Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Moom Sabai Restaurant - Taman Bayu Perdana (Klang)

Indian food again for dinner (A MuthuHouse of Briyani)? Nooo! Of course not. Impossible (more at Hua Xing Restaurant). Thai food at the close by Moon Sabai Restaurant, also, a familiar ground for my friend we agreed should be the take. Absolutely (Thai Thai Sunway), anytime for the truly loved quintessential Thai flavours (Thai Green Crab Curry & Thai Laksa),  thankfully the route to Moom Sabai was not through the massive jam across the shop lots on this Friday late evening. But, quite frustrating it was driving via the inner roads haphazardly double parked almost all the way from the apartments behind. Anyway, instead of the typical Malaysian mentality of double parking albeit availability of parking further up, we somehow carefully maneuvered to the nearest parking spot. 

Walking into this single end lot, slightly dimmed and stylish restaurant yet a cramped up dining area, we sat at the first empty table just beside the entrance door after the warm greetings of "Sawadika". The menu came at once but we took at least five minutes to decide between the whole list of mouthwatering dishes clearly explained and illustrated with beautiful pictures. Indeed, plenty of choices (Thai Massaman CurryThai Eggplant, Thai Mango Fish & Thai Fried Chicken) even for drinks, desserts (Tam Tim Krob) and alcohol, eventually we ordered after considering the suggestion from the Pakistani waiter. 

Came cruising within the next couple of minutes was Tomyam seafood (Tom Yam Steamed Fish) in a traditional clay pot with a small flame underneath. Bubbling hot, this fiery and vibrant soup with its combination of vegetables, seafood and Thai herbs exploded at the first mouthful. Bang! Instantly woke up our five senses. Game on. We sincerely appreciated the big bold and rather spicy Thai flavours regardless of tears of joy and firework sparks in our mouth.    
Next we tackled the Pineapple Fried Rice filled in a pineapple skin boat and fried up with pineapple, chilies, Thai herbs and chicken. Unfortunately fried rice was a letdown. Tasteless and rather bland, what a waste to its appetizing beautiful presentation. Honestly, we felt as if we were eating plain rice. The possibilities could be lack of salt or the prerequisite Thai seasonings.  
We then forked into the Thai salad consisting of raw, crunchy, thinly sliced green mango and cucumber, long beans, chillies and peanuts, tossed in lime juice and supposedly sugar. Nice and tasty for the sour tinge, but the "burn-in-hell" spiciness was too much even for me. So, can you imagine how my friend would have reacted? I think her tongue almost fell apart. Sad case to this Thai salad (Thai Papaya Salad) that totally went to waste.  
Quickly sipping the refreshing and homemade Herbal Ginger Lemongrass and hot Pandan/Screwpine, for dessert, always and forever is the customary Mango Sticky Rice. Later, we also included the Coconut Ice Cream, highly recommended as a must try by the same waiter. Mango Sticky Rice I am sure we all know is a sheer pleasure, therefore, we immediately devoured into every bit of the steamed glutinous rice drenched with sugar flavoured coconut milk and teamed with fresh mangoes.  

However, the insights to the creamy and melt-in-the-mouth ice cream didn't melt our hearts. Nope. So faint the coconut taste, we still ate up and settled the bill for RM81.40, inclusive of 50 cents each for hot water and cold water.
On another note, I just noticed they didn't charge for the ice cream. I am unsure why, maybe complimentary or forgotten, but really, our mistake as well. Like other diners who take it for granted, we only glimpse at the amount instead of checking the listed items. Sadly we didn't. Packing back the balance of the tomyam seafood, we didn't regret dining at Moon Sabai - more than enough choices of food and drinks, attentive customer service and a pleasant ambiance. Yet, slightly on a pricey side and not all the dishes we had can be saluted upon.

Moom Sabai Restaurant
270, Persiaran Pegaga
Taman Bayu Perdana
42000 Pelabuhan Klang
Tel: 017-7631719
11am - 10.30pm


  1. everything look super yum
    keep in touch

  2. looks like a great place to dine.. Those moth watering dishes in the pic <3


  3. The presentation of the pineapple rice is so pretty, dear! xoxo

  4. Lovely foods! I love that pineapple rice!

  5. Bold flavours and beautiful presentation of food! I'd have enjoyed such a dinner too!!

  6. AH....must be the chef forgot to add salt.

    Alamak...they added habanero cili into the salad ka? It's ashame that it went to waste

  7. The place sounds good so did the food bt spicy food is not fr me and rightly put one shud check the entries in the bill bef paying.

  8. Great write up....!!! and OMG I'm drooling over your pics.... :)

  9. WoW...!! great write up and tempting food pics....!!!

  10. Thai pineapple rice looks yummy, I love the way they have presented it.

  11. Photo frames arranged in such a way that they captivated me in the very first shot. The mud pots and the dishes making me drool.All dishes are patiently plated. Wonderful way to attract any foodie


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