Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Naughty Nuri's (Subang SS15 Courtyard)

Now, how should I start this review on Naughty Nuri’s? Anyone like to help me out? Anyone out there have anything to say please? Okay, maybe, I should start by mentioning that most of you would have had a delightful dining experience in Naughty Nuri’s. Albeit assumingly, you may have stood in the queue before being ushered into their modern-traditional, slightly dim and adorn with sarong and bamboo fittings Indonesian ambiance. Queuing most probably can be avoided if you have made prior reservation. We on the other hand took it for granted. Considering that its the long Hari Raya holiday weekend, we thought we should be able to secure a table. How wrong we were. No, definitely was not the case. Thankfully, queue moved quite fast, additionally, we didn’t mind seating at the bar area. Of course, it would have been nice if we had the option for dining at the bamboo swing enclosed table. 

Then again, should we have stood any longer in the queue, we would have said bye to Naughty Nuri’s, in return, opted for other eateries within SS15 Courtyard. Having said that, there was no short of “on the toe” attentive customer service even at the bar area. Every staff who passed by us smiled. They did. Their smile said it all on providing the best customer service to everyone who stood in the queue, to those who were already tucking into their meals and for ushering birthday celebration with a birthday cake and dancing. Fantastic.

When it came to ordering, since we had already done our homework by checking out their menu prior to leaving home, we didn’t waste much time. Braised Lamb Shank, Lavender Crispy Pork Salad, Banana Bacon, Lemongrass Ginger Fizz, House Purified Water (Sky Juice) and Assam Boi Mojito. Mojito actually was akin a last minute slot after being told of the promo price.

Subsequently, I was in two minds whether I should include their highly spoken about pork ribs. My other half half is pork free, therefore, the whole big portion will be all for myself. Eat as much as I can and pack back the balance. In the end, I decided to strike it off. Nevertheless, when I was told that as a first time Naughty Nuri’s customer, I am entitled for a sizeable portion of Pork Ribs, I bet no one in the right frame of mind will refuse. Why would I? After all, such a generous gesture is seldom offered in other eateries. Thumbs up Naughty Nuri’s. You guys are the marketing gurus.  

Drinks and food arrived within the next couple of minutes. Lemongrass Ginger Fizz was a punchy, refreshing and quenching my thirst mild sweet burst, whereas the hearty portion of Braised Lamb Shank was slightly salty for our palate. Still, it's subtle taste was acceptable. A huge chunk of tender to its core lamb and mashed potato drowned in a thick dark brown broth.

Likewise, Lavender Crispy Pork Salad wasn't the best salad I have had so far. I would have appreciated more of crispy pork and bitsy of almond, alongside crunchy salad leaves, cucumber and longan in a quite sweet vinaigrette. Sweetness seemingly over-drowned its flavours, so, I suggest you mix all the components together before forking in and honestly, I had no clue which is lavender. Lavender flower, lavender scent or what? I am still trying to figure it out. Wonder!
Worth raving perhaps is Pork Ribs accompanied with lime and the dark, mildly spicy, salty and sweet sauce. Charred on the outside, literally falling apart even when you gently run a spoon atop, a squeeze of lime juice did impart the much needed sour tinge and when dipped into the sauce, you will be glad that you actually tried this signature dish of Naughty Nuri's. Not bad. Assam Boi Mojito too wasn't a let down, though less ice would have perfected it further. Did I get tipsy? Neh!

The Ubud Banana Bacon that didn't appear until we had to remind the staff twice is a one of a kind unique dessert which I think you will eagerly dig in. Batter coated and a piece of bacon underneath the fried banana (two fat pieces), teamed with vanilla ice-cream and drizzles of chocolate sauce. 
Frankly speaking, as I have already said earlier, customer service basically sells in Naughty Nuri's, the dishes we tucked into should be praised but can't be utterly raved. Look, I've dined at other porky-pork outlets which are at par with Naughty Nuri's (The Hungry Hog, The Porki Society, Buns & Meat and Ticklish Ribs & Wiches), let me also check out Three Little Piggies and then, I should get a clearer picture on this whole concept of "Pork Is Life" sentiment.   

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  1. nice review...love the mojito...I am in for anytime

  2. Fabulous picks, dear! I'm equally awed! xoxo

  3. I always appreciate your honest review! That pork ribs looks fingerlickingly delicious.

  4. All this yummy made me salivate... this place is def worth visiting as per ur review so why not

  5. The drinks are looking refreshing