Saturday, February 11, 2017

Little Cravings - 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

The death of my less than 2 weeks iphone 7 at iTunes angrily raptured my heart (Restoran Orkid Thai, ShahAlam). I returned home griping tight to the highest hope after lunching at Hong Kong Kim Gary, but so-very-sad, hopes were badly trashed. Albeit, honestly, I'm quite an alien to Apple’s technical specs, I braved my heart and my hands to update the Operating System. Bang! A big bang banged me once iPhone flung to heaven by leaving behind “Red iTunes Logo”. Damn frustrating. Can you imagine? You must imagine okay? So be it I accepted, then again, what else can I do please? Back to square one. Back to 1 Utama. But, oh-please. Oh-no. Forget it. Not on a Sunday. I can’t stand the weekend mall madness, also, when I found out that Apple will take at least 5 working days to operate my phone, I ditched it in my drawer and traveled with my “oh-ye-faithful” iphone 5 (iphone 7 & Fikcles Cafe Taman Tun). 

Returning home after 8 days, my first, foremost "mission possible"" was presenting and told to surrender my phone at Mac City. After 4 days, I got the call. Apple knew they gave a faulty phone. Nevertheless, seriously, don’t you think I should also be compensated for inconvenience, for mileage, for time, more importantly, for mental torture? By right, they should. You think I kept quiet? No, I didn’t. I didn’t ask for much. I inquired about the screen protector which went busted with my phone. Well, they smiled. Well, they said I should have stripped it down. Well, ya-ya-yo-yo, it’s entirely my fault. Whatever-lah, after collecting my new phone, while passing by Little Cravings on this working day at about 11.30am. I couldn’t help but wonder why is this tiny eatery packed with customers. I went like “why,why, tell me why please”.

So, I stood in front of the counter, being pushed aside by some ugly Malaysians who behaved as if it’s the “eat till you drop” buffet. Ah! Speak about the forever hungry Malaysians, I tightly held on to my patience, simultaneously, I looked hard at the wall menu and I rejoiced. Ohlalala! My kind of typical Malaysian food. One minute I wanted to order the Mee Siam Bungkus, the other minute I wanted to try the Nasi Lemak Bungkus, then the Curry Laksa, so on and so forth. Eventually, I settled for my all-time favourite Äsam Laksa and Black Glutinious Rice/Pulut Hitam Bubur/sweet porridge.   
Within 10 minutes of quickly parking at the nearest empty table, I enthusiastically ravished into the Assam Laksa. A brimming bowl of laksa noodles, totally and utterly soaked in a spicy, tangy and thick fishy broth, atop with calamansi lime, garnished with cucumber stripes, mint leaves, red onion and red chillies, awwww!! Super yummy pack. Delicious. Mouth-watering. 
Caught me by surprise, I really didn’t expect. Actually, come to think of it, this laksa can compete against the Ayer Hitam Assam Laksa. Take it from me please. I know how a fab assam laksa should taste. Little Cravings, you are there, but never know, the varieties of Assam Laksa I have already presented may technically knock down Cravings assam laksa. Okay, okay, Self praise is a disgrace. I can't help it. Its a sign of self-confidence, akin Little Cravings no ordinary Bubur Pulut Hitam. Gooey and thick, made without stinging on black glutinous rice, drenched atop real-deal coconut milk and with just so subtle sweetness. Joy to the world. It’s simplicity, yet simplicity in the top form. I was so-very-satisfied.
I should have also packed back some of their  kuih-muih/local delicacies which seem a popular pick-me-up. But I didn't because I wanted to return home soonest possible to check out whether my new iPhone 7 is gonna make me mad again. As for the kuih-muih, maybe next time. If I am at I Utama, oh-god, please, not because of my iPhone. Maybe if I don’t mind driving to this corner of the city from Shah Alam.

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  1. I love the local delicacies! What are those green rolls? Pancakes?

  2. I m so sad to know abt ur phone.. i had an iball phone prior to the moto one i have now i just wanted a battery they made me wait 2 weeks and when i got it they said my phones motherboard needs to be repaired which costed almost the price of the phone.. i think u must do a social media post/blog about yr experience so that they understand the poor service they gave and the faulty phone they sell...
    I think the place where u went served some decent food... by the pics they look super yummy

  3. Wow this is amazing too good ya. your photography coining is like as if you are the Picasso of the modern century and also it is truly atop. so sorry to hear about the problems with the red itunes logo. I truly really hate it when that happens but i think this is a common problem with the newest models oh iphones always witht he redlogo problems. Worse still with the busted screen protector. How dare they say its your fault what kandravi customer care is this you should not stand for this in the least slightest bit at all. We will all be with you in thoughts and pray that this doesnt happen to you ever again.Also you have amazing photoshop skills.

  4. I like kueh kueh too! Love to have some now....... xoxo

  5. Super big fan of desserts so wow, this is amazing for me.

  6. Oh no. My iPhone 5 also is dying on me. But I don't want a new phone. I like this one. :P

    This looks good. Yum!

  7. oh that's frustrating with the phone... =/ Luckily you still have your old phone. and yes they should pay for the time and petrol you wasted there and most importantly for your precious nerves. A day in the spa paid by apple would work, I would take that at least. =D
    I always learn something about Malaysian food from you. I wish I could try all these goodies and some of the names are exotic. I want Malaysian food now! =)

  8. Hope your phone gets back to normal state soon.


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