Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara (Blackest Black)

Hello Ladies,
Holding on to our beauty fort I know is rather mind blocking and blogging. Especially in our 50’s (My Fifties - I Call The Shots) when we have to ball-bearing-balance many things at one go. Working, immediate family, external family, housework and the list goes on (Menopause - My Blood Story). We may have also assumed that once our children grow up and spread their wings, we can rest back by enjoying our own little pleasures. Unfortunately though, I bet there's no end to being there for them no matter how small or big buffaloes they have turned out to be. Sometimes, it is really puzzling with children these days. Money is never enough even when they draw a big fat salary, thus, hand-outs from us will indirectly be hinted, their love as well as marriage problems will spill over to our love-nest and and the dilemma is whether we should baby sit our grandchildren.  

Some of you may happily or are forced to catch-throw balls with your grand kids, whereas I know of ladies who have put down their foot to free maid services. What about me are you asking? Oh-yes, how can my life be perfect? Same issues or other unique issues for sure. Therefore, I can petty much understand how difficult it is with our beauty cookie (Bio Essence Dual Eye Essence). Still, let me tell you this. If you don't find time for yourself, no one will, I'm of course referring to our beauty school which by far shouldn't drop-out (L'Oreal Night Mask & L'Occitane UV Shield).

Aha! Where are we heading today with our beauty fort in this segment of “beauty with nava-k? (Rosken Feet & Heel Balm & Skinfood Black Sugar Mask) We shall speak about beautifying our eyes. This time, it is mascara as the magical wand for curling up, for lengthening up, for darkening up and for enhancing our eyes. Indeed, mascara is a magical wand for truly waking up our tired eyes because it is really complicated under and above our eyes. 

Nevertheless, nourishing and keeping away dark circles and wrinkles must be the number one priority albeit we can't in any way deny that mascara is an eye-popping hallmark. I generally reach out to mascara for occasions, of course you can do it for work too. Does not matter. Your choice against mine. Indeed. How about I now introduce to you this Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara (Revlon Uniq All In One Hair Treatment) I’ve already experimented for 6 times. I believe it is affordable, I also believe you can easily pick it up at most pharmacies regardless that Revlon Mascara is one of the choices among the rest of the brands, really, it is really your decision if it you want to try it out.  
Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara Blackest Black
Revlon's Ultra Volume Mascara has a conditioning, clump-free formula that volumizes lashes. This mascara also includes the Revlon Lash Plumping Brush.

Triple grooves designed to hold formula for maximum volume
Short and long bristles designed to comb every lash and eliminate clumps.

Even though I'm yet to  glorify Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara as a splendor, it sure does what a mascara should do. Packaging is an impressive pretty-beauty. Sleek, cute, bright pink-black color themes and for the concept of dropping it in your handbag for carrying it everywhere. A winner undoubtedly for holding my lashes in place, Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara stays put, but smudging is unavoidable if you sweat profusely or cry. Even then, it goes on smoothly, it has a use-friendly brush for easy application and upon application it does not feel heavy. A single coat does the job for day to day wear, of course for occasions, I'll suggest at least another coat. 

Now, whether it is this mascara or any other (Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara), patience pays off while applying. Please do not rush, look at the mirror, firmly grip the wand and slowly go over your top and then lower lashes without blinking. Otherwise, it’s a mess. Double mess if you don't allow the first coat to dry up prior to applying the next coat. I thought I might as well tell you because sometimes it’s not the mascara, but the technic of applying.    
Having said that, if you hoping to lengthen your lashes with Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara, I'm so sorry. You will be disappointed. By the way, is there a mascara for lengthening lashes? I'm yet to test-try one. My question is how can that be possible if our original lashes are scanty and short? Correct me if I’m wrong. Moreover, mascara must be thoroughly removed at the end of the day. Cleaning oil didn't do the job for me, I won't mind suggesting cleanser water (Cyber Color Cleansing Water) or the other cheaper alternative is cotton pads dapped with olive oil for simultaneously strengthening your lashes.   

For Indian ladies like me who have deep set eyes and massive dark circles, just an advise on not overdoing it with layering mascara more than twice. When you do that, you are actually hollowing your eyes further inside. Also, don’t ever think that mascara must be paired with a thick line of kohl black or kajal black liner. A light shade of light brown or grey is advisable instead of over emphasizing with black and then without realizing pull down your overall appearance by adding a few more years to your age. Keeping black to the minimum is what I call enhancing instead of black marking monster balling your eyes. 
Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara (Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain) suffice to say is recommended for a nice pigmentation, for staying all day long and for providing volume to lashes. On the other hand, please remember that mascara bought is mascara meant to be used. Dumping it on your dressing table will only cause its formula to clump and dry up, and I am sure you are aware macara can only survive most to most 6 months. Use it thereafter and you will be seeing the doctor for eye infection. 
So, I have not only spoken on Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara, I have also have given you the "must-know" clues to create awareness on the do's and don'ts of mascara. Thank you ladies. Until we catch up again, take care and lotsa love. Remember, as I always remind, never neglect the little joy of dolling up when the need arises.  

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  1. yes life's problems are never ending...but somehow it is important to take out time for yourself...nice review

  2. I just like a waterproof mascara and never think of lengthening and stuff.. i usually curl my lashes and apply 2 coats it works well.. i wudn't mind trying this one, the packaging is cute and I love Revlon

  3. I love it & you look great, babe! Gonna check it out! xoxo

  4. Looking lovely as usual. Hahaha ya am a klutz when comes to mascara.

  5. It looks good on you and your hair color is beautiful