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Go Noodle House - Gamuda Walk (Kota Kemuning)

Let’s go everyone. Go where? Can you please hang in there, stop with your questions please. At least for the time being. Do me a favour, just follow me. I am obviously leading you to Go Noodle (Gamuda Walk, 1st Floor). Of course, you can also head to their other branches elsewhere, Go Noodle seemingly is the pleasing melting food pot for an instant and quickly put together meal, especially for the Chinese. But I must surrender to speaking on behalf of my own kind Indians who don't pride themselves to such a concept non-halal meal delight. In fact, my Chinese neighbours are the ones who recommended Go Noodle because they know that this Indian lady love Chinese food. She does, mind you, all the way. I on the other hand had a hard time coaxing my typical Indian half-half in accompanying me. Eventually, oh-boy, praise my marriage love skills, he agreed. What a major achievement, one up on my marriage happy card, we arrived in Go Noodle for an early lunch. Instead of standing in the long queue for dining in the cramped inside dining area, we quickly sat at the nearest empty table outside.
Forever packed, I have already been told and now that I've seen it, Go Noodle potentially does draws aplenty customers. Once we sat at the table which was already spray cleaned, menu popped by almost instantly. Within less than 5 minutes, we had already decided on what to call for between the substantial number of dishes, rather straightforward actually, unless for whatever reason you can't decide. We wrote down Bursting Pork Ball Thin Noodle Soup, Grouper Fish Slice Thin Noodle Soup, Black Jelly and White Coffee (Sugarless) on the order sheet, yes please, you have to write down yourself, thereafter, we handed it to the staff who stood by and also made it a point in checking through our order. 

In a jiffy, quite soon, drinks arrived first, followed by our bowl food within the next 3 to 4 minutes. Bountiful bouncing bursting pork balls floating atop soup, thin rice noodles, green veggie, coriander leaves and spring onion, I waited for a minute or two before biting into the balls. Tender springy pork balls filled with mildly sweet and salty minced pork was an appreciated delicious rock and roll burst. Wow! I loved it. I do. Really.   
Mild, light and subtle tasting soup however didn't hit wake up my taste buds. Comparatively, not strong, bold and packing bags of flavours as the ones I have had in Cheras Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles. Having said that, once you tuck into each and ever element of this noodle dish after dipping into the spicy power ranger chilli dip, you will be immediately uplifted to sky high Malaysian food joy. Chilli dip ultimately does capture the essence to a joyous meal in Go Noodle, no matter whichever dish you dip into it.   

My other half-half too was rocket impressed with the spicy chilli dip. He wouldn't stop commenting. Thank god. Otherwise, gone for me. He became a happy Indian husband after dipping the "Grouper Fish Slice Thin Noodle Soup" consisting of fresh fish slices and the rest of the similar ingredients as for the Bursting Pork Noodle Soup, over the dip.  

Known for its cooling and healing properties, Black Jelly I spooned into later, by far seemingly tasted akin those I buy from Chinese medical halls and mini markets, whereas I have no comments on the White Coffee other half-half sipped into thereafter. Overall, we surely enjoyed this Go Noodle House meal, but RM36.00 is not cheap for poor people like us who generally have bowl food in coffee shops. Then again, I guess it won't burn a big hole in my other half-half wallet if such a food "affair" is once a while.  

Trend alongside "nava-k", possibly on every other social media please. Your support utterly is my pride and joy. Thank you everyone.

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  1. Looks very delicious! Those filled meat balls look very springy and delicious.

  2. Noodles is definitely my favorite bt haven't experimented a lot here being in India... I wud love to try this dish.. looks healthy and yummy

  3. Hmm.... now all the prices have increased .


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