Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chayo Restaurant & Cafe - SS6, Kelana Jaya (Selangor)

Getting my other half-half out of the house can utterly rip my blood pressure. Husbands? Tell me about it. Work, sleep, football, entertaining clients, and back to the same square. Work primarily. I am not saying its wrong. I know money adds the biggest value to marriage, of course we women are hailing more than a comfortable life. We want to be seen in Mercedes or BMW, we also want big beautiful house(s) and at least one brilliant hyper cannot keep quiet for a minute kid so that we can impress our so called social media "friends". But, for practical women like me, if work is all on the man's mind, how about our quality love marriage? You tell me please. I am really lost. Can anyone help me out here or you women in the same boat? What shall we do ladies? Shall we propaganda such behind close door unspoken marriage reality?

All said and done, at the end of the day, we Indian women I think know how to get around our husbands. I can't speak on behalf of the current generation social media wives, my generation women still believe that food is the melting pot for melting our husbands. Sambar, Rasam or Sodhi, teamed alongside Ikan Bilis Sambal, Potato Parathal, Masala BrinjalSardine Varuval or Mutton Curry, does fine tune Indian husbands. Melt them with such food pot, which I believe is the rekindling marriage love spark master key. Obviously then, I have been faithfully cooking. However, eating my own cooking or dining out on my own regularly is one hack of a thing. So, to spark up my life and to spark up our quality love marriage, I made plans on this Saturday. Being my other half-half's every once a week holy grain vegetarian day, Chayo Restaurant & Cafe was already earmarked. Trusting Waze Goodness, we got moving from Shah Alam. Waze however confused us. Instead of directing us to the side entrance or main entrance, it kept routing to the back lane, where only if you look up, you will see Chayo's rather small blue sign board, Finally, after a few rounds, almost at the verse of almost giving up, we walked into Chayo Restaurant & Cafe 
Impressive ambiance. Rather spacious without clashing of tables and chairs, clean, neat and heart warming inside dining area, outing is nice too, though more casual. We sat inside and from the laminated one piece menu featuring quite a splendour array of items, other half-half settled for Aloo Paratha and Sugarless Cappucino, whereas yours truly was gamed for a Western meal. Classic Veggie Burger and I am a big fan of Masala Chai.  

Hot beverages arrived. We sipped in and then tried to figure out why Cappuccino and Masala Chai were not piping hot as expected. Could it be cold milk instead of heated up milk? We guessed, albeit we weren't really sure, most probably it must have been cold milk. Therefore, I can't say, especially if Masala Chai danced on my taste-buds. Taste couldn't be faulted, still, its still a no for lukewarm beverages.  

We were also getting impatient, we waited for more than 10 minutes or so for food. Maybe because there were other customers who walked in before us? Regardless, despite hunger pangs softly killing us, absolutely worth the wait. Fresh, made on the spot, glossy, shiny and hot Aloo Paratha filled with soft mushy potato, paired alongside yogurt, a thick, flavorful and traditional Punjabi style dhal curry, and a separate serving of mango pickle, cucumber and butter nailed it. Yum! A winner. 
Similarly, nicely brown on the outside and soft tender bite soy pattie, tucked alongside cheese, tomato, salad leaf and cucumber in grilled buttered burger bun won my heart. Utterly! I didn't care much for the ordinary fries, but I made it a point to finish up every bit of Classic Pattie Burger, and believe me, I was so close to calling for maybe Paneer Burger or Aloo Tikki Burger. Then again, you know right how this thingy of greedy taste buds sometimes can lead to wastage? I know. 
Honest to goodness, despite waiting time and sort of let down of hot beverages, not really a big deal, we were impressed. Chayo Restaurant & Cafe is must try guys, whether you are a vegetarian or not, trust me, I know what I am talking about. On our food card now is Chayo's buffet lunch, which I have been told is sensational. Gonna do it, hopefully. (50-1, Kelana Mall - Opposite Giant). 
Trend alongside "nava-k" on every other social media please!!

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  1. Great to know about this restaurant :) Aloo parantha and french fries pictures are making me hungry literally :D Lol!

  2. Seems like an awesome place to eat.. looking forward to more pics of the buffet:)

  3. It's simplicity at its best, dear! xoxo

  4. The food looks so yummylicious.