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Bedouin Arabian Cuisine - Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Kuala Lumpur)

Nava-K’s day out in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Indeed, a well money-well spent day for hard knocking-rocking the reality of wealth success. First stop was lunch at Kayra Kerala Cusine, next coffee and vadai at Aunty Manju’s and then few hours of gossiping pleasure at the friend’s house. I think we spoke about multiple topics simultaneously, ranging from inbound/outbound travelling (Icheon To Korea & Port Dickson) to politics, of course the central topic had to be social media. Social Media! Yes. Who is adjusting beauty with beauty apps (Deesse's Elujuda Hair Oil), comparing our looks to the supposedly young dollings, who has swap bedtime partners with who and bitching frustratingly on why we should like our people's post because ours is not liked in return. Well, you can't blame us. Everyone including the young as five year old or even animals have already been brainwashed uprooted towards embracing social media forces. "Like me, follow me, I want to be world sensational by garnering huge followers and likes", and some infant "You-Tubers" are such a pain in the butt for constantly sending messages to follow them. Havoc! Siva-Siva. Nava-Nava. Speak about social media. Can’t get enough right? I know. 

Be that it may, later at about 7.30 pm, we mutually agreed to dine at the nearby Bedouin Arabian Cuisine. A corner lot presumably high-end upbeat restaurant, Bedouin’s ambiance is stunning. Black art deco, aw-wow trendy and modern, romantic mood lighting and with option of dining inside or outside. Since it had rain lashed earlier, dining outside in the cool weather and away from the international and local crowd who were seated inside seemingly was the right choice. Also, can you imagine gossiping while seated inside, do I have to mention my loud speaker voice and laughter which would have video famous me for whatever reason it may. I bet.   

Anyway, outside dining area was just so basic. Plastic tables and chairs, I am not referring to the corner, but facing the main road in front of the restaurant. A shaggy hair falling all over the place dog beside us absolutely would have rooted our Instagram pictures, maybe next time I’ll consider renting one so that people will think I am at one of the side walk cafes in Paris. Woof-Woof! Poof-Poof!
Service was quick and fast, in fact, even before we warmed up our butts, menu was handed over by the “smiley” young handsome staff. I was impressed. Totally. I was so close to pinning the “Prompt Service" badge on him. He wouldn't budge as well until we told him to come back later since we wanted to study the menu first. Eventually, after a length discussion, we opted for nibbling instead of a full-course meal between the good number of Middle Eastern items.  

As we sat back, mint hot tea in tall order “Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp” popped up. Sipping into this refreshing mint tea which by far will be loved by anyone for the matter, next was mushroom soup. Boo-Hoo-Hoo! So cold, as if from the can and into the soup bowl without warming up. I am assuming, not really sure whether can soup, but cold soup didn't go down well unless maybe that is how Arabs love their soups. So, we send it back for warming up. Still, soup drew blank-boring look from both of us. Hah!

Thereafter we pinched and dipped the Lebanese bread into “Baba Ghanoush". At this juncture, my friend realized that we have actually ordered assorted bread and not this one. Back to waving at the waiter who admitted he made a mistake, I then right away decided he does not deserve the “Prompt Service Badge”. Disaster struck. We couldn't do anything because we had eaten some of it. Taste-wise, thinly rolled crispy flat bread sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds was not too bad. Whereas Baba Ghonoush, a Levantine dish made with eggplant, tomato, tahina/sesame seed paste, olive oil and seasonings was great. Credit due is credit worth given, I licked most of this my all time favorite gooey mushy and delectable dish. 

On the other hand, dessert time "Dates Fattah"/ pudding almost killed us. Goodness! What a major sinful sugar rush.Just a tiny mouthful and it became the untouchable.    

Still yearning for something sweet, we called for red jelly. Paired with whipped cream and atop with colourful sugar sprinkles, this slippery as eel jelly was just so ordinary, by the time we managed to cut through it with the spoon, I think the table ate more than us. Just wondering whats with sugar generosity, did sugar by any chance plunge deep down? And, wouldn't it been better to serve the jelly in a bigger shallow plate? You tell me please.
Seriously, I am really confused on how to conclude this dining experience. If I say the wrong thing, I will be in trouble, if I praise Bedouin Arabian Cuisine, I will be punished by god for lying. How about I throw the ball at your feet and I stand across the fence to save myself? Great. 

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  1. Wow! Any bedouin serving there?

  2. Always good to try new places to eat.. we hardly dine out.. me personally wudnt want to go to a place like that who serve something else than what i have ordered.. nicely reviewed

  3. I am not fancy for cold soups either and would lick that eggplant dip clean too. Have a great weekend, Nava.

  4. Looks interesting, dear! A lot of dishes are quite new to me. xoxo

  5. Cold soups??? Nah..never!I am interested to try out Baba Ghanoush someday soon :) Nice post.


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