Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fuel Shack - Seksyen 13, AEON Shah Alam

The moment I am out of my house, all I can think of is food. Food. Yes please. The first thing that strikes for instantly waking up my food desire. You can't blame me. Do you know how tiring it is eating your own cooking, literally, day in day out? Tell me about it, wish my other half-half will cook, hell-hack, maybe in my dreams, or he will never ever, let me just leave it as it is, instead of for no apparent reason rocking and rolling my marriage (Chayo Restaurant & Cafe. Kelana Jaya). Aside to whether husbands should also cook or not, on this day, my morning tummy tucking story was captured in "The Coffee & Bar", thereafter, late lunch in "Olive Garden", and prior to returning home, I wanted to pack food back because I tend to like this whole concept of coming home with food for dinner, and then sitting back to relax after a tiring day of walking, of course, food should never ever be tiring for our palates. 

Fuel Shack was recommended by my niece, she swears by their lamb burger. Sounded interesting, sounded like its gonna be my hunger throne dinner catcha, we didn't have to wait for long in the queue. Logically should be, just one customer in front of the counter, by the time we walked in, he had already left. I had a glimpse at the menu, but since Lamb Burger had already strongly, positively and sentimentality clouded my thoughts, that's it. Lamb Burger, nothing else, no fries or drinks, just the burger between the rest of the quick bite and fast food, by this "Made In Malaysia" Company. Yes Malaysians, Fuel Shack is "Buatan Malaysia", our own country-born brand. 

"Ramly Burger" should be recognized as well, albeit I don't want rekindle or break my silence on why they were banned in Singapore. Basically, street burger. Fuel Shack on the contrary, I believe is a good big run for McDonalds. I believe so. Don't you think we Malaysians should be proud of Fuel Shack? Of course. Please don't ask me who they are or what else not, for me to know, for you to find out, I don't know about you, but I am a big supporter of Malaysian pride and joy. I am. Not to say I am a staunch supporter of what's going on at the back and in front of our political landscape, but, great Malaysian companies like Fuel Shack must be saluted. 
Returning home after paying and collecting my Lamb Burger, so soon, within 5 minutes burger was ready. Fries of course will perfect a burger meal, then again, remember I have already told you about  what to expect (NY Steak Shack Sunway)? Indeed. Later, at about 7.00pm, I tucked into lamb burger without warming it up. Yum! Thick, juicy, succulent, no smell grilled lamb patty, seated in burger bun, alongside cheese, some salad leaves, a slice of tomato and an unselfish dash of mayonnaise. Chilli sauce is a must, how can we Malaysian possibly eat anything without chillies, lamb burger absolutely captivated my tastebuds. Oh-yes. I loved it. I enjoyed every bite of this filling and satisfying lamb burger. Honesty, I wasn't expecting it, caught me by surprise, mind you. 

RM21.00 may be pricey, but let assure you that its worth it. A healthy version, grilled patty of course is touted as healthier, lamb shouldn't be doubted in quality and freshness, lamb burger utterly won my heart. Believe me you. Sedap gila!
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  1. Not exactly my kind of food, but I am glad that you enjoyed that lamb burger!

  2. very nice review...burger looks good indeed

  3. Wow it looks amazing better than other fast food

  4. superb review as always.. after raeding your posts, i get soo hungry:))

  5. Glad to know that the shop really does serve juicy burger.

  6. This juicy burger got me craving for one.. Yummy
    Eating ur own cooked dishes is so boring one needs to go out often fr sure


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