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Gather Gather Kitchen - Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam

A true and true food connoisseur won’t mind travelling the distance for good food. Distance again of course is debatable. A few miles, a thousand miles or millions of miles, in all fairness, really, it depends on you. Basically, you call the shots. While you are still at figuring out the number of miles for your next meal, how about a trip to the heart of Kota Kemuning, specifically to Gather Gather Kitchen? Hi there, hello everyone. Welcome to my territory. The once boring, sleepy and lifeless township I regretted moving in 13 years ago and where I almost went mad as well. Well, except for coffee shops, McDonalds and a few cafes, nothing much to speak about Kota Kemuning. Oh, maybe, perhaps, I must also mention that Kota Kemuning was or is still perceived as the ground for the rich and famous. Actually, I don't think so. Its perception. I don't live in a bungalow, not even a semi-d, neither do I crazily speed around in a posh car. 

Anyway, the point is that, over time Kota Kemuning has boomed as a food paradise. Therefore, look no further ladies and gentlemen. A spectacular authentic Chinese meal awaits you at Gather Gather Kitchen (same row as RHB  Bank). 

Such a significant name, Gather Gather according to the in-trend owner symbolizes gathering with family, friends or loved ones and bonding over their made from the scratch, unique and inventive dishes in the simple yet bright and cheerful ambiance. Indeed, yes everyone, home style cuisine. Must be tried and tested are their signature dishes -   

石斑鱼头 Chef Signature Grouper Fish Head Curry 
啦啦片米 Supreme Soup with Lala & Fish Mee Hoon
爆肉丸面线 Pork Balls Mixian
香杯 Three Spice Chicken
Fried Crispy Roast Pork

As I enthusiastically sampled the array of dishes during this review, I twinkled akin a twinkle-twinkle biggest star. Each dish I must say captured my palate, tummy and heart, but as usual, there must be nava-k’s signature choices as well. Of course, should be and must be, let us now visually gather to take a look at those sensational dishes and then,  perhaps, a synopsis on Gather Gather Kitchen.   

咸蛋炸 Deep Fried Lotus Roots with Salted Egg RM15 (S), RM18 (M), RM25 (L).    
A joy for the crunchiness and fibreness from the much loved Chinese root vegetable, a joy for the saltiness obviously from salted eggs and a joy for the awesome scent of curry leaves. Good to the last crispy crunch each piece of the batter coated and fried roots. 
 石斑鱼头 Chef Signature Grouper Fish Head Curry RM32 (S).
One of their signature dishes I have earlier mentioned, its a wholesome dish in a claypot with precisely chopped fresh fish head and cooked with home made curry paste and vegetables. Delicious, aromatic and subtly spicy, for that price, hail to its generosity.  
啦啦片米 Supreme Soup with Lala & Fish Mee Hoon RM28 (S) RM38 (L).
Hundreds of likes for this my all time favourite soup, elevated with Chinese herbs, lala, fish and al-dente mee hoon. Its nourishing, it packs a punch from the herbs and its ultimately a supremacy. Yes please anytime, unquestionably must be awarded high distinction.  
香杯 Three Spice Chicken RM16 (S), RM20 (M), RM28 (L)
Bite size tender moist chicken cooked with three spice, oozing in tad-bit of gravy, oh-well, a dish with its mild tastes. One which I will order when dining with kiddos.   
招牌玉香排骨 Chef Signature Yam Stewed with Pork Ribs - RM18 (S), RM24 (M), RM30 (L).
Soft textured pork ribs and bite size yam batons, infused with the quintessential Chinese sauce and in a mild gravy/sauce. Assured, truly assured, yam pork ribs will whet your appetite. 
 招牌娘惹蒸鯆 Signature Steamed Stingray with Nyonya Sauce – RM30 (S), RM46 (L)
Showcasing fresh dainty fish, okra/bendi and long beans/kacang panjang in a sauce made from a scratch, this dish is considered as a winner for its mild spiciness, tanginess and lovingly loved herbs aroma.
招牌马铃薯猪肉 Signature Potato Fried Pork -  RM15 (S), RM18 (M), RM25 (L)
The soft mushy potato certainly is the magic wand. Soaked in a thick gooey sauce, it jived well with the thinly sliced and easily chewable pork pieces. Simplicity in a simple manner, signature potato must be marked as my top pick too. 
Brinjal – RM20
I loved the inventive presentation of this pleasing and pleasurable brinjal dish. I also loved the manner of tucking into it by tossing the melt in the mouth brinjal slices underneath the shredded chicken, chillies, coriander leaves and the rest of the ingredients.   
Tofu with Scallop – RM30
Adorable. I loved every bit of the crispy fried kailan, crumbly on the tongue scallop  and tofu, and the long strands of cushiony kailan drenched with a vibrant yellow sauce. I won't hesitate to order tofu with scallop again and again.
HI again all you foodies. I think I have already hinted on nava-k's top picks. To believe, you should try. Drop by yea at Gather Gather Kitchen and if in any case you bump into this lady in dirty shorts and t-shirts, busily picking up groceries or stuffs from the nearby shops, a smile will automatically make my day. Take care everyone. 

Gather Gather Kitchen
7G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla X 31/X,
Shah Alam 40460 Selangor.

Operation Hours:
Mon – Sun 
10:30am – 3.00pm
5:30pm – 10:00pm

(Wednesday closed)

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  1. everything looks so delicious. I am hungry now :-)

  2. I adore your writing style Nava. Just came back after a long vacation from India. How have you been?

  3. their menu card looks lucrative and their dishes are indeed delicious

  4. Every dish looks so yum! Having no access to fresh seafood, I'd attack the scallops! That combo looks awesome!!The pork ribs/yam dish looks fantastic too!!

  5. Thats such a vaste menue , wow
    Keep in touch

  6. So delicious! I miss the salted fish..they are really appetizing.

  7. Personally we dont dine out much so travelling very far is like some kind of a picnic fr us.. I loved the food at this place it looks decent and yummy as well


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