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Iphone 7 - Its the latest!!

Can you imagine how I would have felt waking up to an almost malfunctioning hand-phone? Scary oh-boy! My heart started beating fast and I was literally in tears because without a hand-phone, I think life will fall apart. Even though I am not at all a hard-core social media addict, a phone is essentially a must to check my mails and to receive and make calls as well. We do have a house phone, but supposedly a hand-phone is definitely a matter of convenience anywhere in the house and also primarily for emergency purposes when I am out.

Hence, waking up to a 6 year old “iphone 5s” that presumably is dying a slow death shattered my day. I knew something is wrong with its touchscreen. Obviously going soon, I then  had to decide between getting it repaired or perhaps upgrade my social status with iphone7. My other half on the hand who have been insisting I should have changed my phone two years ago repeated the same thing over and over again. Hearing him out one final time, eventually, after carefully considering my savings, I thought I might as well get a new phone at Blue Cube Sunway. Checking out its price and monthly package offered by my service provider I have been faithfully loyal for 22 years, I was hoping for trading in. When told it’s impossible (remember, my phone is out of order?), I was still adamant about getting it repaired first. So, off to Machines Sunway and then to Machines Mid-Valley where repair is done besides at KLCC, one week to repair at RM400.00 or two weeks for the same new (yes new) phone at RM500.00 didn’t lure me.
 (Iphone 5s)

I then returned back to Bluecube and bought iphone 7(256GB) instead of opting for iphone 7plus which was not in stock. Furthermore, a spilling-over waiting list, anyway, for me, big is not necessary better yea. A small phone is preferred instead of a bigger one which can possibly fall off or can attract the “Kabalis/Indian Street Notorious Guys”. Long gone also carrying handbag for the same fear of being robbed, I paid RM2690.30 (GST 152.28), I opted for the RM150.00 monthly package and another RM300.00 for a cover and protective shield at one of the shops in Sunway Pyramid.

Returning home at about 5.30pm feeling really exhausted after the long walk and drive, of course, iphone 7 brought a broad smile on my face. Having been toying around with it for the past 2 weeks, let me now tell you if it was worth the purchase. 
Compared to 5s at 64GB, I am loaded with a bigger storage in iphone7 (256GB)
As a blogger, I take pictures crazily. So obviously I am really happy.

Vast improvement, pictures are truly stunning with iphone7 (12 megapixels, Quad LED & High Dynamic Range mode (HDR) & Two cameras that shoot as one).
In fact, my Canon EOS 100D is literally crying out, begging me to use it.
As said earlier, big is not necessary beautiful for a small size lady like me.
I would have still been happy with iphone 5s (123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm (4.87 x 2.31 x 0.30 in) compared to Iphone 7 (138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in). But of course, naturally, a bigger phone must logically be slightly heavier, yet both fared at an average of 5.3 oz (150g). I guess its a plus point. 

Please don’t ask, I know nuts about the whole theory of OS. Apparently iphone 7 must be better right?

Other updated features on iphone 7
Retina HD Display
The brightest, most colorful iPhone display yet.
The most powerful chip ever in a smartphone.
Faster LTE with the best worldwide roaming.
New black and jet black finishes
Splash and water resistant
New Home button (for other features please hover at Apple iPhone 7).
Honestly, I bought iphone 7 mainly because I know that a 6 year old phone eventually will head to the museum. If it was still its normal self, I would have definitely kept my money for travelling. But once I read about Iphone 7's updated features prior to pitching this post, no regrets albeit I am still discovering it day by day till this day. While hoping this phone will take me through for the longest time, iphone 7 is yet proven as splash and water resistant since nothing of that sort I have messed up. Whereas I should be able to nail it in another two weeks if this phone is sensational for worldwide roaming during another of my globe trotting. Nevertheless, I sincerely don’t want to drop iphone 7 to discover what sort of consequences is waiting for me.   
By the way, my old phone has been repaired and I have downloaded my plentiful pictures. Only if I didn’t generously over charge it, the battery wouldn’t have expanded to push up the touchscreen. Silly me yea! Then again, with a iphone 7, people actually think I am rich and successful. Speak about iphone and perception, shall we?
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  1. wow this model looks even better than previous ones

  2. I have this phone and its just like any other previous with the exception of taking pictures I also have the 6 plus. Great review doll

  3. My brother got a 7S after waiting for almost 2 months and yes it is huge! My 5S was having problems so once he got his phone, I inherited his 6 and I am happy about it... ;)

  4. yea i know..when phone konk out very frustrating. Hate that .

    At least iPhone can last longer. The "s" phone am using now seems to have shelf life only around 2 yrs :(

  5. For us bloggers this is the best phone as for pic storage and social media dunno why some ppl buy it when they don't click a pic.. Lol This phn is out of my budget bt sounds great

  6. I like the case you have used on your iPhone.

  7. Yay! I got a an I phone & as a gift for New Year. Hi five Nava


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