Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dr.WU Instant Whitening Capsule Mask With Vitamin C

Doctor who? Dr.WU. Who again please? Dr.WU is apparently Taiwan's No 1 clinical skincare brand, derived from the founder's name. No.1 brand? Wow! Speak about climbing the beauty elevator for conquering the beauty market share and then positioning our brand as the best among the rest, consequently, claiming the number one status? Of course, who ever said branding is not important. It is everything, mind you. Brand building in the beauty world ultimately is the key for brand recognition, as in other industries as well, including for us bloggers for spotting the top spot in the blogging scenario.

Let it be for being recognised in our home country or glocally, akin beauty brands, beauty bloggers too wanna rip aside the global borders. Otherwise, no point speaking about critical success factors, of not only Dr. Wu, but other worldwide known brands (Biotique Bio Morning Face Wash, La Mer SPF Protective Fluid, Cyber Colour Moisturising Cleaning Water & Face Shop Two Way Pact). Absolutely. Otherwise again, sad case, I am not saying your brand will not make headline in your local market, but why limit it from being sensationalise in other countries?(Annie's Way Brightening Jelly Mask & Garnier Light Night Restore Cream).

In that sense or whatever sense, why shouldn't we look up at Dr.WU? Most beauty and drug stores I think are willingly carrying this brand. I on the other hand, came across Dr. WU at Sasa Pyramid. Seemingly my favourite beauty store, sometimes, you may bump into me at Guardian or Watsons.  I opted for Dr. Wu Whitening Capsule Mask With Vitamin C for my weekly home facial because, my main concern is still lightening my pigmentation, which by the way, honest to goodness, does not want to leave me alone. What do you expect? Age. I am not a sweet young thing anymore, how about the thinning ozone layer despite not failing to apply sunblock, whereas the other is my sweating madness.  
Dr. Wu Instant Whitening Capsule Mask With Vitamin C
Description (Promo/3s – RM39.20)
Instant Whitening Capsule Mask is a revolutionary Sustained-Release Encapsulation Technology to effectively deliver to skin active ingredients including Ethyl Ascorbyl Acid, INKA CamuCamu and Kiwi Liquid B. This unique formula can effectively act on different steps of melanin synthesis process, and especially at the source of melanogenesis by blocking the composition of tyrosinase.

Key Ingredients
Ethyl Ascorbyl Acid、INKA CamuCamu、Licorice-ECO
Dull and Sensitive Skin   
How To Use?
As I have coughed out many a times, there's no magical beauty formula for each beauty face mask (Sephora Pearl Brightening Night Mask, Skinfood Black Mask & Garnier Lightening Mask). Follow the instruction as listed on the packaging, that's it. For a sheet mask, tear the top edge of the sachet, unfold the mask, fit on your clean face and sit back for at least 15 minutes to allow its key properties to sip into/onto your skin. Dr Wu Instant Whitening Capsule Mask With Vitamin C on the contrary may play eye game sparks because it comes in three layers. No worries though. Just use the centerfold piece, the flimsy thinnest between the three. Fifteen minutes on your face, remove it and gently tap or massage its sticky residue, Do include your neck. No harm done. Please don't thrash aside the used mask. Put back in the sachet, after showering, squeeze the essence out for pampering your body.   
Soaking in nourishment, Dr.WU Instant Whitening Capsule Mask With Vitamin C is indeed a reliable beauty treat for getting rid of your weekly accumulated tiredness and dullness. It will also instantly refresh and brighten your skin. Non harsh, gentle enough and smelling heavenly, this no need to rinse mask does act as my sleeping beauty mask. I use it when the sun has gone down, maybe three hours before my bed time, I then shower, apply my eye cream (Bio Essence 25K Eye Essence) and nothing else on my face. Unquestionably, Dr.WU Instant Whitening Capsule Mask With Vitamin C is a radiance booster for keeping my skin nourished for the next three to four days. Nevertheless, its whitening or lightening theory seemingly is vague. Nothing of that sort, at least for my sensitive combination skin. Then again, in all fairness, such whitening beauty catch from other brands I believe is a hype as well.     
The big question right now running through your mind I bet is whether Wu Dr.WU Instant Whitening Capsule Mask With Vitamin C did do justice for my pigmentation? What do you think? I believe not. Quite a let down actually because compared to other types of sheet mask, this mask is more pricey, I admit it did nourish my skin, but, its beauty card on lightening pigmentation can't be hailed.

Take care all you forever beautiful inside and outside ladies. I’ll see you next time. 

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  1. Why do you want to use 'whitening' mask? You have a beautiful natural brown skin...don't think you need to or can whiten it :-))

  2. For the high claims it has it doesn't seem to have done much.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to this brand, had no idea.. well big claims from brands bt they do not work everytime.. I see it did not work for you as per ur review bt then in my opinion i feel and think that some products only show results after u use them fr a longer period of time.. hope u find something that works fr you!!

  4. very nice review...Sometimes I wonder does the instant formulas really work for the purpose they are in the market?

  5. I haven't tried any whitening masks yet! Thanks for introducing this brand, would love to try out this brand's other products :) Nice review dear <3


  6. Even some of my friends have tried a few vitamin C products and they they were not happy about it


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