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Taiwan PSK Make Up Glitter Gloss Shining Lipstick with LED and Mirror

Forever classic, forever in style and forever iconic, red lipstick undoubtedly is the epitome of beauty. A must have in every woman’s beauty arsenal, red lipstick I vouch will instantly perk up and brighten your skin tone. Believe me, just a red shade will work magically to not only enliven your complexion but also to boost your self-confidence.Yes ladies, trust me. Red on your lips indeed does wonders to your bare skin, it complements your features and when paired with just a stroke of dark eye liner, you are on the go.    

Red lipstick is definitely my beauty staple. One which I won't hesitate reaching out to for special occasions, specifically to strike a striking kill. But you don’t have be like me. Nope because red lipstick can be worn at anytime. Whether to work, for a leisurely outing or selfing, go ahead and shade your lips reds for your own "wow" feel good factor. Me being a big fan of red lipsticks, obviously I have tried numerous red shades throughout the many years. Therefore, I am aware that warmer red shades with a base of yellow, orange, coral or pink are unsuitable for my dry-big lips and my olive skin tone. It has to be deep reds like maroon, berry based red or pure glossy red. So, logically, between the three shades (#01 Red, #02 Orange and #03 Pink) of Taiwan PSK Make Up Glitter Gloss Shining Lipstick, redeemed at BFFsays/Navakris, how can I say possibly say no to red!!. Right now at this juncture, let us hear it from the  brand and then, of course, I shall share my honest opinion. 

Taiwan PSK Make Up Glitter Gloss Shining Lipstick
Key Features
Specialization –
Bring wonderful shine to your lips
Contain hydrating formula
Built-in mirror and LED light

Feature -
Glitter Lip Gloss with special convenient design with unique LED light inside.
A little mirror enables you to put on make-up anywhere and anytime.
Natural rice bud essence.
Hydrating formula that makes your lips feels light and comfortable.
Give best possible shine to your lips.

To use -
Apply PSK long lasting lip gloss evenly onto the area within the lip contour.

Tips and precautions –
Keep the container closed when not in use.
Stop using the product if there is any allergic reaction.
I could not love this shining gloss/lipstick more. Honestly, everything is just superb. Packaged in a transparent sturdy plastic tube with a square bottom and a silver lid, I vouch the packaging is absolutely attractive. Furthermore, once you twist the lid, the LED light lights up to guide you through the application of this thick and simmering gloss/lipstick.
Gliding like like a dream to shine your lips and making application impossible to mess up, its soft sponge does a good job in picking up the rather pigmented, smooth consistency and non-bothersome mild fragrance lippie. With just a single application, it sinks into your lips right away to set it right for the color to stay put for at least let’s say 4 to 5 hours. As a lip gloss/lipstick, the color payoff is worth raving, but akin other hydrating lip glosses and lip sticks, it will wear off after a meal or even a quick bite. To reapply, "mirror mirror on the tube". it is.
While PSK glitter is beautiful to wear alone, you sure can dab-a-dab tadbit over your your lipstick for the bold, sexy and fearless look. Yes, unquestionably, you can ladies. I however prefer this non-sticky and non-heavy textured gloss just like that to keep my lips moisturized, glossy and shiny. Additionally, putting it on is one of the quickest and easiest ways to not only hide my dark lips but to pull my look together at once. 
Extremely pleased with this comfortable glitter gloss/lipstick, I am treasuring it as a well-loved product to line and fill up my full luscious lips.   

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  1. I adore lipgloss with LED light & it makes application so easy. You look stunning, my dear! xoxo

  2. lovely review dear,love glossy lipstick

  3. those lights , so cool :)
    Keep in touch

  4. Lovely shade!Looks good on you.

  5. never used lipstick ...but your pic and review forcing me to buy this :P

  6. Love this lipstick...!This is so nice for you :)

  7. I had this type of gloss with a light.. so fancy.. I like the packaging and the color looks great on you.. pretty pic

  8. Looks like a very pretty glittery shade.


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