Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Face Shop Gold Collagen Ampoule Two-Way Pact SPF30+++ 9.5g

Let me  begin on a different note today. Usually, you know me right? I start with my wise cracks, but today, I’ll refrain from opening my bee-busted big fat mouth. Instead, I’ll ask you a few questions. Please, please don’t panic. It’s gonna be simple basic questions. In return, I sincerely appreciate your honest opinion or answers, whichever. These questions are basically for ladies in my age group of fifties because, let me tell you that fifties is a whole new big fire ball which presumably will fry-up our beauty. Of course, the rest of you beauties are welcomed to join in our discussion, time now for the questions. How many of you actually use face powder? Any powder can be. Do you apply face powder daily, or at least for special occasions? Are you going like “what is wrong with nava k”? Is she out of her freaking mind? I am perfectly fine ladies. Wanna know what’s with the questions? 

Oh-dear-me, I know of women who don’t believe in powdering their face. For whatever reason only they know best, I on the other hand am quite a pro to face powder. Many types from many brands I have tried from when I was sweet eighteen, and I am still going strong with powdering (Shu Uemura Compact Powder & MAC Studio Perfect Compact/Foundation), whenever I go out, also, a must for special occasions like weddings. Remember the family wedding I’ve been harping over and over in the last few episodes of “beauty with nava-k”? That’s right beauties (Missha M Perfect BB Cream, Annie's Way Arubutin Brightening Jelly & Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick).

Shopping for beauty and make-up products didn't stop, in fact, honestly, products are also running really low in my beauty compartment. So, while I was in Sunway Pyramid, I walked into Face Shop, and then, the usual. Checking out their products, seeking opinion and thinking deeply how much I should spend, prior to finally, paying RM104.52 (15% discount) for The Face Shop Gold Collagen Ampoule Two-Way Pact SPF30+++ 9.5g 
Containing gold collagen ampoule which consists of gold to give skin radiance, collagen water to heighten skin elasticity, creating moisturized, luxurious skin just like getting a facial massage. Mixed with blur cover powder that scatters light for light coverage of fine lines, pores etc for fuller looking skin. Wrinkle blurring effect for smoother and soft texture like cashmere skin.
Packaged in a square rather flat cardboard box and filled in a silver casing, this two-way pact or cake is secured inside an outer case. Product information and ingredients are definitely listed on the box, whereas mirror and puff I think are the expected. I mean, expected from an above average Korean brand. For me, mind you, mirror and puff are the must. Otherwise, I won't buy. I don't believe in brushes and mirror is needed for touching up just in case I have to. 

To use, ahhh, you know it ladies. Yes. With the puff after swiping it on the pact prior to press-opening the flip latch on the case. To close the case, just close back. Okay? So far so good with latching, there's also a plastic cover between the puff and powder/pact. A plus point, obviously, to protect the powder. When I used this powder for the first time, I think I was over-generous. For a moment, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked like an opera singer, or maybe, close to the ladies who paint their face as white as a ghost, assuming they will shine prettiest among a real woman like me who prefer a subtle natural look on my olive skin tone. 

Anyway, once I mastered the art to this powder, I figured that I just need a light swipe to mirror an even tone instead of caking my complexion. I also gave a try to applying after wetting the puff. Both ways, whether with dry or wet puff, though I actually prefer wet, its a pow-wow. Lovely, smooth and demure polished finishing. Look at me. How do I look? Ahaha!!
Pact's slight scent does not bother me, then again, tell me, how many of us actually smell a powder each time we apply? Not me for sure. If by any chance the smell is getting to your nose boldly, it just say that you didn't make a wise purchase. Look, if smell is utmost important, you should then smell before buying. Basically. Now, I don't think we should waste our time on it's SPF coverage? SPF30+++. Enough. But, if you still insist on sunblock prior to powdering, go ahead. I won't argue (L'Occitane UV Shield SPF50 & MAC Lightful SPF30PA++ Moisturizer). Pact I vouch didn't break my sensitive-combination skin, I am shine free for the longest time and  The Face Shop Gold Collagen Ampoule Two-way Pact does beautify my 52 years skin. Nevertheless, I am still searching high and low for answers on its skin elasticity and anti-aging properties, Where? I don't know.  Maybe under my dressing table. Gotcha!

Until then,  take care ladies, and please, no more excuses to not powdering your face. Agreed? Yes please nava k.

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  1. A powder is a must if you are going out n what's the harm in wearing it, it makes you look polished and neat.I do use powder over moisturizer at times esp in summers as i can't stand any foundation or bb cream in the heat of Mumbai!!
    I think this one is not bad at all and looks amazing on you to be honest :)

  2. Good review and you look gorgeous as ever

  3. DRBOOMSHAKALAKALAKALAKAFebruary 17, 2017 at 1:58 AM


  4. That's a lovely pick! Have an awesome week, dear! xoxo

  5. Oh my God! are you 52 years old, I thought that you must be in your early forties. Do share your secret with us :)

  6. You look awesome... flawless beauty


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