Thursday, April 6, 2017

Revlon Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment - 150ml

I'm assuming that the family wedding (Indian Fashion Trends for Ladies In Their 50's) did spot-light on me. Even if it didn’t, don’t you think I should be proud for putting effort in looking presentable at my ripened 52 years? Absolutely. I must. I must also continue to keep my fingers crossed so that I can still maintain my beauty, fashion and shape for the years to come. Not easy I know because 50’s is akin another twilight zone which presumably will pull-push us back and forth with different sets of challengers. Just when we thought we had fought our own crises, comes calling the on-going family money support. In fact, money is the biggest dilemma behind close and even open doors. Additionally, how about our own set of constantly managing peace and harmony on our ground? Also, ensuring love does not slip-fall from our hearts, trying our best to avoid mounting kilos on our butts, tummies and thighs, holding back stress from erasing our beauty and I think, we still sincerely appreciate hair on our head? 

Hi there ladies and gentlemen. Whatever hurdles we may face, we must not give up easily. That’s the spirit! Oh-yes all my faithful followers. Today, let’s aside our face for the time being (Bio Essence 24K Eye Essence), instead we shall focus on our crowning glory. Hair of course, hair on the head and not elsewhere please. Then again, tackling the elsewhere hair is possible too. Brazilian waxing, shaving, pulling or do nothing. Oh-dear-naughty-nava-k! Okay, okay, I’ll behave from this point to discuss “Taming the Screw” uncontrollable frizzy and fly away Peter, fly away Paul head-budding hair. Between shampoo, conditioner and hair cream/serum, I would like to draw your attention on cream. Despite having tried-tested a few, none I would regard as a keeper. All is not end of the road, never for nava-k though, a month back, Revlon Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment” (RM115.00) caught my attention at the hair salon.    
Revlon Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment 150ml
Real Benefits In One Product
1.  Repair for Dry & Damaged Hair
2.  Shine & Frizz Control
3.  Heat Protection
4.  Silkiness & Smoothness
5.  Hair Color Protection /With Uva & Uvb Filters
6.  Easier Brushing & Ironing
7.  Incredible Detangling
8.  Long-Lasting Hairstyle
9.  Split Ends Prevention
10.Adds Body

On wet hair:
Spray from a distance of about 20 cm from hair.
Detangle hair with a comb.
Finish with the usual style: blow dry, straighten or air-dry.
Use the usual finishing product.
Sprays according to hair length - Long: 10-15 Medium: 7-12 Short: 6-8

On dry hair:
Spray onto the palm of the hand.
Rub product between the hand and apply to hair from mid-lengths to ends.
If necessary, refresh style with straightener or drier.
Use the usual finishing product.
Sprays according to hair length - Long: 4-6 Medium: 3-5 Short: 2-3

Having used Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment for four times, I realize I need at least 5 light pumps for my wet after shampooed and conditioned medium length hair. I pump/spray it on my palm, rub between both hands and then gently run my fingers from the top till the ends of my hair without touching the scalp. Touch your scalp, mind you, this cream will trigger a journey to itchy oily dandruff.   
Spraying definitely doesn't work for me, let alone on dry hair. I seem blindly spraying to waste this rather expensive thick white cream. Nevertheless, it is appreciated as a leave-on treatment for effortless untangling and for leaving my hair silky-smooth. Smell is not bothersome, it does dry up quickly without leaving behind any residue, buildup or weighing my hair down. 
Consequently, Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment doesn't “Brylcreem” my fine scanty hair, neither did it change my hair colour. All in all, this super beauty slip provides glossiness to keep my hair in place, bye-bye to split ends as well. However, I have yet noticed any change in my hair texture, whereas I can't comment on blow drying because I seldom use hair dryer and finishing product is not for me please. As for the packaging, it comes in a glass bottle with a spray nozzle and a push-in-pull-up black cover. The bottle is solid as ever, I suppose if you insist on checking its durability, go ahead and throw it on a hard surface. I am all ears. 
Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment certainly delivers what it promises albeit I won't checkmate each of its 10 benefits. Suffice to say, I am satisfied, just that I guess it probably will only last for 4 months the most at the rate I used it three times in a week. By far, I must say that it is a worthwhile hair treatment for detangling, for controlling frizziness and for silky smooth hair. I have spoken, you decide please!!   

Until then, take care every one. I'll see you again the next time.  

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  1. Seems like a good buy.. will check it out.. superb review as always..U look gorgeous as always..

  2. I rarely use anything on my hair except fr a de- tangling serum esp now that my hair has reached my waist almost.. this product is nice and i wud consider trying it

  3. Gosh, you look so pretty especially the first shot, Nava! xoxo


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