Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence

Okay. So, we’ve already lengthily discussed on sparkling, nourishing and possibly kicking-back-and-away dark circles and fine lines you should know from where. Are you now asking me from where? Stop-it please. Stop playing devil's advocate for the sake of testing my common sense. Common sense I know is not common anymore on social media, I'm still fine on that account. Lemme be clear here. Even if you are telling me you are least bothered about keeping eyes wide alert in your 50’s or my 50’s, or you are shy to admit you have not showered eyes with TLC (tender loving care) for the longest time, I still won’t give up on you. I’ll still patiently advice everyone. Giving up is so easy right? I know. But remember, never ever give up on your eyes. Never because eyes are the visionary vision to our broad spectrum and mind you, people do visualize us through their eyes to ours (Lóreal Revitalift Eye Cream).

Are we now crystal clear on the agenda for the day? Yes please. For our eyes only please. Thank you. A gentle reminder before we enthusiastically bulldoze towards our eyes. Please do not rock the 50’s beauty boat we have been smoothly sailing so far (Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Essential Moisturiser & Suisse Programme Eye Mask). I know. I’m aware that the rough and tough 50’s sea waves presumably can rock to hit-splash our eyes badly. What do you expect? Obviously, we are not sweet-young-things anymore. Five decades have passed by, still, I hope you will remain calm by constantly holding tight to my nava-k’s hands (Botaneco Body Wash & Body Shop Argan Oil Butter), and right now everyone, I am going to introduce this Bio-Essence (Bio Essence Bio Water Jelly Make Up Remover) 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence. Available for RM84.60 at Guardian.
I of course have tested-tried it, two months already. I bought since I was keen to find out if old is still gold, if gold is still old or better for gold to be integrated in such an eye essence instead of being snatched by gun provoking and marijuana/ganja high Malaysian Indians. Pathetic, isn’t it? I mean losing gold to our own kind? Indeed. My problem on the other hand is not at all about short-gun, long-gun or stone-drunk blood shot eyes. Ever bugging is the ever problematic under eyes ruining my beauty monstrous dark circles. Dark circles have always been screaming, more so for the last 8 years once my eggs died naturally. Tick-tock-tick-tock, biological clock stopped. Therefore, what else is new except hoping to banish dark cirlces to never-never land, also away from Nava Land by fortifying this 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence.    

Bio-Essence 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence  
24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence is uniquely formulated of Bio-Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid, and Bio Rice Fermentation Essence to constantly restore smoothness, firmness and brightness to your eyes. 24K Bio Gold and Bio-Platinum provide 2x anti-oxidant power to fight free radicals and combat signs of aging, leading to younger looking eyes. Light-weight texture

Firms & lifts droopy upper eyes with Bio-Platinum Eye Essence:
Nano Bio Platinum has high-oxidant power, it is rapidly absorbed by skin to help slow down skin ageing.
Improves skin elasticity to help prevent droopy eyes
Helps to firm skin for a lifted eye contour, leading to bigger, brighter eyes.
Moisturizes and smoothes upper eye area, it also acts as a makeup base to help eye makeup glide on more easily.
Helps to reduce eye bags & dark eye circles on lower eyes.
Helps reduce appearance of puffy eye bags and lightens dark circles 
Defies wrinkles, fine lines and crow's feet
With anti-oxidant power, 24k Bio-Gold boosts skin renewal for radiant-looking eyes
Moisturizes and brightens dull eye contours

Direction of Use
Use twice daily, in the morning and in the night

Step 1
 Bio-Platinum Eye Essence (Upper Eyes)
Apply evenly on upper eyes using ring finger. Massage gently until completely absorbed.

Step 2
24K Bio-Gold Eye Essence (Lower Eyes)
Apply evenly on lower eyes using ring finger and massage gently in an outward and upward  motion until completely absorbed. 

A host of benefits promised by the brand and coming with it adequate product information, ingredients and how to apply. I'm just curious about one thing before delivering my verdict. Just wondering what’s with gold (The Face Shop Gold Collagen Two Way Pact) and platinum in skin care and beauty care products? If you are asking me, I sincerely gave the benefit of the doubt to Bio-Essence, I suppose we should for the good faith of bio-platinum and bio-gold in this eye essence. As for the packaging, it's a shimmering beauty box. Impressive! But I can’t speak on the spatula I've accidentally thrown way.
No point regretting, by the way, I have always been comfortable with fingering. Oppsie! Slip of the tongue is not the fault of nava-k. I mean clean fingers will ever do the job of applying anything on and under the eyes. No qualms too for this colorless thick essence which absorbs easily and quickly. Scent is quite nice, however, scooping the two portions from the compartments in a stronghold plastic jar with a transparent plastic lid and gold twist-able cover is a struggle, I either scoop none or I scoop more than enough. What do you think? You think I should sharpen my middle finger with a kitchen whetstone prior to scooping? You know what I think? No marks for finger friendliness. 
Moreover, I can’t clearly read from atop the transparent plastic lid which portion is for under or above eyes, unless I take a minute or two to clearly see or take a deep look into the portions to notice the platinum flakes and gold flakes. Sigh! I’m losing it. My patience! Not something I’m looking forward with any other eye essence/cream, I'm also not in favour of applying two different portions which eats up on my time. Having said that, Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence indeed is a light moisturiser for hydrating and nourishing. It feels cool and refreshing upon application, it doesn’t ruin my concealer, it sits well for the longest time and perhaps it did slightly lighten my dark circles. Pretty much the same benefits as in other essences. That’s about all for the blessings from Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence. So, you might as well forget about lifting droopiness and I doubt dark circles, fine lines and baggy bags will leave you alone. Additionally, I am puzzled how can this essence lead to “big eyes” though big eyes does ring the bell. Remember the movie "Big Eyes"? Shall we ask Amy Adams or perhaps fly to Korea for an instant quick fix?   
I’m done ladies. Before we say bye, please promise me you will continue to care for your eyes no matter how busy you are. Love you all to the moon and back.

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  1. Looks like a good one. I agree, caring for eyes is a must.

  2. I've tried couple of Bio Essence products & they're value-for-money. xoxo

  3. looks like a really good product.. i use a cream from Loreal for my eyes.. btw loooove ur nose ring:)

  4. Based on ur review I think it is a decent option to try out and really thanks fr reminding me to take care of my under eyes m so lazy bt i can see some fine lines now.. better start getting serious abt my eye cream routine..


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