Monday, May 22, 2017

Aunty Manju's Home Of Banana Leaf Lunch - Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Money sickness is apparently the major struggle sickness these days. Are you now asking me what this nava-k’s whole theory of money sickness is about? My pleasure. Allow me to pour the whole bucket of it. Money sickness basically means working our butt in-out for sustaining our lifestyle, money sickness is also interpreted as falling sick mentally and physically when we don’t have enough money. Really, I can pretty much understand why. Making ends meet I suppose is easier said than done, especially in the city where people judge you by the car you drive, the house you live, your grandest wedding and your whiz kids millions of talents. Basically again, money is akin the broadband router to social status and when you can’t keep up with the “Kardashians”, money sickness sucks massively.

Nonetheless, behind the critical success money scene, people are actually struggling with cash-in-hand until even a 50 dollar note can’t be seen in the wallet and you know what, many are consciously or unconsciously hanging on to plastic money as their source of instant money provider. More so, by the power vested in social media, I personally know of people who have told that spending is essential (Garnier Night Restore Cream) as not to be seen in the same attires and some are quietly aiming for recognition as the number one traveler among social media friends (Sungai Perak - Overnight Excursion). Huh! The utter ugly truth behind selfing and welfing, society on the whole I think has evolved from simplicity to money power. I am not only referring to the youngsters, those in my group of 50’s (My Fifties - I Call The Shots) are simultaneously closely trending side by side.    
Likewise, money power is notably area specific too, one which further almost popped out my eyes and ears from the moment I arrived and walked to Kayra Kerala Cuisine and then walked again to step foot at Aunty Manju’s Home of Banana Leaf. This Aunty, whoever she is, unlimited blessings from me to her, I was told by the friend is seemingly the money making success factor of Taman Tun for continuously drawing customers daily. I can understand why. Even at almost 2.45pm, customers were busy finger tucking-licking the banana leaf spread. Wish I had some tummy space for hunger again, especially after taking a close look at the curries, side dishes and fried on the spot fish,chicken and all of that usual stuffs you get in other Indian restaurants as well. Mouthwatering. Aiyo, couldn't take it anymore. 

Now, please don’t ask me to list out their menu because we didn’t bother to ask. Most probably there is, we on the other hand have already decided on cow’s milk coffee and vadai. By right, I could have had coffee at Kayra, but since friend persisted I should try Aunty Manju’s, what’s there to discount? After all, you never try, you never know right? Of course. Hot beverage and fried snack came cruising within the next five minutes. Creamy, not overly sweet neither bitter, cow’s milk coffee was an easy to love smooth rich blend. Super lovely! 
Utterly sneaking me up and away, indeed, coffee was the perfect pairing for the hot fried crispy and fluffy ulundu/black lentil vadai albeit not as shapely as me (How To Stay In Shape). Ahem! Okay. Vadai eaten after dunking in the generous serving of tasty aromatic thick sambar and coconut chutney was truly the Indian flying carpet wonder food joy. Distinction. Nothing could be faulted. Nothing. 
By far, this early tea time meal was like one of the best bell ringing affordable high tea. Awesome. Hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed, I can get my hands and fingers on Aunty Manju’s banana leaf lunch if I am willing to travel the distance from Shah Alam to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail again. 

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  1. You are a wise woman, Nava. Have a beautiful week ahead!

  2. Who does nt have money issues and the worries of meeting ends when u make less..bloggers working on their own like me know it better.. The food is definitely my favourite.. medu vadas r pure love..

  3. You are always out there and experiencing life. I think that's awesome.

  4. foods look good there...will wait for next review

  5. These food pictures are making me so hungry!!! Lovely post :)