Friday, October 21, 2016

A Muthu House of Briyani (Bandar Bukit Tinggi) Klang

It happens. Every now and then life really bites deep into my well-being. I may be perceived as a superwoman, honestly, I am not at all. No. A big no. I am just like every other woman out there who simultaneously juggle different roles. Therefore ladies, obviously, the outcome is none other than a stressful monotonous daily routine. Sadly, the reality of city life these days (more at The Spa - Club Saujana Resort). Still, instead of complaining or hoping for attention or sympathy from my other half, I become selfish. I literally drop everything aside for a nava-k’s day out. Doesn't matter where or what, but it must absolutely be in the company of a sincere friend. 

Spoken and confirmed the day out within 24 hours, off I drove to Klang (Beekay's Tengku Kelana & Restoran V.P. Tengku Kelana) to pop by my girlfriend’s home sweet home. Catching up on lost gossip as well as practically pouring our heart and soul to laugh loudest over the most silliest things, by 11.30am, hunger throne clouded our thoughts. Hunger then was addressed at A Muthu House of Briyani (close by Restoran Angcle Peoh) my friend is familiar with. Walking 10 minutes later after parking at the vacant space right towards the end, across the main road, A Muthu was already abuzz with customers. Not really full house but notably more customers slowly making their way into this outwardly clean looking one lot restaurant. 

Featuring a fairly similar concept of food and ambiance as other Indian restaurants I have been to (Sri Suria SS3Kshipra Curry House Selangor Club & Asian Rice Pot Kelana Jaya) A Muthu apparently is slightly a classy set-up (Gem Jalan Gasing & Malgudi Lorong Universiti) decked out with dark wooden tables and chairs, a food service counter right at the back and a god alter across where we were seated. 

Fish briyani (Beriyani Rice) I was told is a must try even though I have already eyed the mutton biryani. Since my friend does not eat mutton, also earlier we have agreed to share a meal, I didn't mind fish (Indian Fish Achar) biryani instead of harping on a mutton (Mutton Rendang & Dalcha) version I often settle for. A plate of Chicken Varuval was also included, to quench our thirst, I ordered apple lassi whereas apple juice for my friend. Soon, rather soon, food and drinks arrived.  At once we tucked into fish biryani consisting of a bowl of fluffy, grainy, sun coloured, presumably Basmati rice cooked with spices and a piece of masala fish buried underneath. 

Fish briyani fared quite right. Quite a sufficient portion accompanied with raita (Beetroot Raita), sambar (Masoor Dal Sambar) and papadam. However, this complete meal inclusive of payasam/Indian dessert (Rava Kheer) wasn’t anything exceptional. Similarly, the vibrant chicken parathal/varuval resembling a thick curry, cooked in a traditional spicy style (Butter Chicken) is rated as okay. No doubt, an appetizing dish for briyani, yet evidently it lacked the extra punch. The curry primarily didn't make a lasting impact on my palate once I chewed a piece of the fresh and tender to its core chicken. 

Packing back the balance chicken, I then finished off the refreshing, slightly sweet, slighty tangy and slushed up Apple Lassi. Suffice to say, any type of lassi is forever and ever the best for Indian food, whereas my friend didn't utter a single word on the apple juice. Still, these drinks certainly did justice to cool us down in the rather hot air-conditioned dining area. Well, with the entrance sliding door wide open, be prepared to feel stuffy and sweaty.   

Setting the bill (RM26.15) for this reasonably priced meal with the pleasant owner at the front counter, next we headed to Aeon Bukit Tinggi (Igentis) to manja/pamper our feet at Manja Kaki. At about 4pm, we returned home, sloughed on the sofa and continued chatting while the main agenda was what's for dinner. Food again? Of course, After all, food is the magic to a happy mind and soul. Stick around everyone on the finale to nava-k’’s day out.   

A Muthu House of Briyani
No 52, Lorong Batu Nilam 21B
Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2
Tel: 03-33189708


  1. I always admire you for the straight forward and happy go lucky nature you the way you enjoy and bring out the best in your despite of all the stress we all face .this place seems to be lovely with some mouthwatering food there .

  2. Worth a try when i am back in Klang.

  3. Love the idea of a chicken rendang biryani! Thanks for a tour of another tempting array of food...had a good look at the menu!

  4. Mouthwatering dishes Nava. Enjoy

  5. Hubby's kind of food. I'm sure he'll enjoy just as much. Have a great week, Nava! xoxo

  6. Your days out are feasts for ur viewers Nava. 10 mts walk after parking is worth I think seeing the yummy food here.

  7. All women deserve a day to eat out atleast in a weeks to 10 days.. life can become monotonous otherwise...
    Biryani is my favourite esp mutton.. tempting array of food here.. the biryani looks mouth watering :D

  8. Navneetham....hope u r okay...btw where is Klang...this plac does offer a variety of biryanis....enjoy and keeep smiling!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I am literally drooling. Looks so delicious!

  10. pass by there before. didnt know got his restaurant. will stopby next time

  11. Hi. Nava. I love your sincere comments. Lately in June & July 2017 i use to drop by A.Muthu Briyani. Frankly..the quantity & quality has dropped. Customers need to be very careful on the bills. I think even the chinese fried rice has only got vegetables to a minumum level. Folks if we pause for a moment..the chinese shops charges RM5-RM6 & has some pieces of chicken..prawn. A.Muthu charges RM5.50 and imagine i could hardly find any eggs. Trust me they even cheat you on the noodles.Even if you order vege noodles(RM4.50)they charge RM5.30.Please be prudent to check your bills and ponder whether the money you pay... though it's more cheaper than any other indian restaurants but definetly not worth the quality


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