Monday, May 29, 2017

Deesse's Elujuda (MO) Mellow Oil For Natural Color Design Hair Treatment - 4.1 oz

First thing first please. Did any of you beautiful followers of “beauty with nava-k” read my previous review on Revlon Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment? Admit it if you didn't, that's okay with me. After all, honestly is no longer the best policy in this corrupted beauty world we knowingly or unknowingly are vacuum sucked by the so called "famed" beauty gurus and bloggers. If not all, some, sadly are indirectly beauty coating the sponsored products they receive, or, maybe, I'm just saying, perhaps we ourselves love the disillusioned beauty apps world. I however personally believe that lying in our 50’s is such a brutal beauty shame, our beauty philosophy on the other hand must be ageing gracefully by realistically maintaining our complexion (L'Occitane UV Shield SPF50 & Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara) and shape (How To Stay In Shape) instead of competing against the young social media dolls (Garnier Night Restore Cream).  

Caring for our hair is also without a doubt another integral cycle for our overall appearance and well-being, albeit we can’t possibly avoid hair lost as we age gracefully in our matured thoughts too. Bitching and back stabbing our own close friends for the sake of who is beauty superior I know is the hidden agenda in real life, can we for the time being pull our brakes on social media envy and jealousy to pay attention to our hair? Thank you. Lets begin by accepting the fact that losing hair potentially is unavoidable in our 50's, then again, no worries because even the current hip-hop and trendy generation are not only paying for hair lost treatment, but apparently greying faster than us. Aha! In my case, coloring to cover my grey hair in return has further contributed to dryness and frizziness. Bound to happen, yes, whether you DIY or do it at hair salons. Needless to say then, hair oil or serum is logically the care to counter control our hair madness, this Deesse's Elujuda (MO ) Mellow Oil For Natural Color Design Hair Treatment" salon product is the one I have been using for the past 4 months.  
Deesse's Elujuda (MO ) Mellow Oil For Natural Color Design Hair Treatment
Elujuda isn't a conventional leave-in treatment. It acts as a styling foundation because it immediately restores hair to its most ideal condition for blow outs. The finishing is amazingly light! Extracted from the oils of the baobab tree, Elujuda leaves hair unbelievably soft, supple and smooth. Spread this product in your palms. Apply to towel dried hair, mainly on the ends and blow dry.
Deesse's Elujuda (MO ) Mellow Oil comes in a plastic bright orangy bottle with a pump. Bottle has yet slipped off from my hands that sometimes can badly tremble, I can't also vouch if bottle is leak-proof because I repack this colorless and no-smell oil in a smaller container secured with a tight cap whenever I travel. My point is that why carry the whole bottle to crowd my luggage when I only need most to most two pumps. To use, I pump this oil on my palm, rub with both hands and run it from the top to bottom of my half dry half wet hair without touching my scalp. You can also use it on wet or dry hair, hair dryer is out of the question for me unless I am really in a rush. Hair dryer may be touted as a household staple, I do agree, but it does eventually aggravate hair loss, and can result in dry and brittle hair. Not taking any chance though.     
Deesse's Elujuda (MO ) Mellow Oil leaves my hair soft and smooth, it prevents split ends and brittleness and provide luster and sheen. More importantly, it keeps my unruly hair in place instead of bouncing up like a big bushy ball after washing and conditioning. I love how this oil make me look presentable instead of as if I have just woke up with hair massively ruffled up. Nevertheless, please take it easy with the amount you use. More does not mean better, being generous with it definitely is the road to greasiness and oiliness. Additionally, it is such a waste for paying around RM110.00. Just a tiny bit is a good run for almost a year, depending on your hair length too.   
Deesse's Elujuda (MO ) Mellow Oil is really one of best discoveries for me. There is nothing negative about this oil, thus, I should treasure it for the longest time. Then again, at the rate the hair industry is evolving, don’t you agree that we shouldn't get complacent with  any beauty product and because our hair by itself does not remain the same as age catches up. Anything is possible as we age (Rosken Feel & Heel Balm), so, I will keep an eye on either best buy, worth the buy or slightly pricey hair products to keep our hair alive and flowing-glowing.   
Until then, take care everyone. I’ll catch with you again in the next "beauty with nava-k". 

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  1. Hair care and skin care needs no age u, need to do it young or old.. This oil sounds good fr my dry hair - blame the pollution for the frizz nice to use these kind of products to be honest... ur hair look silky in pics.. nice !!

  2. That's a really nice review. Looks like a promising product.

  3. Wow, I'm glad it works well for you! You look fabulous, dear! xoxo


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