Friday, March 17, 2017

Indian Fashion Trends For Ladies In Their 50's

I'm starting off with a question today. Not a brain cracking question though, but one to needle out your opinion on a close-knitted family wedding. Anything you like to say? Anything please, even if you feel like vomiting blood due to family ties. Okay. I agree. No money, no family. Okay so, I also agree we shouldn't fall for the social media crabby stuff that family is everything. Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. Still, the slyly hidden “catch twenty two” reality is that family do silently watch your money, your prestige, your Mercedes Benz and your A-rated bungalow. For the Indians, they must judge you for the gold you wear to weddings. Don’t believe me? Up to you. I doubt I want to either or neither nor waste my time convincing anyone. Nevertheless, I agree that a family wedding is a joyous occasion to knit back the broken-wounded family wings back to a big ball of yarn-yawn. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the bond will still remain twisted and tangled, other times it is more politically confused akin our Malaysian political landscape. Yet, we must set aside the hurting words to join forces in ushering a family wedding or any other family jubilant occasion (Saree Fashion Statement).

Okey-dokey, all you affectionate followers. Enough of nava-k rekindling family and country politics, at this juncture, we shall embrace the moment of truth on  looking presentable in our 50's (Sarong Fashion Statement) at the close-knitted family wedding. But please, stop trending behind Beyoncé. Our belly and deep down valley can't match hers. Then again, come to think of it ladies, if hormone of yours is still kicking hard, you can. I'm dead on that account. However, I won't mind encouraging you to trend alongside Susan Sarandon and Meryl Streep in aging gracefully, whereas I personally believe we should as well strive for our own in-trend good fashion style. Got it ladies? Pull-and-stop. 
Today, I’m going to share-show my style I trended for the two customary ceremonies and the wedding (Special Occasion Fashion Statement) by itself prior to any bride and bridegroom can officially make babies. These days however, couples prefer to shotgun-test-trial bed skills so that they can proudly show their kids to relatives at their wedding. Frankly, I don’t care who is potent or not. Not my problem. My priority is being there for family members, of course as a 52 year old stylish-classy lady. You still remember me kick-butting-heading to prepare for the wedding (Cyber Colors All-in-One Cleansing Water)? Yelp. Because shopping had already ripped apart my budget, no more shopping. Henceforth, I treasured out whatever I could from my closet and drawers. Not bad. I managed to dig-up two sarees, one Punjabi suit and some well-cared for costume jewelries.  

Mum given twenty-five year old yellow-green saree, also the more than 10 years sunflower clip and accessories completed me for the “Panda Kaal Murutham” (go, do some homework to read on this ceremony).

For the “Sisters Only” Nalangu Ceremony (blessing the bridegroom), my 15 years Punjabi suit and costume jewelry force-put a smiley on the ladies, but honestly, I was self-satisfied with "how do I look".
For the sister-in-laws “Nalangu”ceremony, the still good as ever 30 years saree and I can still fit-in saree blouse were dressed with silver accessories from my collection. Of course, saree and saree blouse were awed at, however, my in tandem handcrafted make-up and hairstyle didn't get noticed. Duh!!

Whereas for the grand wedding, thank you sis-in-law for the sponsored saree, thanks my friend for the discounted make-up and hair package, and the gold white stone studded costume jewelry set almost shed tears of joy because I gave them a new live after being kept in my drawer for at least three years.

So much of care and attention to detail dressing, yet I can’t say if the ladies who mostly opted for a modern tweeted Indian style actually admired nava-k. In fact, I was the only one who truly dressed traditionally. I knew it. Compliments from the older educated Indians ladies on the whole does not stream in easily. Education may have given them a stable or rock-shaking career, but it didn't train them on expressing admiration, let alone on being affectionate with their husbands. Moreover, envy is the Indian crab story, sorry, I'll include the men as well. Honestly, I was least bothered. I cared too hoots because I felt so rocking good about myself, above all, my other half praised “fashion with nava-k” (Special Occasion Fashion Statement). 
Before signing off, here's another wise crack from nava-k. Rising with style for any family occasion is about fashion packaging outfit, make-up, hair style, accessories, handbag and shoes (Smart Casual Stylish Look).  Remember, it may not necessarily mean spending, but cleverly pairing what you have while I won't deny we still have to buy some things. 


  1. The first one is my favourite. You look gorgeous in that traditional Indian dress.

  2. Oh my my Navneetham...looking gorgeous in that lovely saree...u carry it so well...could never get it around and if I managed to do it couldn't we confident walking around....
    and yes women esp are crazy about gold.....:)

  3. All so beautiful, Nava. Stunning sarees and I love the cholis and costume jewelry. Weddings are a great way to reconnect. Half the time we are caught in our own lives. Looking at your pictures I'm hoping that a family wedding will happen in our midst too. Btw, nice cholis too!

  4. Totally right what u say.. families n relatives r first ones to judge u in terms of money, what u wear etc.. I honestly feel one shud wear whatever they like irrespective of age.I know as an Indian it is hard bt then ppl criticize abt everything don't they?
    Saree look is the best on you.. very traditional and nice

  5. Gosh, I love to see you in sarees, Nava! So beautiful, my dear! xoxo

  6. I am a little confused. If the saree was sponsored how come you were the only one who dressed traditionally?

  7. I love your salwar, it is so pretty and well stitched.