Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul - Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Anything with Penang sells. Not as in Penang itself, I can’t comment if people in other states of Malaysia will speak highly about Penang food, but we at the heart of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor die-die get carried with eateries that features Penang food. Including even those from the anywhere and everywhere hawker stalls. I of course have Penang tripped. Sightseeing primarily is my call, sightseeing must also be tagged alongside food porn, food orgasm, food splendor and food glory. Basically, known as "dine with nava-k" in nava-k’s laywoman’s terms. Otherwise, such a shame for branding myself as a foodie delight, food enthusiast or adventurous foodie. Oh-yes, Penang undeniably is a food haven. But proclaiming that it is an all-rounder winner potentially can in return bring shame to my food senses (Penang Thaipusam to Alor Setar Kedah). Regardless, I must generously award high distinction and credit to let’s say 70% of Penang food. Why not? Why should we deprive praising those who have not compromised on the incredibly memory lane food terrains of their ancestors authentic traditional dishes?

Having said that, strange though during my last few trips to Penang I somehow didn’t notice Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul. In fact, honestly, I wasn’t even aware of their this outlet until I was in Sunway Pyramid for nava-k’s 50’s beautifulness (Sephora Rouge Lip Tint & Sephora Sleeping Mask). Actually, I was more gamed for the Mediterranean food in "Mandi Hadramot" but upon noticing Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul beside, see, I already told you? Penang food will automatically lure your food senses? Self-service is the concept in this rather small akin Penang kopitiam and shopping mall ambiance. Decent and clean. Sure, unless if I had peeped into their kitchen, I shall not doubt cleanliness.  

Glimpsing at their quite limited items from the wall menu, for whatever reason, instead of opting for my all time favourite Asam Laksa (Asam Laksa Lemak), I decided upon Sotong Kangkung and if I don't try their chendul (original), it's such a foodie embarrassment to that word on their signboard. While still standing at the self service counter, I specifically asked for an extra doze of spiciness for sotong kangkung, wonder if the robotic staff actually paid attention. 

I sat and as I took note of their other specialties from the table top menu, I was served. Goodness! After forking into the blanched sotong and kangkung with a thick brown sauce and sprinkles of sesame seeds atop, for a moment, I froze. Oh-my! Overly sweet sauce, I doubt if they tipped some spiciness as per my request and even for a tiny eater like me, portion was rather small. Nang! Sorry Penang Chendul. I am really sorry that no matter what, I won't promote your minimal ingredients sotong kangkung.  
Likewise, Chendul didn’t make a lasting impact. Hi hello, I sure know how to differentiate between Penang authentic chendul, mamak road side chendul, Malacca chendul and instant chendul. Are we kidding anyone here? Shaved ice, red beans, wriggly pandan/screwpine worms, coconut milk and some palm sugar syrup in this bowl? Of course, its a chilled creamy sugary dessert, however, what is so special about Teochew Chendul? Beats me though. 
Clearly, I have nothing further to comment. I really think you are the wise one who should decide whether I should return to Penang  Road Famous Teochew Chendul again and again. What say you?

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  1. Thank you for your honest review. Sorry that you didn't really enjoy them...though they do look great on the pictures. And I too don't like over sweet food.

  2. Wow will love to have a meal here.

  3. Sometimes the food cooked is not upto the mark by these people and that is not good it needs to be consistent bcoz ppl may visit fr one particular dish they love and what if it it is not like what they have tried before?? I like how u review food places it is helpful to those who dine out often!!

  4. Hi Nava, sometimes the menus and pictures can be deceiving. Looking at the texture of the cendul, look like nothing to shout about. But to each of their own, different people got different taste.

    Best regards,

  5. You always provide honest review

  6. the original roadside stall would be tastier