Friday, June 16, 2017

Cinnamon's - Gamuda Walk (Kota Kemuning) Shah Alam

Honestly foodies,
I still can’t get over and done with the “Bamboo Beriyani” I devoured into at Cinnamon’s Kota Kemuning recently. Honest to goodness, it’s been ages I think I’ve had such a mouthwatering delicious Beriyani. Not the same. Not the same commercial Beriyani from anywhere and everywhere, nope, this biriyani by far is simply the best. Wow-Pow! Hang-on, hang-on, hang-in there for the time being. More to Bamboo Beriyani will be unveiled later, right now, walk with me into Cinnamon’s, located on the first floor of Gamuda Walk, because I’ve got other things I must tell you as well.   

A relaxing corner against their signboard near the entrance, where you can rest or wait prior to stepping foot into this modern, trendy and cozily set up restaurant. Black and yellow obviously is the striking contrast of colours, please feel free to take your seat either at the inside dining area or be like us, we loved the outside dining area. Nothing is compromised, mind you. Rest assured, still a comfort zone and coming with it pleasant customer service, we felt really relaxed sitting outside during this akin a romantic dinner to gaze at the sky every now and then while the sun was slowly going down.

Offering a good selection of Asian and Fusion dishes, drinks and desserts and coffee culture by virtue of Fair Trade, I especially was really tempted in ordering the Salmon Fish Head Curry or Biriyani selection as hunger thronged, then again, with Bamboo Beriyani being prepared and its waffling aroma I believe, was lingering on the air as we walked in.   
As we sat back and relaxed while sipping the super smooth and super luscious Cappuccino in a big cup, Chef/Owner Nash brought over the two different types of bamboo biriyani. Mutton and Chicken Biriyani. He then gently knocked the bamboo to glide the mixture of rice, meat and egg onto the plate. Cooked alongside spices, green chilli, red chilli, mint leaves and other key ingredients I don’t think I can really guess, Bamboo Beriyani indeed packed a punch upon the first mouthful.

Every element worked so well together for its subtle flavours and for kicking in the big bold unique contrast of flavours. Tender melt in the mouth meat and fluffy grainy rice, its spicy burst melding off when eaten with the mildly sweet raita/yogurt salad. Utterly satisfying and its generous portion can actually be shared between two small eaters.

Since we struggled to finish up, the balance was packed back. If you are asking me now which is my favorite, chicken or mutton, I will cast my vote for chicken RM18.90), but my other half-half die-die couldn’t stop blowing the trumpet for mutton (RM21.90). Supposedly to each its own, I believe, Bamboo Beriyani is making its debut this Saturday. Let me gently ring the bell again, This Saturday - 17/06/2017. I bet you won’t be disappointed at all.  Oh, before I forget, for those who have already stood in the long line for the other already widely circulated on social media Bamboo Beriyani, you must give a real go-go to Cinnamon’s rekindling your food senses Bamboo Beriyani. I vouch. Let me know please!
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  1. I want to try that Bamboo Beriyani too! So fun and must be delicious.

  2. Cool name for a place to enjoy food and I never seen food in bamboo need to find a place to try it.

  3. I'll take your word for it, girl.

  4. I have heard about this bamboo biryani ..looks so yummy..mist9have tasted yumm na

  5. Interesting cafe! Certainly didn't expect to see Briyani in a Cinnamon cafe. Lol! xoxo

  6. I have never tried a bamboo biryani only saw in Television show.. wish i cud try it.. this looks like an amazing place to eat fr obvious reasons

  7. Hearing about this biryani for the first time