Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant - (Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya)

For those of you who love travelling and to those who have been constantly doing it, I am sure you will agree with me that travelling gram is a far much wider scope than rainbow colors. Indeed, I am with you guys. I sincerely love travelling, I can't agree more that travelling has and will always broaden my thinking wings. So many countries awaiting lined on my list, hopefully, I can slowly and surely tick them off. Of course, I won't deny that money is without a doubt the router for travelling pop-ups, especially to across and far out from your continent. I am, believe me, definitely saving. Nevertheless, I have already Instagram captured-gripped a  couple of countries (Korea, Sapporo/Hokkaido & South Africa), which in return has widened my palates to various types of cuisines. Some fared quite right, others must be booted out. Whatever said, for a typical born and bred Malaysian like me, I will firmly stand firm with my opinion that there is no better food from any part of the world except from my country. For a fact. Whether you agree or not, it won't make a difference to me. I care less. I give a damn because there is definitely something magical about our Malaysian cuisine (Melaka - Jonker Walk Part 2  & Part 3). Technically knocking aside every other from elsewhere, our Malaysian food does pack major, either big or small punches of heavenly flavours.  

That's why each time I am back to our ground, whoever I have traveled along, we at once must dash for an authentic typical Malaysian meal. Be it our Malaysian Malay, Chinese or Indian cuisine. On this day, at the recommendation of the couple I traveled with, we were already seated in Luck Kee Seafood by 12.30pm while other customers were slowly enthroning in. Its Luck Kee and not Lucky Loke, mind you. No confusion out rightly please. Get it right please before you conveniently confused everyone else. Lucky Loke, located in Taman Paramount, Sea Park, is a corner lot spacious restaurant. Giving you option between dining inside or outside. Seemingly, lunch takes place in air-conditioned inside dining area, whereas outside I think is included once our merciless sun leaves us alone. Basically, for night dining. 
Luck Kee indeed is a comfort zone. In the sense that ambiance is clean and neat, but its the standard set-up to plastic chairs and tables lined with red cloth. Ordering too is pretty straightforward. No need, control yourself from asking and checking, nor forcing the order taker to list out the dishes. Instead, eye and brain scan the menu. A good number of uncountable, my kind of dishes, until we stopped at the first few pages. Tiredness, hunger and what not, within less than 5 minutes, we collectively agreed upon Spinach Garlic, Tofu Gourd, Yam Pork and Chinese tea. Vroom-broom service landed the 3 dishes on our table even before the big clock hand ticked 10 minutes further. Simply and humbly stir fried in a jiffy Spinach Garlic I believe is forever the kinda dish most of us will enlighten in. We didn't dispute either. Great start. 
Next we tackled the Tofu Gourd. Soft tofu and gourd soaking in a thick sauce, nicely elevated along the customary Chinese ingredients, jived and wobble danced well as our Malaysian rhythm food nation. Nothing overpowering though, yet melting demurely in our mouth. Luscious deliciousness. 
Having said that, once we tackled the Yam Pork, we had to literally crown it as the number one winner. Tender to its core pork slices and yam atop a thick gooey dark sauce, summed up our Malaysian happy day. Though slightly "bland and blunt" in tastes, but when eaten alongside birds eye chillies in soy sauce, it was akin an instant rocket awakening. The couple couldn't agree more that I as the food hero nailed it in ordering Yam Pork. Of course I was joyous as well because both pork and yam are my favorite. Yummy-tummy Yam Pork. 

Wash down with hot Chinese tea every now and then as we scooped and added these dishes over rice, prior to heartily polished off every bit, I couldn't stop thanking the couple who are regulars in Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant for this fulfilling and satisfying Malaysian Chinese meal. 

Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant
2, Jalan 20/16a
Taman Paramount
Petaling Jaya

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  1. The Tofu Gourd is something I would enjoy.. Looks very yumm !!

  2. The Yam Pork looks interesting, dear. Don't think I've tried that before....... xoxo

  3. Thanks for the tips....will look for this restaurant. Fast service ...i like

  4. Interesting review, the yam pork must be really delicious!
    Do you want to follow each other on GFC and G +? Let me know on my blog :)

    My Tester Food

  5. Looks like a good place with pork dishes

  6. This is possibly the worst restaurant i have been to recently in Feb 2018. I ordered 3 dishes (veg, yam ring, marmite pork), and they are downright home cooked standard at best. Not to mention the exorbitant price they are charging customers. Service was slow, understaffed (not sure is due to CNY holiday). Ingredients they use are of low quality, I just cannot imagine so many carrot pieces in the yam ring, yet so few pieces of tiny meat, no prawns, and no cashew at all. I'm most familiar with this area, and I can frankly say this is the worst restaurant i have been to in PJ Taman Paramount. This restaurant has such low standard, yet so pricey. It is a rip-off.


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