Thursday, August 31, 2017

Olive Garden - AEON Mall, Seksyen 13 (Shah Alam)

Over to AEON Mall after the hearty breakfast in “The Coffee & Bar". Nothing really on my mind, I am by the way not someone who aimlessly walk around shopping malls for no apparent reason. Gone are the days of giving into shopping temptation or spending money without thinking hundred over times. Basically, I can't afford. I don't earn as much as I used to, I also rather keep my money for my travel ventures (Melaka Jonker Walk & Pyeonchang Korea) instead of spending for the sake of it. But since this is my time in AEON Shah Alam mall, my niece who comes over quite often insisted on showing me around. Why not? No harm done because should I really need to shop next time, I may consider this mall. 

So, we walked. From one floor to the other. Just idling our time away, especially on the floor where the Japanese outlets are. Later, half an hour later, between a meal at the food court which really tempted us and the rest of the other eateries, Olive Garden was suggested by my niece. I didn't mind. Sure. There's always a first time food trail in any restaurant. I believe so. We walked in, sat and since we not all that hungry, we opted for some bites and a drink. Olive Garden by the way was catching flies at this hour. 2.30pm. No customers. I should be happy because emptiness means efficient customer service. Unfortunately though, service crawled daintily. Crawled at its own pace in this modern, spacious and outwardly clean Italian restaurant. Almost 5 minutes of wait, we were wondering what is wrong with the two staff who were walking up and down, yet one of them took his own time to hand over the menu. Quite annoying actually. We then flipped through the menu which indeed features ample choices, we called for Stuffed Mushroom, Bruschetta Misto, Lemon Mousse and mineral water. 

We patiently waited again for almost 10 minutes before Stuffed Mushroom arrived. Medium size mushrooms, generously cheese loaded and garnished with tiny bit of herbs. I didn't really notice anything else filled in the mushrooms, maybe I overlooked or maybe I couldn't figure out which is which. But one thing was certain. Since its been ages I have had this Italian fare Stuffed Mushroom, I loved it. Delicious. Must be the oozy cheese, mushroom is my favourite as well. A lovable finger food, polished off so soon.  
Next was Bruschetta Misto. Toast (4 pieces), atop alongside thinly sliced salmon and tomato for two of the pieces, whereas chopped and simply cooked mushroom for the other two. Some sort of dark sauce drizzled over, and tiny bit of herbs scattered, Bruschetta Misto was an enjoyable appetizer. However, cold salmon was a put-off. Icy cold salmon even in Japanese restaurant does not work for me.  
Polishing off these two dishes, we had to grab the attention of the staff. After waving and calling, Lemon Curd made its way to our table. Ladyfingers, white mousse, lemon custard and lemon sweet curls. Wow! Just so smooth, creamy, not overly sweet and soft melting moment. We spooned in, we can't be more pleased.  
Will I return to Olive Garden again? Considering the crawling service, most probably I won't mind heading to their other outlets and if I am dining with another person, I need at least a budget of RM100.00 for a full course meal. 

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  1. Sorry that the service was slow and least you liked the stuffed mushrooms and the dessert was pleasant as well.

  2. it seems like you are spending more on food!

  3. Lemon curd? Wow that's interesting. I haven't tried it. Those look delish, girl. Thanks for the share.

  4. I wanna dig into those mushrooms, dear! xoxo

  5. Couldn't agree more with your line - emptiness in hotels means efficient customer service :D So true!! I don't like mushrooms but definitely can try lemon curd & other dishes there :) Nice read <3

  6. When u are really hungry all u want is slow service. The food looked delicious though.. thanks fr sharing ur experience

  7. The mousse cake even though it's just a photograph looks super duper yummy.

  8. Deserts looks yummy and I love their presentation


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