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TheBalm - timeBalm Concealer

Looking back to then, I realize that the one and only concealer I have journeyed so far is Bobby Brown Creamy Eye Concealer. That too been awhile albeit I have tried not many, but a handful of concealers, mainly for masking my dark circles. Regarded as an essential under eye fixer for women in my age group of 50s, please ladies, try to invest in a concealer because we don’t want the challenging 50 and more years we have gone through in marriage, or marriages, whichever is applicable, career, raising kids and managing the home, as I like to put it, holding the fort together, to reflect on our eye area. Of course, no doubt, we must be proud of our achievements, which presumably didn’t fall from the sky, yet, let me gently remind you again. Please don't allow the monstrous dark circles (Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Eye Mask) massively wrack your beauty.  

Picking up a concealer is not a brain cracking thing either. Trust me though obviously, more than anything else, it is money over brains, but you don’t have to necessarily blow your budget. How about this timebalm the Balm from Sasa store for RM69.00? Just a suggesting because it is affordable, at least for me, it is a safe bet for brown/olive skinned ladies and it does a good job of providing natural coverage for hiding dark circles effortlessly. Really, I really mean effortlessly. So, stop reading and listening to the so called wise crack beauties who will confused you by saying that you must do this, you must do that to apply concealer. In that regard, prior to clearing my point on effortlessness, come, let's get to know Timebalm the Balm.     
Timebalm the Balm is a unique, anti-wrinkle concealer, infused with Vitamins A, C, E and Panthenol, to keep your face looking fresh and flawless at daytime, nighttime, and even bedtime. Available in 9 shades, this ultra-smooth concealer works around the clock - to reduce the look of fine lines, dark circles, puffiness, sunspots, redness, and then some.
As you can see, the packaging is just so simple. A transparent plastic pot with a sponge between the screwable lid, I really can't figure out what the sponge is for. Perhaps for hygiene purpose or for applying this fragrance free, waxy, smooth and soft concealer, for me, my finger is the tool. Any finger. Does not matter. What is important is how you apply. Gently swirl your finger on the concealer to pick up a tiny bit, dab while lightly patting and blending it over your dark circles to cover the inner corners of the eye next to nose as well. Yes, include the corners which tend to be dark, blend again if you feel you should. Thereafter, set it with powder and continue with powdering your face (MAC Studio Perfect Compact & Shu Uemura Glowing Compact)  
Timebalm the Balm evidently doesn’t crease, neither budge and its pigmented formula tend to last all day long. However, I can’t speak about its anti-aging benefits because I don’t use it daily. Only when I go out or better said as for occasions. I can’t also comment if the packaging is sturdy since it has yet slipped off from my hands or crushed in between the rest of my skin care products packed in my travelling luggage. That theory of applying for bedtime sounds really silly, one which I don't believe in. For me, bedtime beauty regime is eye cream (L'occitane Eye Care & Mask Duo Brightening Correctionand night cream (Shu Uemura Tsuya Youthful Radiance Generator Essence). 
Having said that, this cost effective concealer does provide a reliable medium coverage for a natural fresh look I desire instead of looking fake/overly dolled up. Although there are of course other cheaper concealers compared to Timebalm the Balm, for the time being, I am happy with it.
Take care ladies. Hail to our fifties, forget me not, hop over to "beauty with nava-k" and stay tune for other beauty reviews I have lined up for you.

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  1. Great post. You have a wonderful skin and you take good care .

  2. Another perfect review! And I always love seeing your photos!!

  3. I need to use a corrector if i am out fr an event or party as just plain one does not work for me.. cheap or expensive ? Well I would say even if it expensive and does what it shud like hiding the dark circles then why not go for it - its a personal choice.This one is decent based on ur review.. Nicely reviewed

  4. Fabulous review! Have a great week, dear! xoxo

  5. This is an awesome review Nava. And the last two close up shots of your face says it all. This is a must buy for people with dark circles. Truly, one cannot guess if a person has applied. Blends so well.

  6. At times budget products does a good job than premium products.


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