Friday, September 23, 2016

Hua Xing Restaurant - Plaza Seri Setia, Sungei Way

Another friendship dining experience of mine like the previous in Bamboo Park Restaurant. In fact, the same two friends. Why not? After all, why not to keeping closest friends to your heart instead of trying so hard in making new friends? Look, I am  not saying we shouldn't get to know new people, but potentially, as age catches up, don't you think you get tired? Tired of mainly testing new friendship which by far you don't know for the better or for the worst. I mind you, can't be bored to new doors opening friendship no matter what. Even if in the end, I have to go on my life solely on my own. What's there worrying by the way if you have learned to enjoy your own company? I know I won't have any qualms, but for the time being, I am loving the moment of staying close within my closest friends. 

From Shah Alam to Kampung Tunku where the couple reside, subsequently a drive through the back lanes for arriving in Sungei Way. Parking madness of course and instead of aimlessly driving around, we agreed to park at the pin-drop "silence is golden' basement car park. Rather scary mind you. Hardly any soul except for the guard, our legs quickly moving for walking along the pavement and towards lift going up to Hua Xing Restaurant. Not a pleasant sight throughout the walk and also the surrounding, as well the building Hua Xing Restaurant is located. Close your nose if you have to do, do keep any eye on the all sorts of characters loitering around and do grip your handbag tight. Into Hua Xing Restaurant before 12pm, nothing to shout about ambiance. Plastic tables and chairs, outwardly clean, of course a god alter is a must in Chinese restaurants and a counter against the wall and in front of the behind kitchen.

Friend took charge. He ordered and I, I trusted his food lingo, food guts and food instincts too. Why doubt his familiarity in Hua Xing Restaurant and their menu familiar to him in return? I of course threw in suggestion, simultaneously as our orders were jotted down prior to their kitchen mouth communication, I noted the fact that Hua Xing is supposedly a hidden gem. Whatever articles on their walls were the signals. Not bad. Impressive. Speak about popularity we are not aware? 

Super fast service. What was there to dispute anyway when we were the only three customers? Pot of Jasmine Tea arriving in a jiffy and within the next five minutes, dishes served one after the other. Ulu Yam Loh Mee? Obviously Ulu Yam town trending and already made its mark in that particular small town, yellow noodles alongside pork, seafood and green leafy veggies, wet soaking in a thick, sticky and gooey dark sauce. Wonder noodles. I loved it to every bit. When eaten with chopped garlic and birds eye chillies in soy sauce, walla pow-wow. Super good. Bang! A revelation of Chinese food hailing delightfulness.

Nonetheless, portion big for the two of us, additional, three dishes waiting in line staring at us. Crispy Fried Brinjal? Flour coated, crispy deep fried and tossed in spring onion and crispy fried garlic. Crunching time without complaining time. Swept polished cleaned within minutes.
Next, we tucked into Marmite Pork and Salted Egg Yolk Chicken. Juicy and chunky pork pieces coated in tadbit of dark sauce, Marmite Pork was a triple yum factor even though I couldn't really get the taste of Marmite. Then again, I have never been a fan of Marmite and I can't even also recall when was my last time to Marmite. Still, worthy. Without a doubt.
Equally gratifying was Salted Egg Chicken. Bite-size chicken pieces dipped in batter and fried, salted egg coated over and curry leaves scented. My-my! My kind dish.
Bill settled (RM68.00), we left Hua Xing Restaurant as satisfied and filled to every space in my tummy customers. Not a let down.
Restoran Hua Xing
112, SS9/2
Seri Setia
Petaling Jaya
Tel:  03-78763288
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  1. They have a delicious selection to choose from.

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  8. This place wud be worth visiting..the dishes r something I would love to eat they looked tempting.. Finding a good place to eat in the sea of restaurants n options we have is a big achievement in my opinion

  9. I still find it very interesting seeing you in a Chinese restaurant even though I know you like Asian food. Maybe because I haven't seen my Indian friends dining in a Chinese eatery before. Gotta salute you, my dear! xoxo

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