Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Eye Mask

I wish. I sincerely wish I can keep it simple for my weekly beauty routine. Simple in the sense that I don’t have to invest in “above my budget” eye masks to treat my under eye dark circles. But as I have said before, if not all, some affordable ones (Skinlite Cooling Cucumber Pads & Body Reviver Duo) don’t do much justice. Obviously, because I am not a sweet young thing anymore, as much I like to, I can't stop the aging process and more importantly, I am among the many who struggle with sleeping and coming with it stress. Not making it any easier is the hours in front of the laptop which definitely has taken a toll on my appearance. However, all is not the end of the road. Caring for my overall beauty is still a priority. Point blank said, I want to look good for my age. 

Therefore, apart from my daily beauty care, a home facial notably once a week is a must. Scrubbing (Safi Rania Gold Scrub) and masking (Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask), the biggest challenge naturally is dark circles (L'occitane Eye Care & Mask Duo Brightening Correction). A magic wand for totally banishing the dark patches around my deep set eyes certainly is a magical wishful thought, but we all know it's impossible. Sigh! So, eye mask is our rescue. Previously tried La Colline Cellular Eye Mask and Hylexin Dark Circles Eye Cream did do a pretty good job, but you know, I like to keep my options open. Like they say, you never try, you never know, this time I bought Suisse Programme Revitalizing Eye Mask at Sasa Sunway Pyramid. Another pricey product, touted as a best seller, I didn’t mind paying RM346.00 since I have been saving for a quality mask to at least lighten my "darkness is the darkest" eye circles so that I can walk tall among the ladies in my age group of fifties at the coming soon family wedding. Aha! Here we go ladies!     

Product Desription
Size : 30 ml
Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Eye Mask preserves the youthful beauty of the eyes. Thanks to the combination of bio-molecules and plant extracts, it helps and stimulates cellular respiration and skin regeneration. It firms the eyelids, reduces signs of fatigue and attenuates lines and wrinkle around the eyes.
How to use
Twice a week. Apply eye mask all over the eye zone, avoiding contact with eyes. Massage lightly and leave for 15 minutes. Tissue off or remove with lukewarm water or tonic on a cotton pad.

Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Eye Mask comes in a hardly small white jar with a twistable silver cover. Simple yet classy alright jar, packaged in a somewhat simmering cardboard box I am equally fond of, and ladies, I suggest you take your time to read all the information listed on the box before really being sure that this white, super creamy and rich mask is worth the investment. There is also a pamphlet inside the box for ladies who only read and speak their own mouth tongue, But all of us don't get a spatula, So, let your clean finger, whichever you are comfortable with, let me repeat again, clean finger do the job of taking, dotting and gently circling this mask around and to the inner corner of the eyes.  

Remember also not to stretch the delicate skin when applying to prevent neither to aggravate the existing under eye fine lines, this non-heavy mask does not irritate, does not migrate into the eyes and will not cause any uncomfortable feeling. However, because of its thick consistency powerhouse formula, you got to work it out to remove it. As I have figured out, best will be to wet your fingers with warm water, gently circle as well as massage the mask within the eye area, then thoroughly removed with a cotton pad, also dipped in warm water.
What I normally do is I also apply a face mask (Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub & Activa Double Action Mask) during such a "work in progress" weekly facial. That way, I simultaneously treat my face and eye area. Now, this may sound crazy and I am not sure if I should recommend. I sometimes apply this eye mask twice. Meaning, apply, remove and apply again while another face mask too goes on. Call it double treatment at one go, it's done to avoid looking like a raccoon in instances I badly want to break the boundaries of the dark patches. Having said that, once is really good enough. Dark circles may not vanish in thin air, but you will appreciate the vast improvement and results. 
Since a tiny bit is ample enough, this mask assured as a beauty keeper in my beauty department can take you through for a year or even more if used weekly. Approved and rated without a doubt as a quality mask, for those of you who can afford, Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Eye Mask be it. Otherwise, please share your comments if you have tried any other valuable mask because no matter what, dark circles will closely trend under our eyes once or even before we hit the big 5.    
Until then, take care ladies. I'll catch up with you with another "beauty with nava-k". 

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    very useful review...

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