Friday, June 9, 2017

Sephora Rouge Lip Tint (Fushia 05 & Mulberry 10)

(Sephora Rouge Lip Tint Mulberry 10)

Yes or no? Beauty is perfection? Yes or no? Beauty box is all in one. Silky smooth hair, hour glass shape, porcelain complexion and designer brands? Any opinion anyone? Please, please, I don’t want to hear about the disillusioned social media bountifulness. Can we get real and speak about our down to earth 50’s beauty? How about I now answer on behalf of those who are blurred by “what you see on social media is absolutely what you get in real life”. Sure, by all means, go ahead and fall high over heels with beauty videos that promotes multi-color-multi-product contouring, layering, coloring, shading, styling and what not. Basically, it is your choice, I won’t discourage you either. Always your choice. Right?    

I on the other hand believe in being practical to look presentable. Presentable may just be a single word which according to nava-k’s beauty theory (Deesse's Elujuda MO Hair Treatment Oil) refers to beauty by living within our means (Garnier Night Restore Cream), accepting the reality to aging and not getting carried away with fake beauty. More importantly, a healthy skin ultimately is the beauty box instead of hiding under make-up. Thank you. Nevertheless, we can’t run very far from adding colors for enlivening our complexion. Lipstick (Maybelline Velvet Matte Lipstick). Yes! Whenever. For work, for casual outings and I believe is a must for occasions. Of course. So many brands, many different shades and for different purposes, today, I am going to introduce to you the other side to nava-k's popping pout. Lip tint! I picked up not only one, but two shades between Sephora Rouge Lip Tint range.  Fushia 05 & Mulberry 10.

Sephora Rouge Lip Tint
An innovative and lightweight lip tint with rich pigment that lasts all day.
Bold colors provide weightless, all-day, kiss- and smudge-proof wear—up to 12 hours of saturated color you'll forget you're wearing.
Apply in light layers to build to desired intensity.

Sephora Rouge Lip Tint comes in a slick-slim plastic tube with an applicator. Indeed, handbag and luggage friendly, soft wand applicator is not a failure for picking up tint. To use, first line your upper and lower lips, I won’t stop you from lining with lip liner/lip pencil, but what for? Maybe because it’s the standard brainwashed rule for pouts? Its really up to you. Next is shading/filling your lips, whether you start from the center or corner of your lips. Both works for me. But with lip tint, you have to firmly grip the applicator and quite quickly apply before tint dries up. Thereafter, wait for the first layer to dry up prior to going over with another layer. For my horrible ugly pigmented lips, two layers is akin a must. Otherwise, I won't feel like a complete beauty. 

Goes on like a magic water colour, Sephora Rouge Lip Tint dries down completely. I don’t think its smell is a put-off and its light weight non sticky formula is not drying nor causes any discomfort. Stays on my lips all day long, but I can’t vouch if a little goes on a long way. Not for my big lips though and unless you exfoliate and/or apply a moisturising treatment beforehand. I don’t. Call me the lazy beauty if you want. Anyway, your way or my way, it gives natural dewy-natural look, it layers well and feels almost nothing once set. Additionally, this tint morphs a beautiful color without leaving my lips too matte and does not budge. 

Sephora Rouge Lip Tint Fushia 05

My current fast on the go lippie for a sheer stain, I love both these shades which I believe sits well on my olive skin tone. Bold and outstanding. Bold and beautiful for my 50’s pout. Sephora Rouge Lip Tint is all I need for waking up my tired skin since I keep my make to the least, powdering of course is a must. Having said that, it becomes patchy and a little dry after a few hours, an oil remover does the job of completely removing it, I hope you won't make the mistake of going past your lip line and remember, trembling hands is a disaster. Price-wise, would you mind paying RM62.00? Tell me please. 

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  1. You look young and beautiful from inside out...seriously, are you sure that you have already celebrated your 50th?

  2. Lovely lip tint! But wow, more than the lip tint, I enjoyed seeing your stunning photos!

  3. Very pretty indeed, sweetie! Did you just straighten your hair? You look different! xoxo

  4. Beautiful shades :) I love your hair color as well as charming personality which reflects in all your posts <3

  5. Makeup doesn't have to b contour, highlight and all that jazz it all depends on one's life... I mean who has the time right??... I like the lip gloss bt its so pricey here so a big no for me bt it looks nice on you and ur complexion

  6. This shade looks beautiful on you


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