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Alor Setar - Kedah (Nava-K's One Day Postcard)

Being married to someone who is married to his or her job is not all that rosy and sunshiny. I know. Ask me and I'll willingly spill all of it. Its sincerely really a tough call for me. Irregular working hours, sometimes work calls for during the weekends and public holidays, and at the end of the day, no matter how late it is, I have to listen to his ups and downs. More importantly, I have to take care of myself, especially when he is away (Sungkai Perak & Pork Dickson). Then again, this workaholism does throw in some happy perks every once a while and if your life-time soulmate’s job involves inbound/outbound travelling, you might as well try your luck by piggy backing him, her and it (Chitose & Hokkaido).

Not in the sense that literally expecting them to carry us behind their back, neither tagging along like a pain in the butt (Kerala Alleppey). But you sure can try your luck by fitting into their short one or two days work related travelling. That too, remember, if they don’t mind. I generally try my luck all the time. Sometimes, there’s no way I get my way, other times I do see the light at the end of the hotel. Aha! So, let me tell you how I ended up at Alor Setar. Remember my spiritual and religious journey to Penang for Thaipusam? That’s right everyone. Now, instead of returning home, I followed my other half-half to Alor Setar. Quite an interesting adventurous trip actually. From Seberang Jaya, we hopped into his counterpart’s car and since appointment had already been fixed at the client's office, I guess there was no way I could have been dropped off at the hotel. So, I tacked along, sat at the reception while business deal took place for the next one hour. By the way, this is not my first time to seeing how it like with my other half-half’s business. Been there especially those years when he started. Mostly because I really wanted to keep him company during the long drive throughout Malaysia, from one end to the other.  

Here in Alor Setar, after the business talk, we adjourned to Restaurant Woo Foo Lou for lunch. Assumingly a popular restaurant, we nibbled over the peanuts while waiting for dishes. Arriving simultaneously one after the other, we tucked into Soy Garlic Prawns, Curry Leaf Crispy Fried Sotong, Stir Fried Garlic Salad Leaf, Mix Vegetables in a runny gooey sauce, and Fish Head Curry I was told is the popular take. Indeed, elevated tastefully for its mild spicy and coconut milk creaminess, it packed a subtle punch. Worth praising. Overall, a wonderful meal.      

Tummy and heart filled with food happiness, we then checked into Starcity Hotel. Upon entering the room, sincerely, I was really impressed. RM90.00 for this quite spacious and well maintained room. Impressive. Honestly, I didn’t really expect it. The only downer was the wifi. Gone case. Despite being helped out by the hotel staff, sadly, wifi was still a flip-flop. I guess I shouldn’t sulk since my data roaming was at its record breaking full speed.

For the next few hours, we did nothing. I stared at my handphone, other half-half stared at the tv and time soon caught up for an early dinner. Actually for me because business dinner was in the pipeline for him. We met up with a close friend who fetched us, prior to arriving at Nasi Kandar Al Shiffa. I tucked into the plain rice alongside sotong/squid curry, yogurt onion salad and boiled bendi/okra. 
Wow! I had to agree with the friend that this supposedly nasi kandar is good to the senses. Yum factor. After eating and finishing off the tea tarik while simultaneously chatting at great length on everything and anything under the sun, by 7.00pm, I was already comfortable in the room whereas night was just at its starting point for other half-half. Tell me about it? Business, whiskey and wee hours? 

Buffet breakfast the next morning was just so basic. Limited choices. Still, I didn’t mind,. After all, I am not the gawking kind. Also, next on our list was another meeting the client eating session at Restaurant Tow Boon Keong. Walla Wei! A Chinese wedding meal scenario in a large dining area, crazily packed for their well known dim sum. Trolleys came around, we picked the items and then of course chopsticks foodie moment. Not bad. I particularly enjoyed the fried carrot cake and pork stuffed steamed items albeit the chilli dip didn’t kick in the spiciness.

All in all, I loved this breakfast or brunch communal concept meal. Interesting. Lunch on the hand was at the friend’s house, loving cooked by his wife I have met before and home cooked meals as you know are always special. Let it be just rasam, pickle, papadam and fried fish. Subsequently, we chatted for a few hours prior to arriving at the airport and later, back to home sweet home. Okay, so, tell me please, after reading this Nava-K's One Day Alor Setar Postcard, you think it was worth piggy backing my other half-half? You know what I think? I think this one day trip is absolutely a treasured memory. 

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  1. Looks like you had an awesome time with good food! Absolutely worth piggy backing!!

  2. I love every single dish in this post, Nava. Would love to visit that restaurant! Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

  3. Great Post Nava. Beautiful pictures and yummy food. Such a fun day. You must had lot of fun. :)

  4. No good wifi in a hotel room while travelling really sucks.. i loved the food though and everything looks yumm to be honest..

  5. I think if we marry a person, we marry the whole package so we accept the life with them. It's nice to know how you're adjusting though it's tough. Makes me wish I'd marry someone with a balanced schedule.

  6. Totally agree with you! Loved this sweet post :)You always share some wonderful food pictures which I love <3

  7. Cool post! Have a wonderful week, dear! xoxo


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