Sunday, August 21, 2016

Malaysian Chilli Sausage

Nothing remains stagnant, including our mindset. Call it the mind aging, what used to be happening, wonderful and joyful when we were younger is now a different thing together. Let's take the whole thing to entertain friends when we were younger as an example. Tell me about it. I can still recall the years, especially during Deepavali. Preparing and cooking, and then coming with it cleaning, which by far didn't really matter (Semolina Rava Ladoo &.Mutton Gosht). But now I can't be bothered. Firstly, I don't have the strength and energy, secondly, I think I have become friendship home wise. What is the point of entertaining friends when they conveniently celebrate within their family or conveniently pack their bags and leave for a holiday during their festivals? Look, I am not being calculative, I am just being practical. I mean why should we try so hard in entertaining friends when they can't do the same? I am neither sulking, I think its better I ditch these friends aside, whereas cooking for my other half-half and saving the money for my travel ventures seemingly is more practical. After all, I realise that I won't die without friends.  

Having said that, I still have a small set of close friends who pop by without expecting much (Avocado Dip, Potato Rolls, Cheesy Potato & Cornflakes Baked Chicken). Bring your booze bottle is our concept, I do however prepare a simple finger food (Ayam Goreng Berempah & Fried Prawn Wanton) which usually is eaten alongside bread (Malaysian Panini & Mushroom Burger). Take this chilli sausage as an example (Chilli Potato, Chilli Fish & Chilli Crab). Imagine forking in while booze flows down your throat? Sound fab right? I know (Orange Fruity Sangria). Pantry friendly ingredients or ingredients available at the split of within the grocers nearby your area, Malaysian chilli sausage is also a good catch as a side for rice (Gobi 65). For a kid friendly version (Mushroom Omelette & Egg Mayo Sandwich), omit chilli (Korean Spicy Pork, Chicken Sambal Sandwich & Cencaru Sumbat) or whichever ingredients your non grown or grown up children will fuss about. 

10 chicken sausages - slice into rings
1 red chilli - slice
1 large red onion - slice
1/2 tsp belacan/shrimp powder
Some spring onion - slice thinly
1 tsp sugar
Salt as per taste
2 tbsp oil
2 or 3 calamansi lime - slice into two
Heat oil.
Add chilli and onion.
Add sausages, belacan powder, sugar and salt.
Stir and fry over high heat for 2 to 3 minutes.
Off the heat and combine in spring onion.
Serve chilli sausage with calamansi lime.

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  1. Love the addition of belacan. Looks spicy and yum!!

  2. So delicious and comforting! Chilli is always great :-)

  3. I have same thoughts as u regarding entertaining guests... Cooking for so many ppl becomes tiring.. best is to invite few and good friends who really care.. this recipe is simple much like how i like it.. yummy

  4. Will certainly try out this recipe one day

  5. not a fan of sausage but looks so delicious

  6. Light and delicious my type of dish

  7. It's simplicity at its best, Nava! xoxo

  8. Woe delicious chilli sausage.... :)

  9. Comforting n tasty looking dish.

  10. A bowl of comfort.. spicy and delicious!

  11. The chilli sausage looks so tempting :)


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