Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sephora Pearl Perfecting & Brightening Sleeping Mask

Everything is competitive these days. Career is competitive, business is competitive, love is competitive, husband is competitive, wife is competitive and kids’ multilevel talent marketed by parents utmostly is a sharp edge. You name it, it’s a ball juggling competitive world we are in. We might as well include tv competition shows and I’m sure you will agree that social media obviously is the disastrous road for within our friends back stabbers? The other I must mention is the competitive virtual beauty blogging world. Real beauties, fake beauties, sincere beauties, disguised beauties and beauty by beauty apps. Bingo! So, tell me please. What else is new? Nothing much I actually presumed until I found out at Sephora (Sephora Rouge Lip Tint) that sleeping mask is the waking-up call for “my fair lady” competitive beauty loop amongst  the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese women. Hip-Hip-Hooray! 

Indeed, an agreeable beauty hypothesis for reaffirming our beauty catch, nava-k too want to preserve her 50’s beauty for the longest time. Not so much for snatching Mrs. Malaysia or Mrs. Kota Kemuning’s beauty crown, rather for feeling proud of her skin. In any case, at Sephora, after listening to the beauty consultant on the various formulations to suit different requirements overnight masks, I made up my mind on Sephora Pearl Perfecting & Brightening Sleeping Mask (L'oreal Active Night Mask-In Jelly). 
Worth paying RM52.00, I believe so, Sephora Pearl Perfecting and Brightening Mask comes in a ball shaped plastic jar with a twistable cover and a plastic protective lid, but without a spatula. So far so good. I have yet noticed a molded layer or any unwarranted smell for the last one month after dipping my clean finger into this mask. So to speak, let’s not harp on the spatula. Honestly, I could find no fault with this flat bottom jar which you can store atop the bathroom shelf. For convenient purpose, for ensuring that you use it with a clean finger right away after showering or to curb from forgetting to use. Creamy, velvety, gorgeous translucent light pink in color and a faint akin aroma oil scent, to use, spread a thin layer by avoiding your eye area and lippie. Its non sticky and no rinse formula does not sting, it does not drip and it sinks in quickly into the skin. Basically, its a safe mask. I vouch. 

Sephora Pearl Perfecting and Brightening Mask undoubtedly is the beauty food for harnessing my skin. Clear and bright, in fact, despite sometimes sleeping for three to four hours most to most, I wake up fresh and alive. But somehow I don't agree on its no need to rinse beauty. How can it be possible? I must cleansed and I need the splashes of water first thing first in the morning. Unless if you are telling me that you change your bedding sets daily? I don't. Impossible. Brightening Mask too on the whole does not really hydrate. Maybe it did slightly, I really can't confirm. Perhaps unnoticeable, that's okay I think because you can't expect all the goodness in one mask. Otherwise, why should there be different purposes for different results masks (Skin 18 Korean Mask)?  So, lather up a bit more of moisturizer during the day and this mask potentially can last for perhaps 4 months if you use it three times in a week. Anything else I have missed out? I don’t think so. In Short, Sephora Pearl Perfecting &  Brightening is the beauty ball you can either kick aside or hold on to as your beauty code.  
Until then, take care beauties. We shall meet again in the next beauty post.

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