Friday, October 20, 2017

Restoran Lucky Loke SS3

What have my fifties done to me? Aplenty! Crucially, my fifties has automated me towards the core meaning  of friendship. I realise that, for some reason or rather, once fifties started crawling on my body, mind and soul, my maturity friendship button sky rocketed till the moon and sky for loudly alerting me to trash aside rubbish friends. Who are these rubbish friends we are talking about? Those who massively use us, those who constantly empty their bad and negative vibes on us, and those who slyly bad stab us. Shall we now realistically blame it on, what else can it possibly be except the competitive real time and social media time friendship. I bet. Of course. Envy and jealously. Anything new? No. Pretty much a norm and a complicated messy head banging matter. Nevertheless, believe me, once the big five hard kick your butt, most probably you won’t have any problem identifying who these friends are. Unless of course, if you are telling me that your fifties is just another passing phase? Am I right? I believe I am.

So, what should we do then? We should from time to time clear, simultaneously clean up our friendship. I have already narrowed down. Only a handful of friends I can off hand count. Only sincere and genuine friends who can accept my big fat mouth. This my over the sea friend who is one of the few on my "A" list, regardless of age and gender disparities, we go back to many years down the road, was back for a short and brief holiday a month back. I made sure I caught up with him. I must in the name of closest friendship. Accompanied by my other half-half and another friend, instead of a ravishing, exclusive and emptying our pockets dinner, we mutually agreed on Lucky Loke. Nothing special in Lucky Loke, mind you. Coffee shop stall which churns out hot piping, cooked on the spot Chinese food. That’s all. Coffee shop ambiance. Close your eyes to the surrounding, and you will be fine. Lucky Loke seemingly is, call it their luck or perhaps lucky cooking hands for their tasty food, does draw a constant stream of customers. Thankfully, we were already seated by the time the dozens walked in.
Ordering in Lucky Loke is rather uncomplicated too. Akin in every other such Chinese eateries, check mate first on what's being offered. We took only about 5 minutes. While food was beamingly cooked in big black, heavy cast iron wok, over high flame, we had a twisted discussion if beer should glee us up. What the hack, let it be beer I said. A wondrous friendship start, beer did wonders after so long, for me especially. We sipped in and by the next 10 minutes, food arrived. Tucked alongside rice, the four dishes we called for may not have been out of this world, but let me assure you that its definitely tastiness. Simply cooked with a few ingredients, garlic is forever a pride for Chinese dishes, stir fried small white sawi, aka bok choy/celery mustard and stir fried lettuce were diviners. Crunchy, glossy and tad bit of tiny crispy anchovies atop.

Hot Plate Sizzling Tofu in thick gooey soy flavored sauce and some colourful tiny pieces of mixed vegetable, atop with spring onion, didn't punch in a whole lot of fantastic flavors, yet when eaten with birds eye chillies and garlic in soy sauce, its a joyful food pride. Ginger Steamed Fish also didn't disappoint our palates. No smell fresh fish and aroma of ginger spoke louder for our Malaysian food language. All in all, an absolute, lovely, inviting, pleasant and hunger capturing full meal. I vouch.  

Washed down with two more bottles of beer while tucking in and while pouring out bags and bags of stories we carried with us, dinner was over within an hour. But, boozy friendship at a night joint continued till after 12.00am. Honestly, all I can recall  is returning home in one piece. What a night. Treasured forever as food and alcoholic meaningful friendship.  

Restoran Lucky Loke SS3
Lorong SS3/59e
Petaling Jaya
(At the back of Taman Bahagia LRT Station)


  1. Good friendships and good food, always a win-win!!

  2. This is my kind of meal. Steamed fish and veggie stirfry are always my favourite food. And you don't look like you are already 50!! look 40 at most!

  3. The food looks divine another great introduction of great food.

  4. Too many friends?? just one or two for me.. learnt my lessons.. yes best is to clean up friends from ur life time to time just like we clean our homes..
    As per the food in this restaurant that tofu dish is for me , truly tempting - totally my type of food.. Thanks fr sharing

  5. I'm also trying to catch up with some old friends these days as age is catching up. Lol! These dishes look simple & nice, like how friendship should be. xoxo


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