Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant – Banting, Klang

Hoopla-hop-hula-hop family wedding finally was over and done (Indian Fashion Trends For Ladies In Their 50's). Phew! What an Indian live show to a grand wedding and also who is richer than art thou. Least expected next was the "thank you all" appreciation family dinner. Sure, why not? We were free, so, we hopped into the back wagon of car pooling to rock and roll once we hit the long stretch of sinking up and down pothole inner road on this raining day while glimpsing at the squatter living on both sides. Squatter living it may be, still, we shouldn't underestimate these people. Nice big cars parked in their open to all compound, but I won’t encourage you to compete with them by driving your sports car to Khuntai. A fat car repair bill may be awaiting due to the condition of the road. Therefore, I suggest you load the whole family on a pick-up truck or lorry for the akin a roller-coaster drive before parking in front of Khuntai or take a turn to park further inside. 

Khuntai Banting (Seri Langat Teluk Panglima Garang, Coconut Flower Telok Gong & Bagan Hailam Pelabuhan Klang) is really charming. I love the wooden traditional tables and chairs, the water-fountain in the center of the large dining area and either to sit across or at the outside huts facing the Banting river.

Since it was still raining, we had to forgo the thought of dining outside in darkness, but I guess where ever you sit, you can't avoid the “meow-meow”under the table and the flying happily Mr & Mrs Mosquitoes. I was quite spared. Maybe because compared to the pollution of Banting river, my blood I think is even worst. Nevertheless, these tiny blood suckers obviously did get high by juicing some of the family members. Additionally, those hungry as ever cats were irritants albeit piping-in free meow-meow music to entertain you. After some time, honestly we were least bothered due to the bigger mission impossible. Can you imagine ordering for 10 different characters of adults, shall I also speak about kids these days? Thank god only two kids. Whatever, we managed to nail down the orders. Hallelujah! 
Service was quite prompt, dishes came cruising one after the other. What's there's to wait, lets tuck in everyone was sincerely appreciated. The traditional served red is the colour tom yam seafood was full of praises. Spicy, tangy and aromatic, cooked with a variety of seafood and veggies. Yum! Just how an authentic tom yam (Moom Sabai Bayu PerdanaThai Thai Sunway) should be without compromising on the quintessential ingredients for that bold punch on the tongue.  
Thereafter, we tackled the always fancied simply stir fried garlic potato leaves and kangkung belacan. Not bad. Quickly polished off before grinning at each other to agree on the tastiness. Regardless of the messy and non-appealing presentation, taste-wise, we were really pleased. 

Onion omelette no matter what, is forever loved by kids, and adults generally I've noted love it as well. Similarly, crispy fried flour coated sotong/squid quickly crunched in and also eaten with rice.

Stir fried mixed vegetables in tad bit of runny sauce seem the customary dish for Indians. Buffling why, maybe because its a safe bet, one which Indians have tasted only god knows how many times. This one was okay though the assortment of veggies were quite dead. The Assam Taucheo Steamed Fish, Prawn Sambal and Prawn Stir Fried in Soy Sauce were the crux for rating Khuntai. Ranked highly for their freshness which actually screamed louder than anything else, my favourite was the fish. Jiving splendidly, ah, such an awesome burst of spiciness, tanginess and saltiness. Prawn sambal on the other hand could have been bolstered with another doze of spiciness, whereas prawn soy sauce with its subtle flavors was a winner in the kids category.

Albeit the slowed down service later for refilling hot water in the pots of Chinese tea, Khuntai definitely captured our hearts. Mainly for its ambiance, food was tasty and price won't burn a hole in your wallet. Do I have to now mention the address? Forget it. Waze up and drive up unless you want to invite the owner for an Indian wedding, hoping he or she will give a big fat angpow.

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  1. You have been to so many interesting places!

  2. such a beautiful place
    keep in touch

  3. looks like road problems are there in every city....nice review..

  4. That's a really unique and nice restaurant. A must try.

  5. All this food made me salivate so bad.. For the price and the food they serve i think its not bad at all

  6. Hi Navneetham...u sure are having a great time out there....lovely recipe and yes they could have presented it well as well...enjoy!!!!!!

  7. Nice place,nice food and nice view

  8. I love the ambiance, nice place to have a weekend dinner.


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