Saturday, August 26, 2017

The Coffee & Bar - (Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya)

Every now and then, we women should ditch aside our men for a day out. But please, don't get me wrong. I am in no way encouraging you, not instigating you to get into a heated argument with your man. I know how women are. They are so good at pointing fingers at another in case they can't cover their own back for dirty tricks. I definitely, the last thing I want is your man shaming me on social media. Its basically your choice, what I am saying is that we should consider a day out without our men breathing behind our neck. Whether the man is your spouse, your boyfriend, your toy boy, your sugar daddy or your part time lover, I still think that we deserve our "leave me alone" day. Our day can then literally be anything. Anything. Spa, facial or window shopping, on your own or with just one close person. I'm unsure if I should encourage you to out with another woman's man, for me, outing with a group of women, not even 3 women at one go, does not work. Let me not even mention what it is like being among the ladies for just a few hours when its my other half-half''s so called family bonding time. Maybe its just me, I can't get along with my own kind, or maybe its my age wisdom. The older I get, the more I prefer my own company. Lesser Indian dramas, bye-bye to women who ride on me.    

Not to say I don't have friends at all. I do. One already left to heaven (Restaurant Ming Kee Bak Kut Teh), the other is my niece. We get along really well. Wonder what is the secret glue? On this Saturday, my kitchen free day, food of course must be the main agenda, breakfast was already targeted at one of the student popular cafes across Monash University. We patiently waited for more than half an hour, however, cafe was still close despite way pass their normal opening hours. What's the story, I really can't tell you, we then drove around and that's when we spotted The Coffee & Bar. Why not? We didn’t mind. After all, as nava-k always profess, you never try, you never know. We walked in and sat in the comfy, clean and attractively set up ambiance, service came at once. Of course. Except for a group of 4 adults who were eating like hungry wolves by loudly banging their forks and spoons, yet, they had to stare at us, we were the only customers at about 11.00am.
Flipping through the menu, we actually had a bit of hiccups in deciding between the ample selection of food and drinks. Eventually, after almost 10 minutes, we made up our mind. Hot beverages arrived within the next few minutes. Cappuccino was appreciated, nevertheless, its the common fare you most probably have had in other cafes. My Dirty Chai did a fair bit of justice for warming up my empty stomach. Still, I couldn't help but question this rather expensive tea, presumably a mix of Indian and Western style sugarless milk frosted tea. Sugarless? When I asked why, I was told that its suppose to be like that and that other customers generally don’t request for sugar.  So? I should also love sugarless Dirty Chai? Nonsense. I still insisted on sugar.
10 minutes of wait, food arrived. Bacon Benedict was a good happy breakfast day. Poached runny egg seated on sauteed mushroom, bacon and toast, paired with a basic salad. Heaven! For someone like me who can't stand bread, nor I am a breakfast person, I truly treasured Bacon Benedict. I loved this hearty breakfast to every bit.  

Chicken Parmigiana too must be raved. Bread crumbs coated crispy fried chicken, cheese lathered atop, accompanied alongside a huger portion of fries and the same salad as for Bacon Benedict. Walla! Speak about hot fried chicken. Mouth-watering right? Awesomeness. Good till the last mouth full.
Frankly speaking, Coffee Bar didn’t let us down. Attentive service, admirable ambiance and delectable food. However, if I continue paying RM70.00 for breakfast, most probably I will end up eating plain bread without butter for the rest of the month. 

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  1. Bacon Benedict with the runny egg looks sensational!

  2. Food and coffee looks good and comes with a price!

  3. Love the fried chicken, dear! xoxo

  4. I am unmarried bt i know what u say abt being on ur own without ur man it is necessary to feel a sense of freedom and having ur own space after all ... I liked all the food i see in the pic, really tempting

  5. Yummy food.. Love to eat that egg with the yolk oozing out...

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