Monday, February 27, 2017

CYBER COLORS EX All-in-one Moisturizing Cleansing Water

Hi there all you adorable followers of “beauty with nava-k”.
Especially to ladies who have happily or unhappily leaped towards the 50's, yea-yea, I am with you as well. Right now, ladies, can you please make me happy by saying that you have been diligently caring for your beauty. Thank you so much. I know. I perfectly understand how difficult it can be to uphold our beauty. Then again, please bear in mind that when beauty gets tough, the tough beauty gets going. Agreed? I'm sure you do. Alright. Let us now reflect back on what we have previously discussed in “Safi Balqis WhiteTrilogy”. Reflecting back, mind you, is not to regret why we have neglected our skin, but to smash open the beauty puzzles as in to conquer beauty again. So ladies, today, I'm going to share with you on how else you can cleanse your face.  

Here we have this “Made in Japan”, Sasa’s house brand “Cyber Colors Ex all-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water 250ml”, which I picked-up while hoping I can put my thoughts across to the Indian ladies at the family wedding (The Face Shop Two Way Pact & Annie's Way Arbutin Jelly Mask) about beauty being at par to the hundreds of dollars saree. No doubt, a colorful ((Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick) glittering gold saree can shatter any mirror to pieces. but honestly, who knows, mirror may have shattered because it couldn’t stand the unkempt skin (TheBalm timebalm Concealer). I'm just saying. Hate me all you want. I don’t care.  
Anyway, here I was at Sasa Pyramid eyeing a cleansing oil. Really, I’m not over and done yet with cleansing oils (Hada Labo Cleansing Oil). But somehow, I ended up with this cyber colors ex all-in-1 moisturizing cleansing water (Bioderma Sensibio H20) though I didn’t trip fall high over heels with it. Just that I perceived it as a convenient product for simultaneously sweeping clean my face and my eye make-up.  
Cyber Colors EX All-in-one Moisturizing Cleansing Water (RM75.90)
Cyber Colors EX All-in-one Moisturizing Cleansing Water could remove gently all traces of makeup, dirts and impurities in just one single step without rinsing. In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extracts which helps to moisturize and lock in skin’s moisture during cleansing, leaving skin purified, smooth and fresh.
How to use
Apply a proper amount to cotton pad. Gently wipe over face. Repeat the application until all traces of makeup is removed. Needs no rinsing.

Hyaluronic acid: potent moisturizing agents locking moisture in skin.
Aloe Vera Extracts: moisturizes skin and soothes irritation

Suitable for
All skin type
Cyber Colors EX All-in-one Moisturizing Cleansing Water is an absolute cleanser for those who badly want to keep their water bill low. Hehehe!! Just kidding. Basically, to use without any touch of water. I on the hand, perhaps due to force of habit, I prefer to pump this crystal clear, watery and light weight water on my hand prior to lightly massaging it all over my face. Cotton bud I vouch is still needed for thorough eye make-up removal, then I splash lotsa of water to wash and to powerfully punch wake my skin. Surprisingly, believe me, Colors EX All-in-one Moisturizing Cleansing Water does a good job of cleansing and removing eye make-up, it didn’t fight to leave me smooth and clear, neither did it bite me like my so called sincere friends who bite my back to leave painful hidden dark marks. Additionally, it didn’t fire Kim Jon Un’s ballistic missiles to strip away my natural oils.  

However ladies, sorry to say, I sincerely can’t agree on its moisturizing and purifying properties. I still can’t after using it for approximately two months, once a day, on my sensitive-combination and somewhat hydrated skin. Also, a tiny bit is not sufficient for my entire face. Therefore, I doubt it will take me through for more than 4 months, and for those who hide their true selves under heavy duty make-up, well, you guess is as good as mine. Having said that, Cyber Colors EX All-in-one Moisturizing Cleansing Water (Shu Uemura Foaming Water & Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water) is a decent product for removing dirt, sweat and any pollutants which will constantly crawl on our skin. 
Take care ladies. We will meet again. Bye for now.
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  1. So sorry it didn't meet your expectation, Nava! Gotta admit not easy to find a good one. xoxo

  2. This one reminds me of the micellar water and is decent judging by ur review.. to be honest i only started caring abt my skin more after I got into blogging.. I wish I started earlier though at that time I never had the knowledge nor the time for it

  3. It works as a decent makeup remover I guess.

  4. This looks like Super wipe it off clean product. Looking fresh and flawless Nava. Like your untiring spirit. Stay like this forever.