Friday, July 7, 2017

NY Steak Shack - Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya

New York! New York! Yes. New York is definitely on my bucket or pail travel list. Anytime, I’m like anytime gamed for flagging a long dotted line, stretching all the way from Malaysia to New York. Ultimately, New York I know will be my picture Instagram perfect. Of course. Easier said than done I suppose, unless and until I have sashed enough money in my bank account, New York can only be on my mind. That’s okay. No big deal. After all, life isn’t about having it all at one go at the snap of our fingers. Money obviously of course is the game plan for our travel gram, till then, we shall not complain, we shall save and for the time being, we can potentially check out eateries that showcases New York food on our Malaysian ground. Then again, to tell you the truth, I am not really into those fancy-willy huge portion Western food. Food for me is the typical spicy, tangy and salty Malaysian call. Bang! For instantly waking up my food senses (Kayra Kerala Cuisine & Restaurant Meng Kee Old Klang Road).

Nevertheless, as I always say, we shouldn’t blanket our thoughts to exploring all kinds of food, including New York centered food. Sure, why not? I’m really fine. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even have given a go to NY Steak Shack, mainly because its been quite a while since I have had a hearty bite of a darn good burger. Now, after spending a couple of hours shopping and then lunching at Penang Road Famous Chendol, I shopped again. Believe me! Retail therapy is an addiction if you can afford, I too had equally portioned money for nava-k's beauty (Sephora Pearl Brightening Night Mask) and food porn. Anyhow, after walking around for another 1 one hour plus, I had to decide between NY Steak Shack and Carl's Jr.  

Both definitely offering burgers, though honestly, I have never stepped foot into these outlets. In fact, I didn’t even know NY Steak Shack existed, whereas Carl’s. Jr did vaguely ring the bell. Eventually, for whatever reason I can't really tell, I opted for NY Steak Shack. That too after flipping through their menu at the entrance. Thereafter, I patiently waited to be ushered in. Oh-boy, oh-no! The staff seemingly were more interested in chatting, giggling and needling each other until the supervisor loudly greeted me to awake these sweet lollipops!    
I sat at the nearest table, menu was handed over and from the bulk of items - burgers, steaks, set meals and combos, and between beef, chicken, seafood and lamb, I opted for Spicy Salsa Lamb Burger set for take-away. 

For the next 15 minutes, my patience was badly tested until I had to signal at the “demure lolly”, and another 5 minutes of wait before settling the bill (RM28.00). Back home, at about 6.30pm, I unfolded the cardboard box consisting of fries and salsa, packed separately and burger bun tucked with lamb patty, cucumber and salad leaves, wrapped in tin foil.

There's no point mentioning fries, which obviously must be eaten immediately, whereas burger was heated up for 30 seconds in microwave oven. Assembling it alongside salsa, made with chopped tomato and herbs, I then took the first bite. 
Not bad. Soft, juicy, no smell grilled lamb worked well with the mildly spicy and tangy salsa. I quite enjoyed it till the last bite. However, wish they would have packed the tomato and salad leaves separately, burger bun didn't remain pillowy-soft after heating up and honestly, I was expecting a larger burger for the price I paid. Imagine feeling hungry after finishing it off and mind you, I still finished off the soggy fries as well. Well, I guess a once a while treat over such a lamb burger (Lamb Burger) won't burn a hole in my wallet, the next time I yearn for a burger, maybe the nearest call should still be McDonald's, though I am not really a big fan of burgers and frankly speaking, money stills matters at the end of the day, whether we pack back food or dine out.   

Now, let me ask you. You think its best to savior this lamb burger in the restaurant itself or NZ Steak Shack should consider other ways to packing it so that customers like me get the same deal when we take away? I am rather confused actually. I keep looking at the picture of lamb burger on their menu and then I am wondering if I was short changed. Tell me. Lets get into a lengthy discussion right now. 

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  1. New York is also my dream destination.. That place fascinates me and reminds me of the fast paced Mumbai life.. this food is so yumm and wud want to eat it once my tummy is ok..

  2. I'm trying to stay away from meat but oh, this looks so tempting!

  3. Looks yum, glad to hear that it taste good too.


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