Friday, December 30, 2016

Restoran Orkid Thai - Section 9, Shah Alam

By the third day, Iphone 7 started showing its dark side. Really a terrifying-horrible shocking discovery, it kept rebooting every now and then for no apparent reason. Obviously, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Duh! Its a brand new phone I paid from  my savings (Da De Bak Kut Teh Subang Jaya), never ever have I encountered such a problem with my previous faithfully yours 6 year old Iphone 5. Absolutely heart wracking, I really couldn’t find the time (Karaikudi Chicken Curry & Fikcles Cafe Taman Tun) to rush to the service centre amidst the busyness of getting ready for the family wedding and another travel venture (Oats Fried Prawns). Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping it’s just a minor teething problem, I went ahead with shopping nearby Plaza Shah Alam and Plaza Masalam. Accompanied by my niece, we bought a couple of things and then of course, naturally, shopping is more or less regarded as synonymous with hunger throne.  

Highly recommended as her favorite Thai cuisine haunt, we walked into the literally empty Restoran Orkid Thai at about 7.30pm. Situated across the shopping mall and in between the row of shop-lots, its ambiance is just like that as you can see. Ordinary dining area. Simple. Yet, the colorful umbrellas gave a nice touch to the downstairs dining area where we sat across the various types of seafood swimming in the tanks. These I was told can be bought back, also for the dishes you decide upon from their tattered menu.

Between their wide array of dishes (Tom Yam Steamed Fish, Thai Laksa & Spicy Thai Eggplant) I was gamed for the Crab Soup (Spaghetti Tom Yam Soup & Tom Yam Soup Vegetarian), Chicken Thai Fried Rice (Tom Yam Fried Rice), Nyonya Fish (Keluak Nyonya Fish Curry) and Tab Tim Krob (Mango Sticky Rice) for after meal sweet pleasure. These items came cruising soon, we started off with fried rice. Fluffy grainy rice cooked with green peas and a couple of the quintessential Thai ingredients which I couldn’t really figure out, this rice dish alongside shredded young mango, thin strips of fried egg and minced fried chicken was not too bad. Tasty but I must say it lacked the customary Thai bold spiciness.
The thick crab soup on the other hand fared a whole lot better. In fact, a divine delicious soup elevated after dashing in some soy sauce, we truly devoured every slurp of it. 
Up next was the favorable Nyonya fish. Showcasing the sumptuousness of a gravy paste made with a mixture of Malaysian/Asian herbs, atop the crispy fried fish, it filled us up as we tucked in with the fried rice. Nonetheless, I couldn't comprehend why such a Nyonya dish didn't explored with at least tad bit of spiciness. Question mark yea!
Anyway, that aside, we tried our level best to polish off both the dishes and then, spooned into the forever loved Thai dessert. Red rubies and corn generously drenched in coconut milk, sugar and shaved ice. 

Restoran Orkid I gathered has built its reputation as a halal dining spot primarily for Muslim customers. For me, I won't consider it as one of the best among the rest of the Thai restaurants I have tried before (Moom Sabai Klang, Salasabaii Cheras & Thai Thai Sunway Pyramid), yet their unique selling proposition is definitely the freshest catch.   

Restoran Orkid Thai Shah Alam
No 17, 17A, 15A, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah
F9/F, Section 9
Shah Alam
Tel: 03-58910163

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  1. It looks like a very delicious meal, Nava.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Looks like a delicious meal...Loved the rice and soup ..Happy New Year dear

  3. Always enjoy eating fresh seafood like these! Happy 2017, babe! xoxo

  4. This place is a paradise for sea food lovers.. dishes r super yummy

  5. Price looks reasonable but pity your Iphone.

  6. Hope your iphone has overcome its issues.
    All those seafood dishes are mouth watering dishes. Iam all over it drooling


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