Thursday, October 26, 2017

Langkawi (Kedah) - 2 nights 2 days (Part 1)

The road less traveled. Indeed. By far, this short and sassy Langkawi holiday I think was my first ever road less traveled eye opener. All the while, I either pilot flew (Penang ThaipusamSouth Africa) or I car traveled during off peak season (Casa del Rio MelakaPortuguese Settlement & Sungkai Perak) This, my other half-half’s company trip (Port Dickson), a long winded bus journey, also, a non-inclusive of all paid for budgeted two days holiday, alongside almost 50 different characters in two coaches, was totally akin a rocket scientist madness. Departing late Friday night from Nilai during this public holiday weekend, unspeakable crawling snarling traffic and long queues at “R & R” for loo stops and one hunger stop. Massively tested my patience, so little of it I have by the way as I grow older. Thankfully, we made before time at Kuala Kedah (Alor Setar Kedah), more madness thrown in for securing a table at the coffee shop across the jetty for breakfast. Breakfast tummy filled, within the next hour, we were already among the many, some of course must push jolt you aside, what can you expect, if not all, some unruly Malaysians, prior to carefully hopping into the ferry. 

Confusion spiraled. It did. Due to how seats were numbered, mind you, we couldn’t immediately figure out which is ours. Didn't help that family members were adamant on being seated together, wish they had sorted it when tickets were randomly handed out earlier. Eventually, all things settled down because some of us gave in, nor did some cared less who they were seated beside. Duh! Speak about people who can't function without family members? I can pretty much understand on parents who have to body and breast keep their small kids, but adults and overgrown children messing your holiday spirit is totally wrecking. Duh! I couldn't and wouldn't want to get it. What is there to fuss? Just a 45 minutes journey. Sit put in your limited space seat and close your eyes, or watch the back then many years "uncensored" movie on the small tv screen and if you are seated near the window, well and good, sea view is all yours. 
Oh boy, oh glad I was the moment we stepped foot in Langkawi, but this whole concept of travelling as one happy group by awaiting for each other cranked-cracked me further. Merely a waste of time for no apparent reason. Another wait across the road car centre, followed by hopping into our car and driving to “Oriental Village”. Parking at the huge open car park area, we walked in while passing by the stalls, rows by rows shops, we skipped the crazily packed trendy modern eateries, instead, we reached out to the far out end Oriental Food Court. 

Expect the least much, mostly Malay stalls, I think I did notice one Indian stall and one German stall. All of these you can lump sum, off hand count. Our lunch took place in “Sole Cafe”. That too because we managed to quickly grab the one and only empty table right in front of it. Nasi Paprika, Salted Fish Fried Rice, Chicken Rice and Nasi Goreng Biasa hunger satisfied the 6 of us. Acceptable quick fixed meal, so-so, no point being critical. I guess when hunger has cloud crowded your thoughts, whether food is tasty or not, that's beside the point and for typical Malaysian like us, rice will tummy catch hungriness.   
Lunch over, wash room visited as well, subsequently, we walked within the huge compound, not very far out though and at the ticketing counter for paid fun in Oriental Village, time definitely was washy-wishy, its already 2.30pm, we opted for the package we can achieve. Money of course is the crucial deciding bomb too, not cheap though, and if you belong to a big family, you better come prepared. Otherwise, slyly close your kids eyes, be happy with whatever is offered free, but notably nothing much actually except walking idling till off you go.   

Our fun consequently began once we queued, before enthusiastically and carefully getting into the cable car. A 42-degree incline at some points, rising more than 700 meters (709m, to be exact), few other cable car rides offer a steeper climb than Langkawi Cable Car and slowly sliding, gliding and suspending us in the air, upwards to 550 million year old Mt. Machincang. Aw-trilling exciting every angle mountainous, water and jungly views, may slightly rush your heart if bravely is so little in you, but in all goodness, Langkawi Skycab is unconditionally breath-taking. Affirmed worthy. Do it. I vouch you won't regret. I genuinely so loved it. One up for Malaysia! 
Once we were cable car ride transported till up there, we walked around amongst the many local and foreign tourists. Swarmed totally with all sorts of people, mind you, we simultaneously eye and camera captured the all rounder helicopter and mind touching marvelous view of “Birthplace of the Region" Mt. Machincang. Amazing. Sky shattering euphoria. Really! SkyBridge Walk on the other hand didn't lure us. Mainly due to two practical reasons. We didn't want to pay, it was further far halted due to skin burning and profusely sweating us scorching afternoon sun. I actually sort of regretted afterwards. I should have done it because SkyBridge Walk is definitely is one of Langkawi's ultimate splendours. Then again? Hopefully should I at all return again. Keeping my fingers crossed.  

Ground returning within the next an hour, we spend 10 minutes at the rabbit farm for the two kids pleasure, and then began the none stop action, waiting is unavoidable though, experience of Skydome 3D show, Dinosaur Island show and 4D show. Thrill and frill. Utterly. As if you are actually in it, these shows I bet will keep you glued to your seat and the screen without blinking your eyes. Whee! Vroom! Wow! Mind touching and blowing special effects. 

At this juncture, other half-half gave up. Legs trouble, age and what not, I on the other hand was still posey-mosey, cheery tough cookie. My fun continued. I ventured into 3D Art Museum. The second largest in the world, believe it Malaysians. So, stop bashing Malaysia at your whim and fancy. We are at mark in Langkawi. I too I admit initially was quite apprehensive, but once I walked in, oh my marvelous enchantment and enhancement. Happening. 100% times better than Korea 3D Museum. In fact millions times. Not over-exaggerating. I am not. Langkawi 3D Art Museum is sincerely our Malaysian pride and joy where you can't get enough of picturing. I maximise picturing, but glitz and glam as if I am literally a super star had to be fast forwarded full-stopped. Time, what else, also for the 3D show. On the floor seating, surrounded and crowded by many, laser beaming from one end to the other and synchronized supersonic sound system for imparting a spectrum of thundering liveliness. Fantastica. Millions of yesses unselfishly awarded for 3D show. 

Concluding our day, by this hour, almost 6.00pm, Oriental Village had quieten as well. Wish we have started in the morning for further exploring the whole lot of Oriental Village. Back on the road again, we checked into Hotel Bahagia. Oh god save me please. Honestly, my happiness was shattered. I don’t mind small rooms, luckily room came with a big window which opened up the street, but cleanliness was a major question mark. Got me wondering if bed-sheet and pillow cover were changed, and whether bathroom especially was given a good scrub-a-dub? No other choice. I guess not. Logically. I eye closed deal with it. 

For dinner, we drove to Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant, Pantai Cenang. Another utter gutter let down. Malaysians are already world known for punctuality, fellow buddies stalled dinner at their likes and dislikes. Massive jam, parking trouble and restaurant spilling over with customers for tortoise crawling service further killed my mood. Food too wasn’t as spectacular as I was told, worst of it all was 10 people to a table sharing a few dishes. So be it two huge lobsters and one steamed fish. Not a  big deal, majorly disgusting it was being seated alongside those who were spitting shells all over the table and expecting me to smiley tuck into the meal. Table mannerism. If only I knew, I would have gone elsewhere on my own. Anyway, I angrily ate because it was already way past my dinner time, luckily  my razor tongue didn't lash them up side down. Angry dinner pretty much ended our day one in Langkawi, next began the nightmare of trying to sleep in the room.  

Next - Langkawi Part 2.


  1. You travel a lot, don't you? Langkawi looks quite beautiful and I love all the seafood!

  2. This is a lovely place and that rabbit was super cute.. Thanks fr showing and telling us about ur travel adventures :)

  3. Great pics..that lobster got me drooling..Langkawi is beautiful

  4. I have been to langkawi, it is a beautiful place

  5. The sky cab is such a great way to see the place.. and it is truly beautiful.


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