Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tryst Cafe - SS15, Subang Jaya (Selangor)

I really can’t understand what’s with Malaysians and punctuality. Indeed, the ugly sight of Malaysians (Moom Sabai Restaurant), either they must push and shove (Little Cravings) or they will eventually blame busyness or traffic jam is the other excuse for being late (Wong Kok Char Chan Teng). Damn! As it is I had enough of events because I can’t take the waiting time and at invited food reviews, must I also mention tasting cold food because picturing seem more important than anything else. My patience was tested again when I arrived at Tryst and waited for 30 minutes for this supposedly at 2.00pm review. Hell! Honestly, I thought I made a mistake. I kept checking over and over if I am at the right place, at the right time. Cleared. Still, I thought I might as well check with the staff who then told me that food tasting is on the first floor. So, I went up, casually spoke to the one and only person who was waiting and I took a couple of pictures of the artistic ambiance which seem an entrance to monkeys paradise potentially at the later part of the day. 

Within 5 minutes I came down and held on to my hunger until I couldn't take it anymore. I then told myself that there's no point waiting for free food when I can actually pay on my own. So, I quickly walked to the self-service counter where I fished out for suggestion and in a jiffy I agreed to the Caramel Macchiato and Indobowl Red/Green Sambal with the add-on of Grilled Lamb Rack. 
Paid and done, I looked around for a table. No luck. Thus, I carried the mug for number tracking me and sat outside among the presumably rich college students who were massively blowing hookah smoke rings. Most of them I think are already Masters holders in Hookah, whereas the young as 13 and 14 year old Indian boys pathetically were practicing very hard for the next Hookah tournament. Naturally I was taken a back. Then again, what can be shocking anymore from the current generation of youngsters. Obviously, for a 52 year old woman like me, I’ve seen it all, I’ve heard it all and when I was working at the nearby college, I have also experienced wolf whistling from Indian students who thought they are man enough to pick me up and down there down. So, tell me, am I missing anything from the youngsters who seem growing up at the blink of our eyes? Nope, but I still couldn't get over with the Indian boys seated across me. Never mind to the older hookah-pookah boys and girls, these Indian boys surely didn't look like rich kids. Should I feel sorry for them or for their parents? I'm confused. 
Having said that, I’ve got no complains whatsoever about the staff of Tryst. I love them, especially the adorable Malay guy who took my order. Such a darling, he knew anger smoke was coming out from my ears. He humbly spoke, I of course always melt for humble characters. Caramel Macchiato flew by almost instantly, however, imagine waiting for another 10 minutes for food when you have eaten nothing till 2.50pm? Urgh!! Once Indo Mie arrived, I quickly gawked. Awe-delicious! Good stuff. Spicy Indo-mie in a bowl alongside an almost runny egg, two cherry tomatoes, tad-bit of power ranger sambal ijo and grilled lamb racks. Satisfaction!
Al-dente noodles tossed in red sambal, super spicy as per my liking green chilli sambal, and mind you, tender, easy to be ripped apart lamb pieces. Indeed, absolutely worth the wait. Believe it, I polished off every bit (WTF Bangsar) coffee was not a letdown either. I was prepared for its higher dose of sweetness since I was already informed when I ordered, just that it was so cold by the time I drank after eating. 

Despite feeling a bit out of place being among the hookah smoking future leaders of Malaysia who of course had to glance at Auntie Nava, they in no way irritated the daylights out of me. More importantly, I enjoyed my meal, I liked the comfortable homey woody ambiance and all the pluses in the world must be given for the excellent customer service. Thank you guys. 
Tryst Cafe
74, Jalan SS15/4c
SS15, Subang Jaya (Behind KFC)

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  1. Well, I probably would just left the cafe...there's no point doing the review since they don't even care.

  2. thats such a cool place
    keep in touch

  3. The cafe seemed decent bt i guess when ppl r invited fr food tasting they shud start on time, i hate ppl who start late like they have no value fr punctual ppl like us!! food served looked yumm

  4. Unique and cool wall designs. Nice cafe.

  5. Waiting for a food review?I don't think this should be happening.


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