Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bamboo Park Restaurant - Sunway PJ51A Business Park

Honestly, to tell you the truth, at my age, in my fifties, precisely 53, I really don't have much friends. Its my choice anyway and not because of anything else. I actually prefer least friends. Of course, as you know or don't, friends money spending buying is an open secret longest known, I can also actually, but I choose not to because I like my few friends life now and for the years to follow. Truly, I am inner me happy with the countable uncomplicated number of friends I have who can accept me for the bold, daring, freedom of speech, open minded, direct and straightforward, no holds barred person I am. Great. What else should I desire for? From this group of smallest friends, two of them, a couple actually, they extended a food outing and they too picked the venue. Bamboo Park Restaurant. Located on the ground floor of this business park which by far I am alien to. In fact, don't be surprise if I tell you that Sunway PJ51A is unknown to me. Shocking right? Maybe because Sungei Way is not the Sungei Way it used to be. Developed tremendously over the years until today we have this area known as Sunway PJ1A. 

Parking across Bamboo Park Restaurant during this weekend day, early dinner at about 6.00pm just as their doors were opened, wow, mind and eye soothing catching welcoming outside ambiance. Bamboo plants in tandem to their name and interior equally comforting.
Bamboo poles, cutie pies sot toy panda bears, lanterns, Feng Shui water fountain, dim lights and tables cloth, each table different color table clothe lined. Loved all of it.

Food? Ample choice you can point at from their menu. Since friends have already dined in Bamboo Park Restaurant, I thought they should receive the leverage to ordering. They sure did. Tofu Stuffed Pork, Braised Tofu, 3 types of veggies stir fried and since I was badly yearning for porky pork, though not listed on the menu, the guy insisted a good cooking job can be done. Fine. As we sat back sipping into barley and Chinese teas, dishes arrived within the next five minutes, one after the other.

Tofu Stuffed Pork. Tofu filled fresh minced pork and seated in tadbit of sauce, spring onion garnished. Not bad. Actually, deliciousness.
Braised Tofu. Tofu totally soaking in a thick dark sauce, peanuts swimming, lotus root atop, some bak choy and coriander leaves garnished. Impressively served and impressively mouth filling tastiness. Can't be faulted at all.
3 Types Beans Stir Fried. I think the winner of this dinner. Crunchy petai, long beans and brinjals, stir fried with belacan and chillies. Still, I personally would have appreciated another doze of spiciness. .
Siew Yoke & Char Siew? Basically two types of roasted pork. Oh-my-bad choice. Utterly a let down. As if hurriedly cooked and without getting the tail nor head right. What a disappointment. Tasteless and rubbery stuff.   
So, what you think? You think I must return to Bamboo Park Restaurant? I won't mind.  Pleasant customer service, worthy ambiance and except for the con-job roasted pork, the rest of the three dishes tucked alongside rice must be raved.   

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  1. Pork hv to be marinated well before cooking. Most will not taste good if done in a rush.

    I like the ambiance too.

    By the way..there is one fried bitter gourd hokkien mee restaurant nearby there. Nice though a bit pricey. Love their sambal belacan that goes with the noodle.

  2. I love the way they decorated with Panda and bamboo...

  3. Omg I need to go and visit you this looks amazing to eat.

  4. such a nice restaurant
    keep in touch

  5. I felt that great ambiance...! The food pics looks so inviting and you wrote a great review..!

  6. The restaurant's interior is so serene, dear! I can see where the name is coming from. Have a wonderful week, Nava! xoxo

  7. The ambience is certainly the winner and the food looks tempting too.. worth visiting this place!

  8. Restaurant and the food looks so good!

  9. Place looks so good that i love to visit atleast once. So well decorated to create an elegant ambience. Eyes stuck on those food pics. Should be as per my taste buds. Drooling


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