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Hong Kong Kim Gary - I Utama, Petaling Jaya

In case if you have been wondering what's my latest social status of my Iphone 7let me tell you that it’s been hell. Yesssss, grrrr!! Literally hell. As it is, IPhone 7 kept rebooting (Restoran Orkid Thai), by the 5th day, our love for each grew apart because phone shuts down randomly and wouldn't wake up until I force. Obviously, I should be fuming right? I must. Anyway, that is that, I then consulted my so-called iPhone specialist friends, yet, eventually, all roads basically arrowed, arrow yea, to iPhone service centers. Pretty much a sensible advice, instead of heading to Machine Mid Valley where I knew my patience will be massively tested to await in the long line, I drove to Mac City 1 Utama. Honestly, wasn’t a joy ride, all the way from Shah Alam via the crazy Saturday late morning jam. Later, the common craziness we all go through, parking before anyone quickly intercepted and walking between the uncontrollable spoiled brag kids who think it’s so hilarious to run up and down wildly at the glory of their parents.

Whatever, despite never been to this side of I Utama, I managed to locate Mac City while limping. Well, because of the rush, I had accidentally slipped a higher platform slipper on one foot, whereas the other was my worn-out home slipper. Joke right? Go ahead and laugh. Meanwhile, after waiting for 10 minutes at the third floor Mac City, I was called to the counter. Albeit being anxious, I calmly laid down my Iphone matter. They in return took it easy and advised me to update the operating system via iTunes. That's it. I believed though I wasn’t convinced, thereafter out of hunger and anger, between the mostly crowded eateries, I opted for US Jim Carrey. Oppsie! Just kidding, Its Hong Kong Kim Gary. I sat far outside, away from the other customers in this pleasant ambiance before the menu flew by. 

Instead of taking my own sweet time on what to order, I quickly opted for Pork Burger and Chilled Mango Sago between their Chinese Western Fusion selection. Now, even before I was done with taking pictures, the dishes were on my table. Pork Burger assembled alongside salad leaf, cheese and a dollop of mayonnaise, teamed with fries, indeed, a wholesome hearty portion, worth paying  RM9.50.  
Hunger filled up soon as I hungrily nibbled the fries dipped in chilli sauce and tarter sauce I think, next was the grilled bun tucked with fried pork. Sincerely, wasn't anything sensational, still, I won't complain. Its a decent meal. I ate half the portion, then I spooned into the Mango Sago (RM6.30). Not overly sweet as per my liking, fresh mango alright, sago was translucent but I didn't quite fancy the assumed as canned coconut milk in this dessert.
Nevertheless. this meal did fuel enough energy, I settled the bill at the counter, thank god, I escaped free from the late afternoon crawl and returned home feeling very hopeful that iPhone 7 will be up and about once I update its OS.
Don't forget to trend alongside "food venture with nava-k" on every other social media please!! 
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  1. You make all of us drool right away Nava :) Such a lovely place..

  2. I wish I was holding that bowl of mango sago dessert! YUM!

  3. I have never used an Iphone and I assumed that all phones must be excellent. What a shame!
    The menu looks good and I like the assortment of drinks. The sago/coconut milk reminded me of dessert that I had ordered in a lovely restaurant in Shanghai. The cold stuff that came from a tin was such a disappointment. Particularly when everything else in that restaurant was excellent. What a let down!

  4. Hope your iphone gets back to normal soon. I can imagine how furious i would turn when my phone turns away. Sad part is we being so much glued to mobile some way or other. No other go. I think you enjoyed all those yummy dishes. Mango sago is tempting so is pork burger with all those crisp fries

  5. These new phones give u a heart attack if they start acting up n i remember u recently buying it so I understand your problem.. Glad it has bn sorted now.. i think the place u visited to satisfy ur hunger was good.. food looked delicious.. hv a great weekend

  6. Oh, I've tried this restaurant in SG some years bad. Prices are pretty reasonable ^_^


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