cup. Fragrant rice and sambal kicking a major delicious punch. Honestly. While I was at digging into Nasi Lemak In A Cup, the mother and daughter who were seated beside me wouldn’t stop praising. They sincerely love it.

They also made sure I heard it loud and clear I must try the coffee. I did. Awesomeness till the last drop. Take it from a coffee addict like me. It’s really different. Don’t ask how and what. I myself am still wondering where the coffee beans are scouted from. The best option I think is asking the owner when you bump into him.
While at it, you might as well ask him which chicken is laying the Onsen Eggs. I said Onsen Eggs, not the owner's, neither mine. On my side, eggs have already been trashed off from my productivity tunnel long time ago. Nevertheless, I can vouch that eggs in Roti Xpress Malaysia are first-rated. Really smooth sailing consistency. Soy sauce and pepper tipped in, thereafter gently stirred, prior to Onsen Eggs lusciously flowing into your mouth. 
Tummy satisfied even without finishing off the hearty portion of Nasi Lemak Cup, instead of washing the balance, I capped it back for home taking, prior to leaving Roti Xpress Malaysia with a bundle of food for my family. They loved it. Nasi Lemak Cup was raved, additionally praises were also poured towards Nasi Lemak Toast and mum particularly enjoyed the Apam Balik Toast. Not too sweet, peanuts and corn providing the customary pleasing tastes. 

What else should I tell you about Roti Xpress Malaysia? Crucially, everything you taste in Roti Xpress is halal certified, watch out for their, in the pipeline new items and Nasi Lemak Cup is microwave friendly. 

More info - Roti Xpress Malaysia

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  1. Nasi Lemak in a cup? Boy, I'm impressed! xoxo

  2. Life is incomplete without Roti in my house.. this looks more like bread and I like the concept and wud def want to visit this place

  3. Definitely seems like a very interesting idea and one that is yummy too :D

  4. Wow, thanks for introducing this Roti Express! I will surely visit this place in my next Malaysia trip :) Seems great!

  5. interesting ok..i kena go and try this


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