Tuesday, July 4, 2017

La Mer Blanc De La Mer - The SPF 50 UV Protective Fluid PA+++ 50ml /1.7oz

La Mer! The world renowned sensational brand which definitely will drill a huge hole in the pockets of the average/below average Malaysians like me. Yes, undeniably it will. Honestly beauties, I didn't buy this La Mer Blanc De La Mer SPF 50 UV Protective Fluid. I thought I might as well make myself very clear before I am crowned as the envy queen by my social media silent sly enemies or so called sincere friends. By making myself clear way ahead, I hope leeches will stop crawling on my nerves by sending secret messages to indirectly force me to buy their products. Look, I have nothing against friends who want to make it big in direct selling or multi level marketing, these no names mentioned friends by right should lift their heavy butts to work their way till the tip of at least  Mount Kinabalu. Right? 

No doubt, of course, I agree that social media by itself is a marketing medium. Still, I want to bluntly put my thoughts across specifically to those who flaunt their fantastic lifestyle, yet literally desperate in selling Amway, Elken, Cosway, Avon, sarees, costume jewelries or cheapskate bleaching skin care and perfumes. Like I don't know what's happening around me? Have we not also heard of online shopping instead of allowing friends who not park themselves in our house for hours, but won't budge until we buy.  

Enough said I think on specimens, this La Mer Blanc De La Mer SPF 50 UV Protective Fluid mind you, alongside La Mer eye balm intense, La Mer moisturizer soft cream and samples of them were gifted by my friend who have switched to natural skin care. Actually, you know what? I shouldn't even bother explaining. Do I owe anyone a living? As it is, I have banished dozens, I hope the rest know where to draw the line between friendship and being an irritant. Okay?    
Now, coming back to La Mer, l shall start by speaking on La Mer UV Fluid first because I am a strong advocate of keeping UVA and UVB rays at the furthest distance (Olay Moisturiser SPF 30). Even so, easier said than done since I sweat profusely all the time, not helping is our known for a fact forever hot humid weather. Nevertheless, outdoor sun and indoor ray by far won't hesitate eating up our skin by leaving horrendous pigmentation tragedy. Especially on olive and darker skin tone, I must include our 50’s skin (Garnier Night Cream) and my menopause blood story too ((My Fifties). Therefore, all of us must protect our skin by applying sunscreen/sunblock. Any is better than none, definitely, but since La Mer Blanc De La Mer SPF 50 UV Protective Fluid is the center stage today, how about you sit back and hear me out? Thank you.  
Packaged in a cardboard box akin most sunscreens/sunblocks, and listed with product description, ingredients and how to use, La Mer Protective Fluid itself comes in a simple white plastic packaging with a silver plastic lid. Packaging is easy going (Maybelline Big Eyes). Surprised me. I was expecting a superior showy packaging, the lid should be tightly rotated back to prevent spillage whether you carry it in your handbag or luggage. I am just cautioning you even though I am yet to pack it for travelling. The sample so far seemingly have served me well for my short inbound trips (Alor Setar - One Day Postcard).  
Lightweight and not really super runny, I particular love how La Mer Blanc De La Mer Protective Fluid absorbs easily and quickly without leaving a white cast. Unlike other thick white sunblocks/sunscreens (L'Occitane SPF 50) that you really need to massage to prevent blotchiness, this almost odorless fluid spreads evenly and smoothly, simultaneously hydrates and moisturisers. Nevertheless, for my lacking in elasticity (Missha Snail Moisturiser), somewhat dry and dull 50's skin, moisturizer must not be disputed.   

La Mer Blanc De La Mer Protective Fluid goes well under my face powder (Face Shop Two Way Pact) and won't budge until and unless I sweat drip. Its non-oily, non-sticky formula didn't irritate from the time I applied it and removed it at the end of day, nor did it break me up for the last 3 weeks. Really. Giving a nice natural glow, its broad spectrum is akin a broad umbrella for shielding my face. 
Suffice to say, La Mer Blanc De La Mer SPF 50 UV Protective Fluid is a masterly sunscreen. Thus, I can't in any way technically knocked it down to the ground. Naturally, this Dr. Max Huber's "cream of sea" expertise fluid is for guarding our skin against UVA & UVB. Primarily. Other than that, it holds no other factual benefits, it is a chemical sunscreen and I wonder if its worth paying a premium (around RM500.00) for 50ml/1.7oz. Shall we now speak about branding, imported brands, celebrity endorsement, exchange rate and lavish product launches? Go ahead. I am listening.  
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  1. I so need to buy some good sunblocks to avoid tanning! This sounds good :) Nice detailed review :)


  2. it looks effective ! Does it give firming effect?

  3. Expensive stuff, Nava. I always think they are over priced.

  4. Wow, sounds like a fabulous product, dear! Honestly, I was taken aback when I saw La Mer. I thought to myself, Nava finally broke her piggy bank! Hahaha! Nice friend you've got there....... xoxo

  5. It is way too expensive for a sunscreen

  6. The sunscreen sounds amazing. But that price tag - it gave me a mini heart attack.


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