Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Penang - The Pearl Of The Orient (Day 1)

We didn’t name Penang as “The Pearl of the Orient” for no apparent reason, did we? Of course not, albeit we were not the brains behind the name calling. And Penang, don't you agree is akin a household name for all of us? I don't know about you, I can keep going back over and over again to Penang and its never enough. Such a  wonderful place where you will never be bored. Much to do and much to eat, we however all this time have been heading to Penang mainly for the yearly family prayers in Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple, Seberang Prai. Quite a rush actually, attend the prayers, spend a night and back to home sweet home. I guess due to my other half-half's hectic work schedule, I didn't dare push for spending more time in Penang (Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa). Okay, I know. I have been travelling alone (Solo Travel To Bangkok), I know I can do it myself. To tell you the truth, I did attempt, but you know how it is with planning for a holiday? Plan all your want, plans sometimes does not materalize for whatever reason that pushes it aside. 

I'm also not saying I have not ditched aside my other half-half for travelling, but the reality is that it gets harder (Travelling Solo When You Are Married). Especially when you are in your 50's, you really appreciate the moment of travelling together. Age does kick in the meaning of keeping love closer to the heart, in fact, closer than expected because we don't want to live to regret if he or she is not around anymore. I learned it when dad left to heaven within a couple of minutes (more at Nasi Minyak). Of course I know none of us are assured when god will call, but with age, health is wealth can slip out of our hands without us realising. Time does fly. So, I am trying my level best in getting my other half-half to travel with me, unless of course if at all I can't convincing him, look like back to my own backbone.   

Coming back to this 3 days in Penang, I was actually quite surprised my wish was granted. Not by god, but at the expense of my other half-half. Back to Penang for family prayers, family prayers mind you is also money calling. Supposedly you need money for literally everything these days, including praying to thwart evil and to usher in success. Bomoh’s fees is also not cheaper anymore. You know right? For me, it’s rather simple with religion. I believe god is within you and prayers at home is good enough. A clean heart is a god's heart, but with the senior family chief commodores who believe religion is at the hands of priests, nava-k have to obey by shutting her big fat mouth.  

So, we arrived on a Thursday afternoon at about 1.00pm in Bayan Lepas. First thing first, lunch please. Cousin suggested the tiny Restoran Nasi Kandar Masjid Kapitan Keling.(Nasi Kandar Line Clear & Kayu Nasi Kandar). Why not? Game on. 
We stood in front of the stall to order, we sat at the pavement and we were served. I actually enjoyed the chicken curry and fish curry which were finger licking good when eaten alongside the pandan rice, stir fried turmeric cabbage, stir fried brinjal and dhal curry. Other half-half on the other hand wasn’t impressed, but he still ate. If you are asking me if Restoran Nasi Kandar Masjid Kapitan Keling must be tested-tried, go ahead. Try. Give it a go. You don't try, you never know.    

While other half-half and cousin stood by the road side after lunching, I visited the next door Masjid Kapitan Kampung Kling. Hair-standing feeling. Seriously. I wore the jubah given at the entrance and sat at the corner of the prayer hall. God must have blessed me. I sensed a strong holy strength, later a quick circle around the compound and we left for Light Hotel. 

Rated as the best hotel so far in Perai (Ixora Hotel), Light Hotel seem to be drawing mostly Indian guests. Could be because the owners are Indians. Hotel no doubt cannot be faulted. Impressive. Great customer service, modern, stylish, well maintained room, and the super wifi will certainly super you up.  

For the next 3 hours or so, we lazed in the room, then we headed to Chai Leng Park hawker food street (Gurney DriveRed Garden Food Paradise, Coffee Lane CafeRestoran Jaya). Indeed, a food paradise, row and rows of Malaysian food, if you are a first timer here, I suggest you walk till the end of the street before deciding on your take. Not easy to decide because its akin a greedy thingy for ordering more than we can actually tuck in. I settled for the Pantai “Lok-Lok/Dip-Dip”. I too couldn't instantly decide. Eventually I had to. I mean I can't be standing forever with a plate in hand and stare at the items? These stick threaded items were dipped into the hot boiling water and then dipped over the chilli dip before eating. Aiyoyoyo!! Chilli dips were just so sensational. Bang! To edge off the spiciness, I slurped the Leng Chee Kang. Other half-half too enjoyed the fried kuey teow from the next stall which has been at the same spot for almost 20 years. Recommended as a must try for its popularity. 

All stuffed up, other half-half left for his appointment. Duty I guess won't stop calling for a workaholic, whereas I met up with the family at the hotel. Food again on the agenda. So, a long twilight zone drive to Tambun Garden Restaurant (Golden Thai Seafood Batu Ferringhi). Garden concept ambiance, food was yes or no, service was yes and no, and family dining together, yes and no as well.  You get what I mean? 

Day one concluded. To be continued. 


  1. You always travel to amazing places with delicious food, enjoy every minute doll.

  2. The dishes in this post made me salivate so much bt non veg only at easter as it is Lent in India.. I love ur travel experiences and how u mention abt food in the post!!

  3. Local delights,how about Komtar viewing deck?

  4. Great dishes! I want to try the tofu.

  5. You have described ur stay so beautifully ..looking forward to the next day:)

  6. Hello Navneetham...the place and food is a treat...hope u r pampered well in Penang

  7. Looks like I gotta revisit Penang, Nava! xoxo

  8. Food is nice and tasty in Penang

  9. God surely bless you doll look at all the good food you enjoy and the awesome place you stay, I know you must had enjoy every moment


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