Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Spaghetti With Poached Egg - My Malaysian Style

Kids these days? Seriously, I don’t know what to say. Look around and I'm sure you know what I mean. I am definitely not referring to the adorable/super darling kids you admire on social media (more at Bread Tuna Pizza). Please. For my sake, don’t fall for that crab (Thai Green Crab Curry). I am referring to the real kids in the real world we bump into daily in the neighborhood, within the family and almost anywhere. I call them the golden emperors and empresses. Yea, boy and girls as well. The pampered lot given the best in everything, including education, electronic gadgets, birthday parties and co-curricular activities. Supposedly these are the super smart/super ones, bragged none stop by their parents until I feel like vomiting blood. But you know what, sadly, tiger mums and tiger dads can’t do much when it comes to instilling discipline, mannerism and good values, though they are so quick at criticising other parents. 

During my time, trust me, there is no such a thing as pampering. One rude move, mum won’t hesitate in knocking my head. Unlike kids these days whom you can even point your fingers. Yet, trust me, they are so good at showing off. Picked up, from  who else except their parents. Obviously, bragging about the "b's" are the in thing (Sujee Cake & Mr Roti Canai). Bigger is better. Big house, big car, big job, big salary and not to forget the biggest wedding (read at Chilli Coriander Steamed Fish). Aw! What a pressured life. So, I can perfectly understand why kids are no longer the kids we were. Now, the other major thing for kids these days is food. Traditional food is akin swallowing poison, but they can finish up the lock, stock and barrel of spaghetti, pasta, fried chicken and pizza. Whereas, we, I am talking about my other half-half and myself alright, we on the other hand are the opposite. Rice (Nasi Minyak) and noodles (Penang Mee Udang) always. Once in a blue moon when I really can’t decide between Mutton RendangCencaru Sumbat or Vegetarian Nyonya Laksa, it's spaghetti (Thai Prawn Spaghetti & Lamb Spinach Spaghetti) which presumably is a favourite amongst this generation of kids. This spaghetti, tossed in garlic sautéed with butter and coriander leaves, topped with poached egg (Mushroom Eggs) and sprinkle over with cheese, I reckon will go down absolutely well with your little darlings.  

1/4 packet of spaghetti - cook as per stated instructions. 
6 chopped garlic
2 tbsp butter
Coriander leaves -shredded (as needed)
Grated cheese - as needed
Eggs - as needed
Salt and pepper to taste

Add cooked spaghetti in a mixing bowl.
Heat up butter and quickly saute/brown garlic.
Tip into spaghetti, add coriander leaves and season with salt and pepper.
Toss together.
Put spaghetti in a serving plate.
Keep aside.
Next, crack one egg at a time in boiling water after adding a little bit of vinegar.
Poach egg to a texture you prefer.
Remove with a slotted spatula spoon.
Place atop spaghetti and generously sprinkle cheese all over.
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  1. You spoke exactly my thoughts about kids now a days.. all they know is the price of everything n value of nothing.. we were never spoilt by our parents & we were happy with the simple life we had... god knows what else left to see in future...
    Spaghetti is my favourite anyday, everyday.. This is so damn simple will try it at home :D

  2. Actually, what I read makes me feel sad. I have two kids growing up now and I am finding it so difficult to keep them grounded. As their peers show off their stuff, they come and tell it home, especially when it comes to gadgets, and we have to explain them that we don't want to buy it because it is too expensive and secondly, it is not good for them at this age. It is difficult to make them understand, because they are too small for it. And yes, they want to become bigger than their age. It is really a challenge... :( I totally love this meal, I would eat this happily...

  3. This presentation is so beautiful! Making adjustments to one's taste works out well for pasta dishes. Kids here are the same too. My own boys aren't overly fond of the dishes that I grew up with. Sometimes with them around, it's easier with pesto and pasta rather than rice and curry. As for bitter foods with their medicinal properties...the less said the better.

  4. Such a comforting and delicious meal! The egg is perfectly done and I love the plating too.

  5. hehe's true they just don't listen unless you are rude :P...Lovely recipe love the sun-shined poach

  6. It looks super tempting. .loved the less spicy spaghetti recipe

  7. Love how simple and delish this looks ♥

  8. Super delicious and healthy meal...!!

  9. I want this right now. Looks amazingly delicious :-)

  10. I love how simple & appetizing this pasta is, Nava! Have a happy week! xoxo

  11. Simple,healthy and delicious need to try it out.

  12. What you said is true. New generation as they call it is difficult to understand and they completely depend on trendy gadgets and trendy lifestyle. I never dare to ask my parents if i wanted something. these kids know how to get their things done be at home or at school . Hope everything is for the good
    The dish is super delicious. Egg to top the spaghetti is a perfect meal for me be it breakfast or dinner
    Its been a while i visited your blog
    Happy Ganesh Chathurthi to you and your family

  13. super..tasty one..and good presentation too

  14. Lol traditional food is like swallowing poison thats sooo true. I always wonder what will these kids do once they have seen it all in childhood itself there is no longing left.
    Btw the spaghetti looks yumm.

  15. spaghetti looks kiddo will love it:)

  16. This looks yum and easy, I will try it out.


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