Friday, May 5, 2017

Restoran Meng Kee - Old Klang Road (Kuala Lumpur)

I agree. I must actually. It is true humans as well as animals are living longer than ever. I do get the picture and I also get to see the pictures of healthily fluffy, furry, fiery or "all-in-one" hyper active dogs and cats daily on social media. Sure, animals shouldn't be denied "Stylo-Mylo" grooming at pet salons, simultaneously, dogs, cats and snakes must lovingly be fed with healthy home cooked food. Better be. Otherwise, animal rights activists will haunt down the pet lovers. Nevertheless, going by the love book of nava-k, just wondering whether the same is applicable to outwardly human inwardly animal human and 100% human-people. Happily or sadly though, millions of likes are for eating out more often, for eating-pampering on social media and for stress which is tail-gating akin the vrooming car drivers also due to constantly laptop staring-up at work and home, and looking down at hand-phone socializing web. 

Therefore, I have to sadly announce that all of those mentioned “un-air brushed” known or unknown standing-up or sitting-down thundering-lightning facts are the main culprits to our shorter life expectancy regardless of age and gender. I too am one of the potential “political candidate” casualty. Despite having tremendously cut down on social media deceiving web, I am still laptop facing for unlimited hours. As a result, I have to put with headache, hand numbness and excruciating shoulder pull. What a life! 

Consequently, I sometimes automatically press the “worrying” health panic button because I am not an unbuttoned up-down doll anymore. Health naturally is a major concern in my 50’s. (My Fifties - I Call The Short & Long Shots) Not so much on abruptly departing, but I don't want to cause emotional and nursing suffering to my other half-half should I be tubed-in-and-out in pain. Remember I told you about accompanying my friend for treatment (Restaurant Kepong Heng Bak Kut Teh)? Says it all indirectly. Now, on the same day after returning from the hospital, I quickly showered and left with my half-half to the funeral parlour for paying respect to that particular person who fought, yet slipped off. 

Aside to mourning, what is shocking or not is our “Malaysian” Supermen partnered by Superwomen who have mastered the art of “funeral robbing”. Henceforth, everyone including family members are advised to leave before 12am to avoid facing the guns or knives of “vampire robbers”. As it is, my imagination was already running wild upon noticing the rest of the departed in each of the individual block within the parlour, listening to night robbing further spooked me up. So, within the next hour, despite being offered food, we politely excused ourselves and also because we have set our mind on dining in Restoran Meng Yee.
Situated across Scott Garden (Wong Kok Char Chan Teng) and within the probability of being rammed by drunk drivers along the road side, Restoran Men Yee was bustling busy with small and big bumble bees at about 8.30pm. To know their menu is to ask the supposedly chef-de-order-taking sweetie who smiled, yet I guess she doesn't believe in talking. Didn’t really matter since friends have already told us about their selling like hot cakes steamed fish head. Settling for the Ginger Steamed Fish instead of Nyonya Style Steamed Fish Head, we also included Kangkung Belacan, a pot of Jasmine Tea and three plates of plain rice. While waiting, I had to notice "selfing" by “K-Pop” memes who came to hunger in prior to perhaps returning to the pubs across for their graveyard shift.  
Looking at these future potential social media influences almost twisted my neck, thankfully I was saved by food. Ginger Steamed Tilapia Fish Head in a spicy, tad bit salty and tangy sauce was fantastica. Ohlalala! Garlic and chillies in soy sauce was at once halted. No need. What for when the "secret guardian angel" sauce was like the best car engine oil for super powering the fresh head. 

Seemingly, ginger steamed fish head and nyonya steamed fish head were the calling for majority of the customers. Some, including the logical Indians even requested for extra sauce to be poured atop the fish. Still, whatever it is, be mindful while eating to avoid the bones from pricking or getting stuck in your tongue or throat. In case you have to needle the bones out, swallowing a big ball of plain rice is indeed the fastest on the spot remedy, but if it still doesn't work, the nearest rush is Taman Desa Medical Centre. Okay? As for the stir fried Kangkung Belacan, such a simply-quickly stir fried veggie is forever a sheer pleasure when eaten with rice.  

Considering that other half-half and I are peony eaters whereas co-pilot didn't have any qualms in polished off every bit of this bursting filling meal, we unanimously agreed that RM51.00 is really affordable.  

Show some love by trending alongside "dine with nava-k" on every other social media please!!

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  1. I miss Kangkung during the summer time. Can't find them here.

  2. Hah!ha! Nearby my place,as the saying goes,so near yet so far.

  3. The kang kong looks so green & delicious! I wanna to have some too! xoxo

  4. Being on social media is def not easy n can take a toll on ur health for sure.. home cooked food is the best bt ppl r lazy now a days.. This place seems nice bt i don't like fish hence wud order something else

  5. Affordable place with yummy food


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