Friday, April 21, 2017

Restaurant Kepong Heng Bak Kut Teh - Jalan Penchala (Petaling Jaya)

I doubt if we can exactly predict what lies in front of us. Of course, we should be helped out by bomoh, medium or Indian "Samy" for a fee, or we think we have clearly charted our future. Maybe we have, but remember, life does take a twisted-turn when we least expect. Unfortunately, that's the reality due to the "intrend-spelling-bee-race" of chasing after success, fame, fortune, popularity, likes and followers instead of putting health as the priority. Busyness obviously is the reason why health is taken for granted, perhaps we are also under the impression that if money can buy love, happiness, relatives, friends, husbands, wives, alcohol and sex, money in return must buy health. Sure. I am not denying. Money is sunny, money is the saviour. But when health is critically plunged, hope is the only hope. Hope in god and prayers and hope at the wires of medical robots.    

Right now I am really hoping for the best for my friend. Ever since I found out “health is not wealth” with her, I am feeling as if a sharp long arrow has pieced through my heart. I am talking about friendship bond which goes back to 30 years down memory lane. The beastly partying, the moments of pouring our hearts out, the misunderstanding and the friendship gap between the years we worked hard to secure a comfortable life. Basically, we grew old together. Those memories will forever linger on. Utmostly so emotionally meaningful in my 50’s, to treasure every bundle of it, I told myself I will stand by her come whatever it may.    

Henceforth, two weeks ago I accompanied her to the private hospital and in between the few hours of treatment, I had to excuse myself for filling up my growling stomach. Do or die, before I would have collapsed out of hunger to be warded beside her, in a jiffy I left with my lunch companion. Just as we passed by Jalan Penchala, I spotted Restaurant Kepong Heng Bak Kut Teh. No two ways about it please, no dispute over bkt (Restaurant Chow Kiat Klang), my all-time favourite. After parking across the restaurant while sincerely hoping we won’t see a summon under the car wiper later, we walked in at about 12.30pm. By then, half of tables were already occupied in this no frill coffee shop style and also akin a spacious factory lot restaurant. Mind you, impressively clean too.

At once came the bubbly and happily grinning lady. There is no official menu, the only menu is asking or listening to her firstly listing the types of bkt, followed by the limited "edition" of simple side dishes. We had no qualms in quickly ordering. Ten minutes most to most, we were served by the smiling foreign worker. Service with a broad smile seemingly is the broadest wings of love in this restaurant. So, I should award hundreds of likes for service instead of to Wonderbra, platform shoes and sunsilk hair posey-mosey on social media. Boo-hoo-hoo!!    

The piping hot claypot bak kut teh simultaneously deserve a substantial amount of likes. Unlike the standard “darkest knight” strongly scented ones elsewhere (Da De Bak Kut Teh), this one was light brown, quite clear and mildly infused with the quintessential tonic herbs. Honestly, I was initially quite skeptical because I have yet tasted such a soup. But the first slurp proved otherwise. Every drop of it was truly appreciated though I didn’t care much for the “pork is life” tender succulent meat, chunky bones and spare parts.
The silky brown tofu soaked in a runny broth and crispy Yew Char Kueh/Chinese Crullers I also call as brown dog bone on the other hand were the usual types. Then again, without these two customary sides, a bkt meal supposedly can’t compete in the category of wholesomeness.  
Pumpkin rice was the other of my first time try. Mushy bitsy of pumpkin, chewable bitsy of black mushroom and flavoured with soy sauce.
We praised its delicate tastiness as we washed down the spiciness of birds eye chillies and garlic with Jasmine tea. Whereas the crunchy beansprout drenched in tat-bit of soy sauce and atop with fried shallots is forever akin a million dollar dish. Just wondering what the secret is. Could it be where the sprouts are scouted from or is it the heavily guarded home style sauce? Wish I call tell you!  

All in all, bkt craving I have been holding on to for some time was shattered in satisfaction. I must praise the excellent service as well as slurpy-slurpyness soup till the tilt of the claypot. I then returned to the hospital to be with my friend prior to beating the early jam to drop her off and to return to my ground. As I have said earlier, all of my sunlight hopes towards her health and also for us to remain stronger than ever in our different race, religion, wired and wireless friendship.  

Don't forget to trend alongside "dine with nava-k" on every other social media please!!

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  1. I love those bean sprouts! My mom used to make a stirfry with Chinese garlic chives...very delicious.

  2. I hope ur friend is feeling better now.. 30 years of friendship voww, do they last that long now.. NO! Sad!! the food looks yummy indeed


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