Saturday, February 4, 2017

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42+++

Hi there all you beauties,
How's your beauty been fairing from last time I introduce to you a couple of products? Sincerely, if you want me to speak on your behalf, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely hope you have not neglected your pride and joy skin (L'Oreal Hydrafresh Night Mask-In Jelly). Before I introduce my beauty in regard to Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (No 31, Golden Beige), allow me to debunk our grandmothers theory that caring for our skin should be secondary compared to slogging for the happiness of our husbands and kids. Oh, dear me!  You know what I think? I seriously think we should ignore grandma’s theory but we must still shower her and our family with bundles of love. However, please don’t allow anyone to come in between your glowing beauty flame. Remember, no one have the right to stop you from caring for your beauty and no one should stop you from wearing make-up.   

Now ladies, particularly to the ladies in my age group of fifties, for today’s segment of “beauty with nava-k”, I am going share with you a little on BB Cream and a little more on Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream I bought from Sunway Pyramid (RM98.00) to game-in for the family wedding, as well as to find out if you and me should sash BB Cream in our beauty compartment. Deemed as a multi-purpose, in fact an all-purpose one-stop beauty product, BB Cream in my opinion is a close cousin of CC Cream (Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser). For your information, BB Cream is also a skin-care and make-up beauty throne. As for Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream, I think its just right we let the brand to speak for itself.  
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++(50ml)
BB Cream with outstanding coverage hides flaws for a perfect complexion
Wrinkle Care, Brightening, UVA & UVB Protection
Gorgeous, Radiant Skin - covers blemishes, leaves skin looking flawless
Dewy, Firm Skin - Gatuline RC, Hyaluronic Acids and Ceramide content moisturizes and improves elasticity
Soothing, Calming - Rosemary and Chamomile extracts soothe skin
Provide soothing effect

How to use

Pump out the desired amount (pea-sized), and smooth onto the skin using preferred method (fingers, sponge applicator, brush)
For first application only, prime product by pumping 10 to 20 times
Alright ladies, this is how I go about applying. After pumping enough of this creamy and thick cream on my palm, I dot it on my entire cleansed and prepped with moisturizer face (Olay Regenerist Moisturizer). Thereafter, simultaneously I gently spread and blend it with my fingers. Once I set it in with powder, walla! I am done (MAC Studio Compact). Should you be eager to find out whether this cream can be applied on your eye contour (TheBalm timeBalm Concealer) and/or your lips, sorry, I don’t have the answer. I won’t dare try anyway. But I can vouch this cream glides easily, melts nicely and does not irritate from the time you apply and remove it at the end of the day with a cleansing oil (Hada Lobo Cleansing Oil) or cleansing foam (Shu Uemura Foaming Cleansing Water).
Albeit its rich and thick texture, you will be surprise it is actually a lightweight cream which helps in covering uneven skin tone by providing a dewy and flawless complexion. Even then, I admit it does leave my face slightly oily after a few hours, but since I don’t break out and because of its good sun defense mechanism, I am fine. Really, I am.

When I used Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream for the first time for the bridegroom’s nalangu/blessing ceremony which kick started the family wedding fever (Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick & Annie's Way Jelly Mask), I don’t like to brag, but I was glad this cream imparted a natural glow on my skin. Of course, I knew I can't expect Indian ladies to compliment my beauty, instead, guess what? They actually were fixated with my plain simple sari, handed down by mum 20 years ago. Honestly, I don’t know what to say. I give up. Still, I've concluded that for Indian ladies who are 50 and above, sari will forever remain as the central attraction compared to a pleasant and presentable face. Never mind. Lets ditch them aside to get back on track with this BB Cream I have fallen in love with. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream is definitely a shining star, but don’t get your hopes high if you hoping it will improve elasticity, it will iron out wrinkles or it will brighten your skin. It didn’t for me, unless I use it daily at home to impress my chairs, tables, kitchen, indoor plants or my laptop.
Anyway, whether you opt for this BB Cream or another from another brand, a BB Cream I feel is worth the investment for special occasions or as a convenient product for women who are rushing to beat the daily morning crawl. Think about it ladies, till we meet again, please don't allow beauty to slip off your mind and hands. Okay bye. Take care.

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  1. Hahaha women r always jealous and will never compliment on ur looks i guess u know that better.. U looked pretty and so did ur saree.. about the BB cream not bad at all i wish companies stop adding parabens to products bt strangely most of them do to increase the longevity of the product...

  2. looking cute...never tried any bb cream

  3. I use a BB cream myself and love.. great post Nava.. and yes u look gorgeous :)

  4. Glad you have found out a BB cream that works on your skin.


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